I am grateful for a quiet Monday.

I am grateful for the home for trucks that Farley made.

I am grateful for time spent painting, finishing the first one since starting in on it again. I am reasonably happy with it, but am looking forward to making better ones next. I really have enjoyed the process; I ¬†amazed at how it’s changed the way I look at things. I don’t mean in some zen-like contemplation of things, I mean literally, my vision is different, and more attuned to colour.

Above is the final product, below are the steps that led there.


I am grateful for time spent painting at the studio this morning.

I  grateful for a warm summer day.

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet a tiny brand new human. Babies are awesome. Especially friends babies. And especially friends babies being held by my own dang babies. All the babies.

I am grateful for a quick swim in Elk Lake this evening after supper.

I am grateful for Google. I just learned that dinner just means main meal of the day, could be anytime. Supper refers to the evening meal, so that’s more specific. The use of the word supper has been on the decline since 1900. I’m starting a campaign to bring it back. Are you with me, or are you against me?

I am grateful for blueberry pie. Coop made it. He read and followed the recipe for the crust, and made the filling with blueberries he picked himself yesterday. Nom nom nom!


I am grateful for time spent painting while Julie took The boys blueberry picking.

I am grateful for 17 lbs of blueberries. Julie said they picked them in the space of 30 minutes.

I am grateful for the Moss Street Paint-In. It’s an annual event where artists set up along the street, painting on site and selling their work. 35,000 attended last year. We all went, and saw some cool stuff. 

I am grateful for Star Wars Episode VII on Canadian Netflix.

I am grateful for plum pie Julie made this evening.

Not a bad day. Not a bad day at all!


I am grateful for time with my boys, even if most of it is. Just rushing them around during the week. I had them bike on the bike this morning, and that was fun.

I am grateful to be near the stuff I like to be close to. Tonight we needed some cilantro. Farl and I went and got it, and we were back within 15 minutes, and the salad rolls were much better for it. At 8:45 I realized I had 45 minutes until the studio at the Rec centre was closed; I spent 40 of those minutes painting.

I am grateful I was able to get back in there to paint. Earlier in the day I had to leave it in a state I didn’t like; getting back in there I was able to resolve some of that. I am really enjoying having a hobby. Grateful for that, too.


I am grateful for news about a good friend’s impending parenthood. There’s no happy like being happy for that.

I am grateful for time spent hanging out with Julie tonight. We were at cattle point. It’s nice there.

I am grateful for kids gobbling up the soup I made for dinner. Every scrap of vegetable matter down their gullets is a victory.


I am grateful for a short and sweet workday.

I am grateful for an opportunity to play hooky for an hour and a bit in the painting studio this afternoon..

I am grateful for the kind of job where hooky is an option sometimes.

I am grateful for an evening out, drinking beer first, then playing games at the Boardgame Cafe with friends old and new tonight.


I am grateful for a fun vacation, although I am a little sad it’s over.

I am grateful for a fun time at Coombs today. There’s a crazy store there that sells all kinds of  interesting and also mundane things. Art supplies? Check. Loaf of bread? Check. Wooden toys? Check. Can of beans? Check. Suit of armour? Check. All that, and it has goats living on its roof. I cuss you not.


I am grateful for a fantastic day. It included:

  • An opportunity to chat with my bro while driving him to the airport
  • Time at the beach, with kids digging holes in the sand, racing through shallow water, sitting in the sun, and the like.
  • Squirting the crap out of everyone on bumper boats equipped with water cannons.
  • Playing in an immense playpark.
  • Going out for pizza.
  • Enjoying roasted marshmallows and kids running around with glow sticks after dark at our fire on the beach.

“It doesn’t get much better than this,” My grandfather used to say at times like this, “and I’m not even sure it EVER gets this good.”