I am grateful for a bike ride with my kids to get them to where they needed to go this morning.

I am grateful for a productive work day.

I am grateful for a night out on the town with Julie. We went to the Flying Otter, which is a restaurant at the terminal where the harbour planes dock at Victoria’s downtown inner harbour. There’s a great patio, right on the dock, where we watched the sun set and the moon rise. An otter happened by, too, but it didn’t fly. It swam. We then just walked around on the harbour for a bit, and perused Munro’s bookstore on the way back to the car. It was a fun, kidless, warm night where I felt like a tourist even though I live here. I am grateful for that.


I am grateful for a swell day. 

I am grateful for Julie. We’ve spent more than half our lives together. Time keeps passing, and it just gets better.

I am grateful for pancakes at breakfast, then some lolligaging around the house.

I am grateful for a picnic at the beach. When I was growing up, that meant a vacation. For my kids, it means a 10 minute drive.

I am grateful for a walk through Playfair park, where rhododendrons are blooming, and plentiful, and it’s pretty as all heck.

I am grateful for kids tuckered out and asleep in bed, and the last half of a dumb superhero movie we started on Netflix a few weeks ago.


I am grateful for a full day.

I am grateful for a last minute invite to go to a fairy tale improv show. The kids loved it.

I am grateful for an epic 3 honour swim with Coop today. Julie and Farl napped in the car for some of that time, but joined us for the rest.

I am grateful for dinner out at a Chinese buffet. Fun times. 

I am grateful for Coop, who keeps growing up. While Julie and I sat at our table, we watched Coop help Farley fill his plate with the things he was after. Awesome.


I am grateful for an afternoon off with no kids and Julie today. 

I am grateful for high tea at the White Heather. It’s off the beaten track, but if tea is your thing, it’s the place to be in the mid afternoon around these parts.

I am grateful for an unplanned evening spent with friends. We have similarly aged kids, and it’s easy and comfortable to hang out with them, and so we often do, and it’s good for everybody. It takes a village to raise kids, they say, and I’m grateful for the fine folk in my village.


I am grateful for family friends that brought out a box of my grandma’s old stuff for me. A printer, an end table. A basket of scissors and the like; not heirlooms, but useful things I’d rather have than not. Anyway, it was nice of them to think to offer to bring it out in their backseat, and it was nice to receive it.

I am grateful for grumpy kids becoming quiet while eating leftover soup for dinner, and becoming ungrumpy in the process.

I am grateful for popcorn, and the ritual that starts when I pop it, which ends in me consuming it while I watch some telly for at least an hour or so.


I am grateful for Julie, because she comes up with stuff like a fruit taste test station for us lovelies to discover tomorrow morning.

I am grateful for our babysitter, because she is awesome and I want my kids to hang out with people like her.

I am grateful for today and every day, because I heard news today of a friend of a friend of a friend who passed away very suddenly and very unexpectedly, and stuff like that happens and it’s unfair, and any day it doesn’t happen to you is a blessing.

I am grateful that I honestly do feel that if it did happen to me though, that I’ve lived a life so far that I’m grateful for, and that I’m proud of. For the record though, I am not planning for nor wanting that to end anytime soon.

I am grateful for the perspective that comes with being self employed for a long time. Work hasn’t been busy for the past while, and I didn’t panic. In fact, I took it easy. It’s heating up now, though, so I’m glad I enjoyed some downtime while I could.


 I am grateful for good stuff in the mail, like cool little Lego guys for my kids from my second cousin. Thanks, Cathie!

I am grateful for time spent in the garagenous zone tonight. I neither made nor repaired anything, but I tidied it up an notch.

I am grateful for a movie rented digitally th is evening. So dang cheap, and very convenient. I enjoyed Divergent. That’s a statement of fact, not an endorsement. I doubt it was that good a movie, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.


  I am grateful for a day spent playing hooky. I was exhausted after dropping the kids off and getting back home. I decided to take a 20 minute nap and woke up 3 hours and 40 minutes later.

I am grateful for a few errands accomplished in the afternoon.

I am grateful for time spent reading with my boys this evening.

I am grateful for stuff on hand, and YouTube and Julie for intel for sushi making. Not a bad first attempt!


I am grateful for a good sleep while camping. Doesn’t always happen. Nice when it does.

I am grateful for a fun birthday party for one of Coop’s. There was some nice weather. It wound up by a park. The birthday boy has a Farley size sister. There were good people there.

I am grateful for time spent cleaning out the pond in the front yard. Coop and Farley both helped, catching fish and getting them into a bucket. We emptied it all out and got it as clean as we could.