I am grateful for time spent painting today.

I am grateful for burgers for supper with my kids.

I am grateful for games night at a buddy’s place. I played Settlers of Catan for the first time. It was fun.

I am grateful for love and support from Julie. I am a lucky man.



Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 36″. I based this painting on a photo I took in Goldstream Park. I am pretty sure I took that photo the day Farley said his first word, which was “Trees”, although it sounded like “Tees”. I remember he was on my shoulders, pointing up at a scene that looked like this.

Here it is in development:


I am grateful for a chat with my folks this morning. It’s a regular thing in my life. Not every week, but most weeks. 

I am grateful for a visit to the Art Gallery of Victoria today. Admission was free, which meant I didn’t have to feel disappointed in our short visit, with 2 kids that don’t have attention spans as long as mine.

I am grateful for errands done with the whole family in tow.

I am grateful for a heck of an anniversary party we attended tonight. Ther was great food, great people, and kids running around until even they’d had their fill.


I am grateful for a productive work day.

I am grateful for time spent with a baby today. Julie was home and a friend was visiting with her cute-as-a-button baby daughter.

I am grateful for apple crumble Julie made for the occasion.

I am grateful for some time spent in the studio.

I am grateful for family fun night: Julie’s pick. We ate BLT’s, then collected acorns in the backyard, then painted and crafted with said acorns.

I am grateful for Farley, who has been bravely honing his pedalling skills, and had a real breakthrough tonight. He is a pedalling superstar!

I am grateful for Cooper, who just after lights out tonight said, “that was a fun road trip”. This started a conversation where he and Farley and I reminisced about our favourite parts; it’s nice to know it made an impression.


I am grateful for some time spent at the studio.

I am grateful for some family ad-lib country song jamming we did this evening. There was a turtle. It’s name was Myrtle. Wacky hijinx ensued. I am grateful Julie recorded┬ásome of it on her phone.

I am grateful for a B science fiction movie on Netflix I wasn’t intending to stay awake for, but was too compelling┬ástop watching.


I am grateful for a productive day running around town. I got a bunch of stuff done, and with a good excuse to drive around in our new to us van.

I am grateful for the progression of technology. I always buy old cars, so I’m behind the times a bit, but our new van boasts a screen for the kids to watch movies in the car on road trips, on the built in VCR!

I am grateful that VHS tapes are plentiful and cheap at the thrift store in my neighbourhood. They are $0.25 each, or 5 for $1. I bought 3, and that was $0.80 including tax. I had to break a toonie!

The boys and I tested it out tonight to see if it worked. It did, and we’re stoked! We’re all set for our next road trip. 

I am grateful for Julie’s mad big hair skills, acquired as a teenager in the 80s, applied to Cooper just for fun tonight. HILARIOUS!