2010 in Photographic Review

There are people who read this blog who would say it’s high time I posted some photos, and it is!

here’s a link to the album: http://picasaweb.google.com/bigmikestudios/BestOf2010#

In other news, Cooper got better, then I got sick, then I got better, then Julie got sick, then Julie got better. I am VERY glad to be past that plague.

It was our first experience with a sick kid when both of us are working. We worked it out, but a few observations on that experience:

  1. “I can’t work because my kid is sick” isn’t an excuse that cuts it in today’s workplace.
  2. When your kid is sick, you can’t leave them at daycare.
  3. You can’t just tie your kid to a tree, and head on in to the office.
  4. Raising children is a necessary factor in the continuing survival of the human species.

Can anyone else out there spot the problem?

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