I am grateful to be at beaver camp witch Cooper and his colony.

I am grateful for Coop. He was here with no parent last night. He’s been on sleepovers, but this kind of thing is new. He did great, keeping his stuff together, managing himself well and having fun with his pals, by all accounts.

I am grateful for a full day: capture the flag, songs and games, a hike with a scavenger hunt, songs and skits by the campfire.

I am grateful for a sky clear enough and water still enough that you could pick out constellations in the reflection on the lake her by the water’s edge tonight.

I am grateful for a comfy bed here in my tent, at a reasonable bedtime hour. Man, I am bushed.


I am grateful to have seen ZZ Top perform here in Victoria, this evening.

I am grateful to have seen it with my old pal Judd, who I’ve known since I was 14 or so when we were growing up in Calgary, and who somehow wound up here in Victoria with me.

I am grateful for a bunch of bands we saw at a bar after the show, particularly one called Double Fuzz, they were great.


I am grateful for the hospitality of my Mom and Dad. This might surprise you, but we actually cause a pretty good ruckus wherever we go.

I am grateful for an easy flight today. 

I am grateful to be home. It was nice to be in Calgary, but it’s nice to be back, too.

I am grateful for instructional videos on YouTube. The bath faucet used to leak. Now it doesn’t.

I am grateful that Farley and Coop really do enjoy each other’s company. That’s more true some times than others, but their brotherly love is observable, and it warms my heart.


Today was my Grandmother’s Funeral. I am grateful I could be here today.

I am grateful for all the other people there today. Many are the family I’ve known since forever. Many others are family friends and other familiar faces. Many I hadn’t met at all, but I knew they had some connection with my Grandma, and I was glad they were there too.

I am grateful for my cousin John, who said all the things I needed to say, and also to hear, on behalf of all her grandchildren. He wrote something heartfelt and beautiful. When I heard it, I am pretty sure I felt the same things I think he did when he wrote and later read it, and that’s what funerals are for. All the cousins I spoke to agreed. He knocked it out of the park.

I am grateful for my niece. She had the idea to sing “Country Roads” by John Denver at the service. My grandma always loved that song. She was the kind of great grandma whose great grandchildren might know her favourite songs. Anyway, my niece, Sophia had the idea to sing it and I was asked to accompany on guitar, and that was an honour and practising making music with my niece was fun, and she rocked it. I am grateful for a state of being that was pretty intense: mid-parenting bored kids at a church, mid-grieving, in front of a bunch of people, performing, and then hearing the swell of a congregation singing along, underneath us. It felt great. I reckon grandma would have loved it.

I am grateful for a get together at my brother’s house again, formerly my grandma and grandad’s place. I’ve said it before, and am aware I might be repetitive, but this is a blog about gratitude, and I am grateful still that this house is a place I can still go. I connected with cousins and aunts and uncles, and other relatives where I am not even sure how to describe the relationship (what does once-removed mean, anyway?).

And now it’s late, and my kids, who had a big, sugar-laden day of excitement and boredom, are asleep, for which I am also always grateful.


  I am grateful for a walk we took with my folks up the route I used to traverse every day to get from their house to the school I attended for grades 1-9. There’s a terrific play park near the school that my kids really dig there.

I am grateful for a walk past my old school while recess was on, and the kids were out. It was a trip to watch Cooper watching the kids play in the field, doing the math on how there was once a time I was one of them, a kid just like he is now. 

I am grateful for Village Ice Cream. That’s some good stuff. If you are ever there, do yourself a favour and try the cardamom flavour.

I am grateful for takeout dinner at my folks place with mom and dad, my bro and his clan. I am grateful that this collection of people I was lucky enough to be born into are all people I really like to hang out with.

I am grateful my parents kept the fisher price Main Street village set I had when I was little. Farley loves it and has been enjoying playing with it since we got here. He even dragged it up to the side of his bed so he could sleep near it tonight.


I am grateful for action packed day I barely have the energy to write about right now. It involved great hospitality from my sister in law this morning, a great time at the zoo with them, and an unexpected opportunity to help a very good friend move.

 And now it’s really, really late, and I am very tired, and I am very grateful to in bed at my parent’s house.



 I am grateful for breaky at the airport this morning. More to the point, I am grateful we had our cuss together to get there with time enough to do so.

I am grateful for an easy flight. I was next to Farley, who was starting to, but didn’t quite lose it at the gate. I was bracing myself for a rough go of it, but on the plane he fell asleep shortly after takeoff, and woke up shortly before landing. Perfect!

I am grateful to be here at my brother’s house, formerly my grandmother’s house. There are a lot of memories here, and new ones are being made as I write this. A thrilling game of fish is concluding by my boys and their cousins in the next room. It’s way past bedtime, and they are starting to settle down.

I’m grateful it’s starting to get quiet. I am bushed.



 I am grateful for good weather today.

I am grateful for a bike ride home from downtown this morning.

I am grateful for a day where I was feeling under the weather, and taking some time off during the day was an easy and viable option.

I am grateful for time spent with Coop in the Buick today, chillin’ like villains. My time as a classic car owner is limited right now. I’m enjoying it while I can. I am grateful for Farley’s big smile while he was climbing around in it too, just as I may have in that same car when I was he is age.

I am grateful for family fun night. Julie’s pick: board games. Kerplunk and the Star Wars edition of Sorry. Fun times!