I am great for a walk to school with Farley this morning.

I am grateful for some time spent painting this afternoon.

I am grateful for a zoom call with a fun bunch of in-laws this evening. It was nice to see them all. It had been too long since we’d seen them before the pandemic, now it’s been even longer.

I am grateful for Julie’s aunt Peggy, who reports she reads these posts every time I write one, and Peggy’s daughter, who said she only said that because she wanted to be mentioned here.


I am grateful for the walk to school with Farley this morning.

I am grateful for time spent quietly painting in my studio.

I am grateful for Coop’s Scott meeting this evening, watching them build shelters with tarps, rope, and driftwood on the beach before capture the flag.


I am grateful for negative Covid tests, and a go ahead to send my kids back to school. Farley, Coop and I were never that sick, but these days, I didn’t want to take any chances when we all had symptoms of a mildly sore throat. I am grateful for some time with them at home, and tomorrow, I’ll be grateful for some time without them at home.


I am grateful for a Skype call I do with a bunch of old friends on Sunday mornings.

I am grateful for a telephone chat with my folks after that.

I am grateful for time spent watching my kids skating outdoors this afternoon in Langford. I managed to reserve the last 2 spots for them yesterday.

I am grateful for curling this evening. We had some great shots, and we were working well as a team.

I am grateful for not a single red light all the way from the curling club to Save On Foods. Also, I am grateful for online grocery shopping pickup bounty.


I am grateful for some practise curling this afternoon with my teammates.

I am grateful for a productive afternoon getting a bunch of errands done with my family.

I am grateful for part 2 of family fun night. Mid errands, we went for a quick walk at Langford Lake, then we got takeout, then watched the latest episode of the Mandalorian. Simple, but good.


I am grateful for time spent putting up Christmas lights with my lads today.

I am grateful for my job. Today I hit my goal for gross sales for the year, which I didn’t think I’d do earlier on when the pandemic started..

I am grateful for family fun night, my pick. Julie picked up some steaks and we made ourselves a fancy dinner, then the four of us went for a short walk after, using the excuse of mailing some letters. After that we came home and screened the Talking Heads film, Stop Making Sense. That’s some great music right there.


I have so much to be grateful for, it’s hard to know how to narrow it down. Any day I am on this side of the ground is good thing, and as good a place as any to start.

I am grateful for my family. We are healthy. We have our moments, but we all get along.

I am grateful for my job. I am a full time artist.

I am grateful for a chat with my old friend Armando today.

I am grateful for spanikopita from the Fig with Julie today


I am grateful for a walk to the mall to do some errands. All 4 of us went. It was mundane and pleasant.

I am grateful for small appliance modification victory. A formerly thrift store destined boombox will get renewed life in my studio, now that it can amplify my phone for easier listening to music and podcasts.

I am grateful for Cooper’s family fun nights. Yesterday we had a hot dog roast in our backyard, made more dramatic with 90 kmph winds that blew out our propane heaters and tossed out rain shelter around like it was the mainsail on an 18th century pirate ship in a squall. we persevered and roasted smokies to perfection anyway. Then we went inside and watched a bunch of Simpsons episodes. Tonight, we used the pizza dough the boys made this morning to make the best dang pizza we’ve ever done, then screened the Simpsons Movie. Fun times, all of it.

I am grateful for my new label printer. Nothing gets the heart pumping like the acquisition of office equipment.


I am grateful for a fun day building a project. I was making a small shed to store gardening stuff in, under the back stairs.

I am grateful for a fantastic Halloween experience this year. I had no idea what to expect, and feared many people would want to stay clear of the whole affair, but I think the opposite was true. Lots of folks were on their front lawns, in costume, sitting in camp chairs around propane firepits, delivering candy via a tube or pole at a safe distance. Everyone seemed more engaged than usual; I think we’ve all been starved for community, and Halloween has always felt like the most community oriented holiday to me since I’ve had trick or treaters to escort.

I am grateful for Coop’s Mandalorian costume. He started working on it in May, all on his own, following YouTube video tutorials and getting me to help him learn to solder LED lights for it. It turned out great.

I am grateful for time spent with Farley tonight. After he was done with candy acquisition, he seemed even more excited at the prospect of sitting in our front yard for some time with me be our own propane fire. We chitted and chatted, took inventory of his haul and watched and heard the fireworks going off around our neighbourhood. Nice way to spend time with that fella.