I am grateful both my kids were able to be at their respective care situations today. I had work to do. Nice to have a chance to do it.

I am grateful for Julie’s newfound interest in watercolour painting. It’s a finicky discipline, and above my pay grade. She’s just done a few, but each has been better than the last, and this last one catches my eye and causes me to pause each time I walk by it on the bulletin board in the kitchen.

I’m grateful for an opportunity to see a musical tonight, This Little Light written by a very talented friend, Erin Macklem, at the Belfry Theatre. It was really well put together. It’s on until the 23rd. Go if you can!


I am grateful for an unexpected day with Farley. His cough was keeping him up last night. That poor kiddo needed a quiet day at home.

I am grateful for understanding clients.

I am grateful for a kid who’s pretty good with independent play. Sitting on an ottoman at a coffee table with a laptop is not the most ergonomic way to work, but I got some productive time in while Farley composed his melty-beads.

I am grateful for flank steak in salad rolls. That was a fine dinner.


I am grateful for a day spent hanging around with Julie and the boys.

I am grateful for a trip to the museum so our boys could get their picture with Father Christmas.

I am grateful for a moment shared with an owl that happened on the street in front of my house this evening.

I am grateful for the gingerbread house Julie and the boys decorated.

I am grateful that the kids are in bed, and now I am too.


I am grateful for a snowy day mostly spent inside, visiting with inlaws, playing card and board games with kids, making snowflakes, and when no-one was up, getting work done on the laptop. 

I am grateful for an errand saved when I found icing sugar at a dollar store. Who knew? One less trip.


I am grateful for snuggles with Farley this morning. 

I am grateful for a pancake breakfast and PJ day at Cooper’s school. Usually I am dragging them out the door in an effort to get them to school on time, this morning they were dragging me.

I am grateful for a productive morning of work, and a deadline met.

I am grateful for some time spent with Julie, Christmas shopping downtown over lunch hour.

I am grateful for Thai Food brought to us from my parents in law, and Christmas presents for the kids and us. 

I am grateful the kids are down and I can soon collapse in bed.


I am grateful for as much work as I need.

I am grateful for a productive day. It was long, and lasted well into the night. This used to happen more often, it’s nice it doesn’t as much anymore.

I am grateful for an hour or two away this afternoon. I attended Coop’s Christmas concert. He made sure he had his bow tie on. They sang, did motions, and danced. It was awesome.

I’m grateful for my inlaws, who made the trip out to see that, too.

I’m grateful for Julie, who spent the evening taking care of our family in our house so I could work in the garage 

I’m grateful for a little while spent rubbing Farley’s back at bedtime tonight.

I’m grateful for an upbringing and life experience that leads me to believe I’ve got my priorities straight.


I am grateful for a very productive day at the shared workspace. I find it really easy to buckle down and power through stuff there.

But it is exhausting.

Which is why I was also grateful tonight we had someone to look after the kids, and  Julie had plans, so I had a really good long while to paint in the studio, and it felt great.


I am grateful for night #3 of Farley falling asleep on my lap while I read to Coop, rocking in the red rocking chair that’s too big for their room. These days are numbered. Someday they’ll be teenagers; someday I might be happy just to get eye contact. Today I held them close, and they didn’t want me to leave until one was asleep and the other nearly was too.

I am grateful for a good productive day at my desk, followed by some time spent at the studio.

I am grateful for political stability and peace. News from Aleppo reminds me of how good I’ve got it; how I take peace for granted; how it’s not something everyone gets to have; how unjust war is to so many innocent people.


I am grateful for a full and productive day. I rejiggered and added to the paintings I have on display at the Saanich Municipal hall, got some other errands done, and managed to get a hefty chunk of programming work done, too.

I am grateful for Julie, who, when called upon, came up with craft ideas and supplies with 90 minutes notice for the¬†Cooper’s Cub meeting tonight. During that 90 minutes, we also had to pick up kids, get them fed, Coop into uniform, out the door and to the scout hall. It all worked, the crafts were great, and Farley came, too. I’d be remiss not to mention the work of other scouters and parents to make it all happen, but it was great to have Julie there. She is a rockstar for many reasons, one being her expertise when it comes to pipe cleaner, pinecones, glue guns, and popsicle sticks.

I am grateful for Coop, who told some jokes for his classroom talent show today. Highlights included:

What did one snowman say to the other? He said, “Do you smell carrots?”

There once was a Viking named Rudolph the Red. One day he looked out the window and said, “It will rain today.”. His wife asked, “How do you know?”. He replied, “Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear.”