Gratefulness Day 4

I am grateful for those moments my boys can really enjoy each other’s company and hang out. For the most part, that’s how they are. Sometimes they are scrappy, but I usually find if I leave them to work it out, they do, and then they seem a bit closer. It’s great for so many reasons, not the least of which is it means sometimes the parents can get a break.

I’m grateful for the way beer tastes when I’ve worked hard and I know I deserve it. I swear that’s a particular flavour that doesn’t come with the exact same beer when I haven’t been working hard. I also find it occurs with any beer. It goes for crappy lite beer, as much as fancy microbrews. Go figure. I’ll take it. It’s good.

I am grateful nobody pooped their pants at Costco yesterday. Farley is transitioning out of diapers. I was on my own on a big Costco trip last night with both boys. Poopy pants would not be fun for anyone, but it didn’t happen. For that, I have gratitude.


Gratefulness Day 3

IMG_2913I am grateful for the bike ride I had with Cooper this morning. That guy wasn’t sure about riding his strider bike outside of the yard, but he said he’d give it a try. It was a 2.2km trip, under his own power, more uphill than down. He was really into it by the end, and asking about when he could do it again. That right there, is a fine way to get to work and school!

I am grateful for Radio Paradise. It’s a great DJ mixed internet radio station, and it pretty much always is playing music I want to hear. If I am listening to music near an internet enabled device, chances are I am listening to Radio Paradise.

I am grateful for the relationship I’ve got with my spouse. We’ve been together a long time; and while it’s always taken work from both of us to keep it all together, it feels solid beneath my feet and brings meaning to my life. It’s especially important to have that stable footing at crazy times like these where I have to put in extra time at the office. It’s hard to see past the immediate panic, and lately it’s meant a lot more solo parenting for Julie.



Grateful ness

I am grateful for the privilege I must have for entitlement to be so much an issue that what I have to work on is being more grateful. I am not comfortable with this privilege; it comes with some guilt. It is my hope that by being grateful for it, I’ll also achieve some humility.

I am grateful for my job’s flexibility. If my kid is sick, I stay at home and work the weekend. If I get frustrated with design work, I learn about authoring video. If programming interests me, I chase that rabbit down its hole for as long as I care too.

I am grateful for sushi. It is just so dang delicious. I had a heck of a lot of really good sushi tonight on a date with Julie, whose presence in my life I am also grateful for, but that would make 4 things.

Three things that I’m grateful for.

I am grateful for the crowd that shows up in my bed every morning when I wake up. The kids come in usually at 7am, then we all hang out for 10 or 15 minutes or an hour or so. It’s nice. Sometimes a bit early, but nice.

I am grateful for Hamsterly beach at Elk lake. Swimming in Elk lake on a hot summer afternoon is one of my greatest pleasures.

I am grateful I’ve rediscovered cycling, and that I’ve managed to work it into my life so nicely. I’ll go weeks without driving a car on weekdays, and anytime I’m on a bike I feel like I am 12 years old again.