I am grateful that my brother has kids similar in age to mine. When the 4 of them get together they always have an awesome time.

I am grateful for weddings, particularly family weddings. I’m here in Calgary this weekend for my cousin’s wedding. It was so good to see all my cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, niece, nephew, grandmother, brother, sister in law, etc, etc, for such a fun and joyous kind of event. 

I’m also grateful for lots of unwedded cousins left, so there is still an untapped potential for more weddings. There are better reasons to get married than to entertain your cousin, but make note anyway, dear unwedded cousins; and I’ll be honoured show up and have a fun time if you invite me.


I am grateful for air travel. So easy to get to Calgary from Victoria, so fast.

I am grateful for great kid behaviour the whole way. It just gets easier as time goes on.

I am grateful for a house left in a condition that I am not lamenting returning to.

I am grateful for my mom’s peach pie.


i am grateful for cabbage. I started some sauerkraut today, and also attempted to make as noodly a food as possible with it, because my boys can’t get enough of noodles. Frying in butter did the trick! Coop had thirds.

I’m grateful for lunch with Julie and one of her co-workers today. 

I am grateful for the woman in the bank lineup behind me. She chased me down after I left, and caught up to me out of breath a good half block away to tell me I’d left my keys behind. I thanked her profusely, and she replied “we all have to take care of each other, right?” She’s right. We do. And when we do, it’s the kind of world I am grateful to live in, and when something like that happens, I look forward to finding an opportunity to take care of someone else, and pay it forward.


I am grateful for this blog. Today marks the one year anniversary of my first gratitude themed post. It’s been a better year for it.

A few things this year has taught me:

Good things happen every day. Even on bad days.

When you start looking for good things to be grateful for, you don’t miss those things as easily when they happen.

My life cannot be summed up in posts about gratitude. There’s lots that happens in my life that I am not grateful for; the readers of this blog don’t hear about that. So it goes.

Recording the things I am grateful for doesn’t invalidate the things I am not grateful for, but it does make them seem smaller, and removed from me as they shrink in the rear view mirror.

It’s nice to have this ritual. I usually write these posts before bed. I’d miss it if I stopped.

I can commit to doing a small thing every day, and then I can actually do that thing, every day. 

My kids are hilarious. I already knew that, but now there’s evidence.

I am a lucky person, and I am humbled by that luck. 

Gratitude goes hand in hand with humility. Together, they allow for a perspective on life that feels more genuine.

There’s a bunch of people out there willing to read this stuff. Some do every day, others just once in a while. It’s not the same as an in-person conversation, but it is nice to feel that connection.

The more often I can find myself in the situation where I can ask, “if this isn’t nice, what is?”, the better.







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I am grateful for a fun day in Parksville. It happened to be the Parksville Kids Festival, almost like we planned it, but we didn’t. There were a half dozen or so big bouncy castles, and a train ride. There were mini donuts. It was fun.

I am grateful for the beach, which is where we went next. Tidal pools in the sand populated with fish, crabs (hermit and otherwise), sand dollars and snails.

I am grateful for lunch at Amrikko’s in Parksville, which is the best Indian restaurant I’ve been to on Vancouver Island so far.

I am grateful for a safe journey home.


I am grateful for the toy bus that Farley bought at the mini golf place today. At the time I thought it was a rip off at $10, but holy cuss, that kid loves the cuss out of that thing. I am also grateful he managed a nap; for about an hour, snuggled up with said bus while curled into a fetal position on the bench at our booth at Boston Pizza. I thought that bus was a rip off, but now I see I was wrong. Farley got his ten bucks worth today, and who knows how many happy days that kid will spend with the bus that has “Parksville, B.C.” printed on it.

I am also grateful for motels with free breakfasts and swimming pools.

And I am grateful for Rathtrevor Beach, particularly when the tide is coming in, so fast that it catches up to you if you stop walking for even a moment.


I am grateful for costume day at Cooper’s school. He already has a batman costume for Halloween. It’s been getting lots of use; I hope it lasts that long!

I am grateful for a tidier house than we usually have. I’ve been chipping away at it a bit more each day. It’s starting to look like normal people live there!

I am grateful for a decent work week. Pretty much everything I hoped to do got done.

I am grateful for omelettes. They are good fast and cheap, and you so rarely get all three.

I am grateful for a safe journey to Parksville, where we are spending the weekend. 


I am grateful for my grandmother. I am grateful that I’m living in a time where I can pick up the phone and give her a call whenever I’d like. I spoke with her today. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. She’s a heckuva lady.

I am grateful for a deadline met for a mostly completed project today.

I am grateful for lunch with Julie today and a few other days this week. I’m glad it can still work even though I no longer have an office just down the street from hers.



I am grateful for giant puppy, a great big stuffy that Farley sleeps on every night, and often drags around to wherever he is during the day.

I am grateful for a pretty easy workday again – it’s nice to get into a coding groove.

I am grateful for a great show that the snowbirds put on today, and I am grateful for the perch upon which my house sits on this hill; we had a great view. The boys were able to watch out the kitchen window while eating dinner at the table.

I am grateful for a deep red sunset tonight, observed from the back of our house.