I am grateful for the busy-ness cycle of my work. Things are just starting to calm down work wise, but I have irons in the fire that are just heating up. If none of the leads pan out, I might be wanting for more work. If they all come through, I might be really, really busy in April. Chances are it will be somewhere between. Never a dull moment!

I am grateful for a flawlessly executed family Costco shop.

I am grateful for an episode of House of Cards with Julie tonight.


I am grateful for an epic 3+ hour swim with my family this afternoon. They opened up the waterslides for kids to try to climb up, and it was fun to see Coop and Farl try that. There was plenty of sliding down, too, and there were other fun things, rope swings, and the like.

I’m grateful for Farley. There was a great big inflatable obstacle course. The first time Farl tried it he was afraid he’d fall when he was at a high part, but he persevered, and almost made it to the end before splashing in the water. He tried again, and was apprehensive at the top, but this time made it all the way to the end. The third time he attacked it like a champ, broad smile on his face the whole time. 

I’m grateful for Coop, too. Today he went towards the deep end, to where he could barely touch, and he got treading water figured out, with egg beater legs and helicopter arms, and an expression on his face that mixed determination and surprise.

I’m grateful for parenthood, and the opportunities it affords me to watch my kids grow by the second.



I am grateful for a fun bike ride around the airport we took today. It’s the best zero dollars I’ve spent in a while. One Hilites was a rest stop by a culvert where a tiny stream was flowing. The 4 of us started racing sticks, and later dandelions and daisies down the little current, cheering them on and rescuing them with twigs if they got stuck. Moments like that don’t come as often, and they are the reason I keep this blog.

I am grateful for some Easter egg decorating that occurred this evening. Julie discovered a new technique we tried tonight that worked well; we coloured them with crayons while the egg was still hot from boiling. The crayons melt, and the wax can be blended and becomes paint-like. We did some that way, and others with an egg dying kit.




 I am grateful for the miracle of human flight, especially that from harbour to harbour from Victoria to Vancouver. 30 minutes from downtown to downtown is hard to beat. Working a day in another city and being home in time for dinner is even better.

I am grateful for the DeHavilland Twin Otter. They are cool airplanes that can take off and land with impossibly short runways, and they make me proud to be a Canadian.

I am grateful for an opportunity to work with some great people today, running a workshop to train them on the use of their new site. It was great to meet in person, after working with them closely for more than a year via phone and email.

I am grateful that I got to sit right behind the pilot on the flight back

I am grateful to be home with my family after this action packed day.


I am grateful for nearly 20 years of service from my favourite old green corduroy blazer. My brother bought it from a thrift store for $3 and he gave it to me sometime in the 90s because of my superior fatness (it was too big for him). I’ve worn the heck out of it; having had it repaired here and there many times. It’s now threadbare in places. I loved that thing, but I’m afraid the latest tear is the last straw.

I am grateful for a helpful salesperson who found me a green corduroy blazer, on sale, at another store and is having it shipped to me from Ottawa.


I am grateful for a productive day in the garagenous zone.

I am grateful for one more big night out, this time seeing David Crosby. Just him and his guitar. What an amazing voice, what an amazing songwriter. It’s incredible that just one person with just one guitar can be so capable of holding the audience spellbound the way he did tonight.


  I am grateful for some pleasantly boring work in my quiet studio today.

I am grateful for Farley’s commentary on the weather. “I am cold,” he said “and when I am cold my blood gets cold; and when my blood gets cold it sinks into my heart.”

I am grateful for a friend who came over with her kiddo to look after our kiddos tonight, so Julie and I could go to the theatre.

And I am way, way grateful for my Christmas present from Julie. She bought me tickets to see a live taping of the radio show, The Debaters, and it was awesome. We laughed a lot, and hard, for hours.



 I am grateful for a healthy dose of Farley time today. Hilites included Timmy’s this morning for coffee and a donut, and then a nap in the afternoon. The work day was shot, but sometimes that’s how it’s got to go.

I am grateful for dinner out with my boys this evening.

I am grateful for House of Cards with Julie tonight.


I am grateful for a fine brunch we prepared this morning.

I am grateful for a detailed explanation of how Farley’s alien sucking machine works, though I am remiss my phone ran out of space and only caught the first 15 seconds of video.

I am grateful for the Time Machine Hootenanny all ages dance party we attended this afternoon. Fun was had by all.


   I am grateful for a pleasant Saturday. Making pancakes for the kids this morning, reading Coop’s report card and watching him present all of his duotangs full of schoolwork to me. Farley using me as a human jungle gym, and asking for tickles again, and again, and again. Later I spent some time finishing up some work on my Canoe that my bro, Paul and I started last week.
I am grateful for a swell bike ride the 4 of us took on the lochside trail today.

I am grateful to have had an evening at the Royal Theatre last night. We saw Betroffenheit. It was spectacular.