I am grateful for Heritage Park, with my boys, my bro,  my niece, and my nephew. That park is too big to do it all, but we did A LOT, and it was fun!

I am grateful for supper at the top of the Calgary Tower tonight with my folks and my boys. 

I am grateful for an episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation with my parents in the same family room we used to watch that in, but this time I wasn’t in grade 10, it wasn’t playing from a VCR or broadcast TV, and my lads were ther to join us, too.


I am grateful for my folks, who took all their grandkids to the park  while I snuck away to have lunch with an old friend.

I am grateful for a visit with my aunt Patti and uncle Bill. We went through a bunch of old photos that belonged to my grandmother, and Coop got some basketball coaching, and Farley did some time trial running in the backyard. Bill and Patti are the friendliest, jockiest jocks I know, and they always show my kids (and me!) a great time.

I am grateful for the sound of the vocalized inhale on Farley’s laugh, when he does things like try on grandma’s glasses.

I am grateful for the beef tenderloin dinner my folks put on tonight. Holy cuss, they do that up right.

I am grateful for an opportunity to help my sister in law out with some web stuff. She and my brother are really good to me and my family, what with the free physiotherapy and flooring labour; it’s nice to be able to return a favour.


I am grateful to have unlocked the 1000 km roadtrip with kids level. Mostly grateful for the kids on that note, I was nervous about this trip based on previous long drives, but we’ve had fun, and they’ve been champs.

I am grateful for the cedar forest boardwalk in Yoho national park. 

I am grateful for a stop at Rogers Pass.

I am grateful for the Rocky Mountains. There’s nothing quite like that stretch on the trans-Canada highway between Lake Louise and Canmore. 

I am grateful to have arrived safe and sound at my folks’ place in Calgary, and to be greeted there by my parents, and brother and his family.

I am grateful for their hospitality.

I am grateful for a sleepover my kids are having with their cousins. Good times!


I am grateful for a heckuva fine day roadtrippin’ with my lads.

We checked out bridal falls near Hope and stopped in Merritt for lunch, where Farley’s attitude was unstoppable. We spent a couple hours at the water slides of my youth in Salmon Arm, and enjoyed ice cream cones at D Dutchman Dairy in Sicamous. We’re now set for bed, watching a movie on my laptop at 3 Valley Gap near Revelstoke. 

My childhood is full of memories like these. I am grateful for a fatherhood that’s filling up with them too.


I am grateful to be on a road trip with my kids. Day 1 was pretty easy, Victoria to Vancouver. It was fun.

I am grateful for my inlaws. We’ve had great hospitality here, and we had a great swim at the Hillcrest Pool, which is also something to be grateful for.

I am grateful Julie’s aunt Martha happens to be in town too; nice to reconnect with her.


I am grateful for a productive work day.

I am grateful for the air conditioner in our bedroom. I spent the day on my laptop in bed, but it was a productive day, because it was cool in here.

I am grateful for some time spent at the studio tonight.

I am grateful for some time spent with my boys in the backyard.


Just finished another one. This one is small, 10″ square, on board. I used a photo, and the memory of a really nice sunset on an evening from a recent trip to Saltspring Island as a reference, looking West towards Vancouver Island.

Here are a few photos I took of it on the way:


I am grateful for friends in our neighbourhood. We’re driving eachother’s kids to the same summer camp, and that’s been convenient.

I am grateful for time and $$$ spent at Opus, an art supply store.

I am grateful for time spent tickling and wrasslin’ with my hilarious children this evening.

I am grateful for our dump, and cavernous minivan. There was a bunch of old carpet and house guts on our front lawn this morning. Now there isn’t.