Gratitude – beaters, 2 more sleeps, facetime

I am grateful I’ve never really felt the need to own late model cars. I get the appeal, sure, but I’m pretty sure my beater mentality saves my family and I a ton of dough. It was occurring to me today in one of those “what would you do if you won the lottery” conversations; I still don’t think I’d want to buy a new car.

I am grateful we’re down to one last morning and evening of presentations tomorrow at the event I am working at, and it’s only 2 more sleeps before I get on the ferry to come home.

I am grateful for FaceTime with my family tonight. It sorta makes me miss everyone at home a bit more, but it’s really nice to see as well as hear them.

Gratitude – long day done, conference swag, kids

I grateful this long day is done. 

I am grateful for conference swag. 

I am grateful for the unadulterated excitement my kids have for what most would consider pretty mundane things. I was in a car full of adults today, and we passed a truck pulling a trailer full of new cars. No one noticed or said anything. But if Farley were there, he would have lost it. His whole body would have tensed up, his arm would be straightened out and pointed squarely at that truck. He would have been screaming “big truck big truck one two three four FIVE CARS! with a giant grin on his face. Kids can be pretty intense in lots of ways, but that particular way is a really good one.

Gratitude – Pics of Farley, innis & gunn, good day

I am grateful for FaceBook posts from Farley’s daycare, and for the fierce demeanour with which Farley ate this ice cream cone.

I am grateful for a beer I’d never tried before tonight. Innis & Gunn is aged in oak casks, and tastes a lot like scotch. If you get a chance, try some. It’s delicious.

I am grateful for a good day. We had time to go through each presentation before rehearsals today, and that’s made for a world of difference in everyone’s level of confidence.

Gratitude – hotel sleeps, restaurant food, show biz

I am grateful for the kind of sleep you can only get in a hotel room. Usually, these days, my kids are pretty good at sleeping through the night. We’re not all the way out of the woods though; I still never know when someone might need attention in the middle of the night, and I still can’t really take it for granted. I could last night though, and I will again tonight. 

 I am grateful for lots of good eating. Usually on these trips, at some point I get tired of eating at restaurants all the time and would really just like to cook some food for my own self exactly how I’d like it. That hasn’t happened yet though. Bring it on. 

 I am grateful for the opportunity to work at this show. I don’t do this kind of work much anymore, but there’s no business like show business, There is nothing like that state of being that occurs right before the first cue of a show, after working with a small but dedicated team of professionals for days, setting it all up and going over everything as much as possible, doing as much as you can to ensure it will all run flawlessly. There is a moment just after doors open when when anything can happen, it’s terrifying, but also invigorating when you get into the groove of live presentations. That moment before the first cue, there’s nothing like it. Programming websites is fun, but it’s not like that, not at all.

Gratitude – Annual teamwork, safe travel, facetime, music

Today I am grateful to be working at the same annual conference I have been working at since 1999. Several of the people working on this show were there that first year that I was. It’s a great team and I really enjoy the sense of continuity that comes with working with them every year.

I am also grateful for safe, uneventful travel in getting here, even if it was just the ferry and a taxi cab. For that matter, perhaps especially because it was just the ferry and a taxi cab.

I am grateful for FaceTime. I am away from home, but I got to see everyone in my family tonight, and I got to wish my kids sweet dreams.

I am grateful for music. One of the guys, Armando, brought a couple of guitars, and three of us just had a little jam in his hotel room. I’ve really got to get back into the habit of jamming regularly, It’s such a great pastime, and it’s a great way to unwind.

Gratitude – swell last day before travel for work

I’m away to work at a conference tomorrow. 

I am grateful that we packed it in today. I made a breakfast the way I like it; everyone else here seed to like it to. Then we went for an epic 2.5 hour swim at a local rec centre, then after some errands we enjoyed some downtime, where Farley fell asleep on my chest while we watched a documentary about tiny houses. My ordinary life is, much of the time, a happy one. For that, I am grateful.

Also, I am grateful for a card Coop made me before my trip.

Also, I am grateful for blueberry cobbler that Julie made tonight.

Gratitide – tgif

I am grateful to have gotten through this week. It was bit hectic at times, and I’ve been in a rush to get stuff done before I’m out of town working at a conference next week, but it’s all fairly squared away, and I’m pleased to have made it through.

I am grateful for our family fun nights on Fridays. Today we ate burgers, then headed to Coop’s school to tootle around on the tarmac before heading home to watch the first half of Mystery Men. Simple pleasures are the best kind.

Gratitude – evening at the beach, daylight

I am grateful for an unplanned evening at the beach with my boys. I probably wouldn’t have done this, in fact I probably wouldn’t have seen those guys at all tonight if I didn’t think Beavers was happening. Turns out it doesn’t happen during spring break, so while I didn’t work late as I would have if I’d known that, instead I spent about an hour at the beach with my guys. It was one of those moments, I was ambivelant: annoyed that I didn’t get the valuable time I really could use to meet imminent deadlines, but at the same time, how could I not be grateful for the longer days, and for a great time playing with my kids at the beach?