Gratitude – the chicken way, crisis averted, simple but good dinner

 I am grateful for the chicken way. After I drop Cooper off at school, I go to drop off Farley at daycare. Every day, we go “the chicken way”, where we stop by a neighbour’s yard where there is a chicken coop. I watch Farley’s face in the rear view mirror light up, and usually within a minute, he says “bye bye chickens” and then I know it’s time to go.

I am grateful there was a floor model of the unitized washer/dryer we ordered. I received a call today from GE telling me that the one we ordered was out of production, and we should go get a refund. There was a fair amount of agony involved in making that decision (side note: I do not recommend appliance shopping with a 2 and 6 year old). I did not want to have to make it again, so I called up the store and was able to buy the one they had on display. Phew!

I am grateful for a simple but great dinner tonight. Flank steak, quinoa, and brocolli. I did the steak on the BBQ, and just for kicks, did the broccoli on it too. It turned out great. Know why? because everything cooked on a BBQ is better. That’s why.

Gratitude – kids playing on trampolines with sprinklers, puttering

I am grateful for kids on trampolines with sprinklers on underneath. I am grateful for  favourite swimming trunks, on kid #2, with worn out elastic leading to wardrobe malfunction.

I am grateful for some time to putter today. Julie took the kids and I took the opportunity to get taxes figured out (a little late in the game, I know) and to fiddle with bikes some more.

Gratitude – bike repair, sunny days, beavers movie night

I am grateful for those free bikes I found a while back. I have been enjoying getting one fixed up; removing bits from the other that had the wheels stolen. Bikes are very simple machines. Getting them running smoothly is like chopping wood. You are immediately rewarded for a small amount of effort.

I am grateful for sunny days. It’s been nice and warm out this last week. I come from the prairies, and don’t take weather like that for granted.

I am grateful for Beavers “under the sea” movie night. After decorating the hall with fishy drawings and a scavenger hunt on the beach, they all watched Finding Nemo while eating popcorn with the lights off. Coop had a great time, and so did Farley, who was snuggled up on my lap for the whole movie. If that’s not nice, what is?

Gratitude – hard day done, the village, family

i am grateful today is over. It was a day that was absolutely contributing to the glorification of busy, which must stop.

I am grateful for the village that it takes to raise children. Coop got to go to Beavers because friends of ours took him. 

I am grateful for some time with my kids this afternoon. It wasn’t much, but was enough that it wasn’t a day I didn’t get to see my kids.

gratitude – eating outside

I am grateful for our first dinner outside this year. We had a buddy of Coop’s over, as well as his sister and dad. Kids went crazy in the trampoline, balls were retrieved from neighbours yards, and marshmallows were toasted. All this was spur of the moment, it started with the boys on the swings after school. If that’s not nice, what is?

Gratitude – great kids

i am grateful for some great kid behaviour this evening. Know what’s not particularly fun for kids? Home renovation type shopping. They hate it more than I do. We’ve had some choice tantrums at IKEA, the flooring store, and the appliances department at Sears. Sometimes it was one kid or the other, if I am honest, sometimes it was me. But tonight, we went shopping for countertops, and those guys were awesome. If that’s not nice, what is?

Gratitude – learning from a human, Coop’s soccer, hanging out quietly.

I am grateful for some expert tutelage from friend, colleague, and client today on using the Ionic framework to build web and mobile apps for iOS and android. Learning stuff is empowering, and learning from people instead of the Internet is more fun.

I am grateful for Coop’s soccer drills and skills class. Tonight they played a quick game at the end, and he scored a goal. Go Coop!

I am grateful for an unstructured evening after that, where there was a good half hour (at least!) where Coop and Julie were coloring, Farley was building lego, and I was surfing the net with my phone, all of us just hanging out in the living room. We aren’t a family that’s quiet when we are all together very often, but we were tonight.