I am grateful for a day with kids at school. It’s been a while since that happened. I value all the time I’ve had with them, Julie’s been working most weekdays, and I’ve been home with them whole time. The whole time, for months, since March 16, except when I was out getting groceries. Today, though, was the first day in a long time when I knew I wasn’t going to be interrupted for hours at a time. HOURS AND HOURS. 9am until 2pm. It was glorious. I am grateful.

And I am grateful that it coincided with a day I needed to rest a sprained ankle. I couldn’t have been productive if I tried.

And I was grateful when they got home, and wanted to play a boardgame,

And I am grateful for Julie, who’s been picking up all the slack I’ve been leaving this last few days, and who told me I better be grateful when I said I was about to write this. She’s right, and I am.


Westwood Lake

I am grateful for a fine trip to Westwood Lake, Coombs and Comox with my lads yesterday. I had two commissions I wanted to take photos of and experience, and brought the boys along for the trip. Good times!

I am also grateful for their support after I rolled my ankle, and had to complete this trip with a pretty bad sprain. Not as good times, but they worked with me to help make good times anyway.

I am grateful for all the stuff my family did to let me rest said ankle today. Farley made me breakfast. Cooper made me coffee. Julie did absolutely everything else that had to get done today, because all I could do was lie here in bed.

I am grateful for the dosas Julie made this evening. I should say that she made them over the past several days, but served this evening. Holy shemoley, they were good!


I am grateful for time spent painting this morning, while in a video conference with old friends.

I am grateful for brunch together this morning.

I am grateful for a few improvements we made around the house today; moving furniture around in the living room, and acquiring some new kitchen chairs to replace our old ones.

I am grateful for Julie’s family fun night part 2: we watched Spirited Away. Man, that’s a great movie.


I am grateful for time spent painting this morning. It’s been a few days, and that was a few days too many.

I am grateful for phone conversations with my parents and my brother.

I am grateful for a resolution to shoot hoops until Cooper and I each got 100 baskets. That was fun.

I am grateful for the 1963 film, Jason and the Argonauts. I was telling my parents I remembered seeing a movie on TV when I was a kid that featured skeletons that stayed with me, but I couldn’t remember much about it. My dad figured it was that movie, so I googled it, found the whole thing on Youtube, watched it with my kids, and quite enjoyed it. It’s a bit campy, but you really have to admire the stop motion special effects, and the painstaking work it must have taken to composite them with the live action in the combat scenes. If you have an an hour and 45 minutes to kill, and I know many out there do right now, I recommend it.


I am grateful for Julie’s family fun night. We went out for ice cream, and then for a walk (while the kids orbited us on their scooters) in Beacon Hill Park. They’ve closed off many of the roads in there to cars, so people can use them and avoid getting to close. It was a nice evening, and the peafowl were loud and hilarious.


I am grateful for time spent making lids for some trash cans that came to us recently; we plan to use them for yard waste and I didn’t want them to collect rainwater. I made them with reclaimed materials at hand; I wasn’t familiar with working with galvanized sheet metal, but I had some, and it fit the bill, am more familiar now.

I am grateful for board games the 4 of us played together this evening,


I am grateful for time spent finishing up a painting today, and later starting a new one.

I am grateful for a beautiful sandwich Cooper made for me today. It was perfect. It was delicious. I am so proud.

I am grateful for a trip out today. We walked to the mall, now open, so that Coop could buy a toy he was after. It felt good to get out.

I am grateful for another meal kit dinner.

I am grateful for time spent snuggling up in bed with my boys at bedtime. First, we watched a great video about a guy who set up an obstacle course for squirrels in his back yard, Then I read a few chapters of Farley’s book.


I am grateful for time spent painting today.

I am grateful for copious podcasts.

I am grateful for our meal kit box that arrived today (Hello Fresh), and for the discovery that mixing feta with mayonnaise allows you to make a burger Greek, and also better.


I am grateful for time spent painting this morning.

I am grateful for time spent working on a furniture repair project with Coop.

I am grateful for supper together.

I am grateful for reading at bedtime with Farley.

I am grateful for Law and Order. Watched a 2009 episode with Julie this evening. Funny how 2009 doesn’t seem like that long ago, until you are watching one from that time, and it seems like a long time ago.


I am grateful for time spent painting this morning.

I am grateful for Cooper, who was seeing them up and knocking them down today. He made a transformer out of Lego, that converts from an airplane to a robot, AMD he also did a video project that he wrote, directed, starred in, and edited. Go Coop!

I am grateful for new friends in the neighbourhood that Farley is making.

I am grateful for Julie’s second batch of focaccia.