I am grateful for my boys, happily playing in the bath with crappy knockoff transformers from the dollar store. Nothing could make them happier. Here’s the thing, we can’t be that happy all the time, but we are that happy, sometimes, when we’re lucky enough to have whatever it is that delights us like that, and wise enough to notice what we’ve got.

I am grateful for Julie. She puts up with no end of cuss from me.


I am grateful for lunch with a friend, celebrating the end of a project recently completed. It’s nice to work with people I like.

I am grateful for family fun night – pizza and a movie on Netflix, tonight. We watched “Home”. It was Farley’s pick



I am grateful for a back to normal kind of work day.

I am grateful for time spent with my family this evening.

I am grateful for my new improved garagenous zone. It’s much more conducive to productivity; I think it will get even better after a few days of settling in.

I am grateful for the sound of rain on the roof to fall asleep to. Good night!


I am grateful for day 2 of brotherly visitation.

I am grateful for Cooper’s winter concert today. What’s not to like about watching little kids sing their hearts out?

I am grateful for the work we accomplished today in the garagenous zone. There’s still some bedlam in there, but shelves were constructed, stuff was shuffled about, and my workspace is now much more defined.


I am grateful for brotherly visitation.

I am grateful for the spitfire grill, out by the airport. I can’t believe I’d never been before this morning. I really need to take my kids there.

I am grateful for the cuts you can get them to do for you on lumber you buy at Home Depot. My bro and I chicken scratched up a design for shelving in my garage, and now all we have to do is screw it all together. Tomorrow will be a fun day.





 I am grateful for a deadline met today. I plan to play some hooky over the next week, and I plan on being grateful for that, too.

I am grateful for Coop’s drawing skills. He made a fine card for a friend’s Star Wars themed party today.

I am grateful for the Christmas trains and other festive stuff at Heritage Acres. I enjoy the grassrootsyness of it. One of the big activities they had was playing in snow that someone brought in on a pickup truck. Brilliant!