Gratitude – downtown, cargo bike, end of a long week

I am grateful for a life that is centred around the downtown core. Makes for good eats, and not too much worry when you have to do something like buy 2 sleeping pads for an upcoming beaver camp. Not only can I do that on my lunch break, but I can do that and have a pretty decent lunch, too.

I am grateful for my cargo bike. Logistics and late work night complications mean I haven’t been using it much for carting kids around, but that will come soon. In the meantime, if I have 2 sleeping pads to get home at the end of the day on my bike, it’s no problem.

I am grateful the week’s done. It’s been a long one.

Gratitude – fun work, off time, early night

I am grateful for an interesting project. There’s nothing mind blowing about this particular site, but it’s been fun to put together.

I am grateful for some off time tonight. I had fully intended to get back to work after Coop’s beaver meeting, but I was just too dang tired to feel of any use. So, instead I took it easy, put kids to bed and watched a little TV.

I am grateful for an early bedtime. Getting enough sleep has become an issue for me this last few weeks, so it’s nice to be in bed before 11pm right now as I type this.


I am grateful for more progress on my work stuff. Still not as much as I’d like, but so it goes.

I am grateful for lunch with Julie today. It’s great when that works out.

I am grateful for my office. I’ve been putting in a lot of time there lately, it’s good that it’s a nice place to be.

I am grateful for Julie, who’s been solo parenting a lot this last few weeks.

Gratitude – Coop reading, work progress, beer


I am grateful for a moment this morning where Coop disappeared, and when I found him, I am pretty sure he was reading. He said he was just looking at the pictures. Maybe so, but he’s been getting pretty good with making sense of words lately. T’any rate, it’s nice to see him enjoying some time with a book.

I  am grateful for forward progress on a project I  working on. This is good, because I have a considerable deadline looming.

I am grateful for beer. I worked late tonight, but at 4:45 today an officemate offered me a Stella Artois. Don’t mind if I do, thank you very much! It was a nice, quick break, and it made working late not seem so bad.

Gratitude – work, Took’s on Cook, Costco trips

I am grateful for my work – today I settled back in to the office, opened up my text editor, and wrote code for most of the day while half listening to CBC. It might sound strange to some, but I’m not sure how I got to be so lucky.

I am grateful for Took’s on Cook, a cafeteria style restaurant I had heard about but hadn’t tried yet. It’s near my work, and is all 3: good, fast, and cheap. It’s rare to get 2 of those, but that place gives you all 3.

I am grateful for Costco trips. There’s another one that sounds weird to say out loud, but for whatever reason, the kids love going, and so therefore we do too. An added bonus is that we get a 20-pack jumbo cussload of shopping done. All that, and cheap hot dogs to boot.

Gratitude – thanks from Jimmy, coming home, the cacophony 

I am grateful for some nice words from Jimmy Pattison before I left to go home this morning. 

I am grateful for that calm feeling I always get when I step or drive off the ferry not Vancouver Island. This is the rock I call home.

I am grateful to be home. I am grateful for a swim with my boys this afternoon. I am grateful for an hour with Julie and House of Cards this evening with the fireplace on. I am grateful, after a week away in a different world, that my current lifestyle feels like it fits me well. It’s good to remember, because with 2 young kids often all I want is quiet. After a while without, I find I’d prefer the noise.

Gratitude – beaters, 2 more sleeps, facetime

I am grateful I’ve never really felt the need to own late model cars. I get the appeal, sure, but I’m pretty sure my beater mentality saves my family and I a ton of dough. It was occurring to me today in one of those “what would you do if you won the lottery” conversations; I still don’t think I’d want to buy a new car.

I am grateful we’re down to one last morning and evening of presentations tomorrow at the event I am working at, and it’s only 2 more sleeps before I get on the ferry to come home.

I am grateful for FaceTime with my family tonight. It sorta makes me miss everyone at home a bit more, but it’s really nice to see as well as hear them.

Gratitude – long day done, conference swag, kids

I grateful this long day is done. 

I am grateful for conference swag. 

I am grateful for the unadulterated excitement my kids have for what most would consider pretty mundane things. I was in a car full of adults today, and we passed a truck pulling a trailer full of new cars. No one noticed or said anything. But if Farley were there, he would have lost it. His whole body would have tensed up, his arm would be straightened out and pointed squarely at that truck. He would have been screaming “big truck big truck one two three four FIVE CARS! with a giant grin on his face. Kids can be pretty intense in lots of ways, but that particular way is a really good one.