10… 9… 8…

Wednesday came, and while the kiddo is still inside Julie, the induction has begun, and sometime in the next hour or 48, she are expected to deliver our little boy.


I am in a heightened state of awareness. I am supposed to get lots of sleep tonight in order to prepare, but I am not quite sure how that is possible. Everything I am doing now seems auspicious, though, so the pressure is on to sleep well. When I picked my shirt this morning, I thought, this could be the shirt that I am wearing in that first picture of the Little Man, Julie and Myself. Someday he’ll look at that picture and think, “Wow. That shirt is so 2008. I wonder what things were really like back then.”

That’s what I presume anyway, based on the thoughts I think when I see my dad’s shirt and sideburns when I look at the photo that was snapped of me and my parents when I was shiny and new in 1972.

Today it was the ghetto blaster shirt. It’s a good one – one of my favourites. I better pick another good shirt tomorrow.

This last few weeks, we’ve been hearing the sound of the fetal heartbeat on the monitor by Julie’s hospital bed. They hook her up to it several times a day. I am always blown away by the sound of that little heart thumping away. I wonder how many times it will beat. I think about how the first one, no matter how you measure it, happened sometime around 7-9 months ago. It’s pretty damn awe inspiring. Whatever your take on spirituality or epistemology is, to consider all of the various circumstances and coincidences that are leading up to that little guy getting born is amazing. I feel privileged and giddy just thinking about it.

Here’s a link to a brief recording of said little heart, thumping away:


4 thoughts on “10… 9… 8…

  1. Never mind the t-shirt, look at that unruly facial hair! You’d better shave, Mike! (tee hee)
    You know, you could always go for the au naturel vibe like Troy did and be shirtless for the first photo. Skin and chest hair….a timeless classic. Plus no better way to bond with little bundle than to go skin-to-skin…think about it….
    Love you guys. I’m on pins and needles!!!

  2. As always I am moved by your comments.  Please know that Julie, you and the Little Man are uppermost in my thoughts and prayers today.

    With much love,  Grandma

  3. We’re thinking the 3 of you. Keep safe. Get lots of sleep. Shave. Go with the ghetto blaster shirt. And enjoy being a DAD! Best job in the world.

    There are no words that even come close to describing the overwhelming joy of cuddling your little one for the first time in your lives. Pure love.

    We’re ready with the champagne. Just let us know when to pop it..

    john – debs – aiden – iggy-pop (working title)

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