I am grateful for lunch with my folks at the Bengal Lounge at the Empress Hotel today. It’s closing soon. I’ll miss it.
I’m grateful for family fun was my pick this week. Pizza for dinner, then we made knitting looms for I-cord out of popsicle sticks stuck to toilet paper tubes with a hot glue gun. I got right into it. So did my dad. Coop was in the zone there for a while, too. Otherwise, everyone just hung out  in the kitchen, chit chatting and drinking tea. If that’s not nice, what is?



I am grateful for lunch with my folks at Part and Parcel, which it turns out is a very good hipster restaurant not far from my house.

I am grateful for a visit to the observatory (and Canada’s 5th largest telescope) at UVic, and a talk by some very keen astronomy PhD students

I am grateful for an opportunity to hold a small piece of the shopping mall sized meteor that struck Arizona and left a mile wide crater.

I am grateful that Coop got a chance to press a button that opened the door on the side of the dome to create the opening for the telescope to view out of.

I was also grateful to learn that the observatory is open to the public, every Wednesday night, from 8-10pm. I’ll be back!


I am grateful for our weekly babysitter, and I’m grateful for the Belfry theatre, and I am grateful for the play that we saw there tonight, “The Valley” by Joan Macleod. It was very good.

I am grateful for some interesting and cutting edge work (at least for me) I’ve been involved in this last while. It’s frustrating sometimes, being outside of my wheelhouse, but I’m learning lots and it’s blowing my mind.



 I am grateful for the Internet. It makes anything seem possible. I did a search for plans to make a bunk bed out of dimensional lumber. One weekend later, There it is. Voila!

I am grateful for my folks. I am grateful they make the effort to be here, far from home on the other side of the Rockies. We had them over for dinner tonight. It was nice.

I am grateful to live a lifestyle where most of where I need to go can be gotten to on a bicycle. I was between downtown and home twice today on a bike. It is the obvious way to go when the weather is good.


I am grateful for time spent in the garagenous zone. I made a bunk bed for my children. I did it with my own hands. I am pleased how it turned out.

I am grateful for hot and sour soup Julie made.

I am grateful my kids finally settled down and went to sleep.


  I am grateful for free grandparental all day weekend childcare. We got so much cuss done. Significant bunk bed progress was made. It was awesome.

I am grateful for hot and sour soup Julie made from scratch.

I am grateful for all the sushi I could eat this evening. My folks took us all out for dinner. NOM NOM NOM!

Ian grateful for kinetic sand. My boys were playing with it for a good long while last night, in cookie trays, in the living room.


I am grateful for a low key day working from home.

I am grateful for those recipe videos you get on Facebook. I made slow cooker chicken tikka masala tonight from one, and it turned out awesome. 

I am grateful for roasted marshmallows on our propane fire with my kids and my parents in our backyard tonight.


I am grateful for a day focussed on one project,  in a shared studio space downtown just like a real office worker.

I am grateful for fish and chips my folks treated us all to this evening.

I am grateful for my boys: Farley, who is unable to sit still with all the happy excitement of having grandma and grandad over; and Cooper, making a conciencious list of everyone who gets a valentine, trying dilligently to make sure no-one is forgotten, and working away  filled with focus and intention.


I am grateful for time to tidy up a bit today. It was getting pretty crazy in here after a busy weekend spent mostly out of town.

I am grateful for time and opportunity to get a healthy number of hours in on a work project that needs doing.

I am grateful to our babysitter, who had a fun time with my kids while Julie and I went out tonight.

I am grateful for a fun night at a tapas restaurant with a cool bunch of people for a birthday celebration. These days most of the birthday parties I attend are for the 8 and under demographic, this time it was nice to be in the company of other grown ups.