I am grateful for a ride on my acoustic bike today.

I am grateful our washing machine is under warranty. I am also grateful I bought the extended warranty. I’ll be even more grateful when it’s fixed; hopefully soon.

I am grateful for the rain that’s been falling on Victoria this last day or two. Feels like autumn, but the earth here needed it.

I am grateful for some time spent bouncing on our trampoline with my boys.


  I am grateful for a fun time riding the rails behind a genuine stem locomotive at the BC Forest  Discovery Centre with my boys today.

I am grateful Farl managed to get a good nap in.

I am grateful for some puttering afterward. J watched the kids while I messed around doing some bicycle maintenance.


i am grateful for a fun trip to the kids fringe festival today.

I am grateful for a fair amount of time spent puttering.

I am grateful for an impromptu spaghetti and meatball dinner we hosted with good friends with similarly aged kids.

I am grateful for the 40 year old scotch my brother presented me with for my 40th birthday a few years ago. I don’t bring it out often, but I did tonight. Man, it’s good.


I am grateful for leftovers. Especially with this whole new home office lifestyle, lunch at home has hardly been the disappointing experience I was anticipating after having nearly 10 years of easy access to all the downtown lunch spots. The trick is to make lots of awesome food for dinner every night, which is something I am grateful to be able to do most nights these days.

I am grateful for some quality time on my bike with the kids on it today.

I am grateful for some small incremental improvements to my workspace that I affected yesterday and enjoyed today. Nothing major, just a bit more tidying in the garage, and installing a small cabinet and a lamp. It was enough to see a baby step in the progression from messy garage towards nicely finished office space. This process might take years, but that’s fine by me so long as it’s steady.


I am grateful for Farley’s daycare. The woman in charge was going to go on maternity leave today. She’s due in less than a month for the birth of her 3rd kid. But after extensive interviews and an accepted job offer, the person filling in emailed last night to say she wasn’t going to come in at all. That’s right, she EMAILED the pregnant owner of Farley’s daycare to bail THE NIGHT BEFORE she was supposed to start. So why am I grateful? Because the woman who owns the daycare is awesome, and has her cuss together, and has backup people. I am particularly grateful for her right now because I see how stressful it must be, and I so appreciate how hard she works to make sure Farley and his friends have a warm, safe, friendly, secure environment to play in all day that aligns with my philosophies on raising kids.

I am grateful for wherever my get up and go came from today. I got around to doing a bunch of stuff I’ve been putting off for a long time. Feels good to get cuss done.


  I am grateful for my grandpa’s old 1972 buick. I drove it for the first time in a few weeks to do a small errand today. Suddenly it became an occaision. I can’t go anywhere in that car without someone remarking to me that they like it.

It’s good for me to remember these moments, because most of the rest of the time I am just wondering what to do with it.


I am grateful for my slow cooker. It simplified my life a great deal today.

I am grateful for the summer. Nights are no longer reliably warm. Good to appreciate it while I can; with the drought and wildfires though, I am looking forward to rain when it comes, too. Win-win!


I am grateful for the mundanity of my life. When I write these posts, I often feel I should find something novel to express gratitude for. 

Fact is, this morning I was grateful it was neither that hot nor cold. I am grateful I’m busy at work. At lunch I was grateful for leftovers. I was grateful to find steak on sale at the grocery store this morning, and tonight I was grateful to consume it. I was grateful for some time with my kids tonight, and after they went to bed I was grateful for some tv without them.

Ordinary life suits me fine. I’m grateful that’s the case.


I am grateful for my niece and nephew, because they are great cousins for my boys. It is nonstop crazy happy cousin fun times when they are together.

I am grateful to be home after a wonderful, albeit fast and furious, trip to my old stomping grounds in Calgary for a family wedding. It was fun to be there and is always great to connect with family. now it’s very good to be back in my bed, in my house, on my hill, in my town, on my island.
I am grateful to my mother and father, for putting us up (and putting up with us) so well. They are very, very hospitable when we come for a visit.

I am grateful for my brother and sister in law, who made a lot of time for us this weekend. We were over for a fantastic dinner last night, and we had a great day at Heritage Park with them today.

I am grateful for classical music. I really need to listen to more of it.


i am grateful for a swell day hanging out with family all day. A lazyish morning loafing with my folks this morning, then a visit with my grandmother, and dinner with the crew at my brother (and family’s) house this evening.

I am grateful for the cabin my family owned since 1992. It recently sold, and we had a chance to drive up and visit it one last time. Julie and I renewed our vows in the same spot our wedding happened at that location in 2002. Some of you were there. You might recall it was a terrific day.

I am grateful for my marriage, and the 9 years of relationshipdom that led up to it. It was nice to honour it today, particularly after witnessing my cousin’s wedding yesterday; where I couldn’t help but to contemplate what this whole marriage thing is about, anyway.