I am grateful for old friends. It was flattering to be called up by a buddy of mine with teenage kids today; they were in Victoria from Vancouver for the Rifflandia music festival and my pal wanted to know if I could be available in case anything went haywire on their trip. It’s nice to know he’d ask that of me. It was nice to chat on the phone and catch up.

I am grateful for a productive day. I was kid free with my nose to the grindstone for as long as I could be today, and I got a fair amount of cuss done.

I am grateful for a sleepover at our place, with 2 kids over here whom our kids were with last night. We had a fun backyard centred evening, complete with games, trampoline jumping, campfire songs, roasted hot dogs and bannock. By 9:30, they were well on their way to the land of nod. We’ll see how long that lasts. Here’s hoping!

I’m grateful for the parents of those kids, too. It really does take a village to raise kids, and I’m glad my village is populated with people I like.


Tonight I am grateful for dinner and a movie with Julie, while both our kids are with friends for a sleepover. This is a pilot project for our parenting village, tomorrow we’ll have their kids her for another sleepover, hosted by us. I can tell you that from my perspective, so far tonight this has been a resounding success. We’ll see how the night goes for them, and then tomorrow night, for us!

I am grateful for awesome fun stupid movies. The latest instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise required no small amount of suspension of disbelief, but if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be as much fun.


 I am grateful for a productive day. 

While I am not grateful for imminent deadlines, I am grateful for the business.

I am grateful for my children. I’ve heard too many alarming stories about other children in the last few weeks. It’s hard to hear them. I’m grateful my boys are doing fine, and that I can hold them tight for a little while every day.

I am grateful for Coop, who got new shoes today, and went from not knowing how tie a bow to lacing them up like a pro in no time.

I  grateful for the sound of the rain, coming in through my bedroom window.



I  grateful for a bike commute every morning. The routine goes like this: I put the bike on the back of the car, drive the kids to school and daycare, park the bike near Julie’s work and bike home. It works nicely. I get to have a bike ride and Julie gets to have a walk every morning.

I am grateful for the enjoyment I get from cooking. I’ve never made French onion soup before, but I did today, and I nailed it. That’s not a humblebrag, just a plain old brag. Here’s the thing though, mastery isn’t always easy to come by; but cooking regularly increases the chances.

I am grateful to have had a guest for dinner tonight, a photographer who we originally hired to take photos of our family, and now is a friend we have for dinner every now and again. She’s an AMAZING shooter, and a fine human being. Should you ever need a photographer, ask me for a reference.


I am grateful for a productive day, where everything went fairly smoothly. Two boys saw the dentist this morning, and there were no cavities. Work wise, it was a short day but I packed it in. We polished that off by surviving an epic family trip to Costco this evening.

I am grateful for healthy and lovely boys in bed, a roof over our heads, and for a cupboard full of food. I am grateful that everyone in this family mostly gets along fine, most of the time.

Sometimes, I think I have about as much as I could hope or ask for. These are the times I feel I am at my best. These are also the times I know being grateful is a worthwhile endeavour.

If this isn’t nice, what is?


I am grateful to Julie, who had 4 kids under her ward while I got some work work done.

I am grateful for yesterday, because it was fantastic enough that I can work on Sunday and not feel like I didn’t have enough fun this weekend.

I am grateful for stir frying. Pedestrian vegetables become a big treat when stir fried and served on a bed of noodles.

I am grateful for a tidiness wave we’ve been riding here for a while on the home front. It’s not easy with 2 little kids, but it sure makes life more livable.


 I am grateful for a great Saturday.

I am grateful for some time spent repairing our canoe.

I am grateful for an epic swim with my boys, well over 2 hours in the pool, maybe it was even 3. the boys both got to go on big water slides, and the each had a chance to try flippers, too. Fun stuff.

I am grateful for an fantastic jam with friends I haven’t seen for too long. It was awesome to be banging on the drums with that crew.


I am grateful for the home office lifestyle, which afforded me the opportunity to make a great big pot of chilli at lunchtime so it could simmer all afternoon. I am grateful to have lots of leftovers in the freezer now, too.

I am grateful for a visit from Julie’s cousin Mary.

I am grateful for an evening spent in the front yard, looking out over the Olympic mountains, watching the sky turn dark so the stars could come out, all while nursing a large bottle of IPA. We could see the lights at Royal Athletic Park where Victoria’s beer fest was taking place, but I was pleased enough with my own private lawn chair beer festival.


I am grateful for a few minutes on the trampoline with Farley, while the salmon was on the grill and the sun was still in the sky.

I grateful for the home office setup. It makes it easy to get another hour or so in after the boys are in bed.

I am grateful for Julie, because she’s awesome.