I am grateful for a visit from my cousin and her spouse from Vancouver. It’s great to have so much family in my house.

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Victoria Women’s march today

I am grateful for time spent walking around Cattle Point this afternoon.

I am grateful for a big BBQ takeout supper sponsored by my folks this evening.

I  grateful for a fierce board game tournament after that.

I am grateful for the pride I feel for my kids when my cousin tells me how much she likes them.

I am grateful for conversation around the kitchen table until everyone was too tired to be awake anymore tonight.


I am grateful for Farley’s daycare provider. That kid has been obsessed with a Lego tie fighter set  that he just doesn’t have the dough for, and his birthday is nowhere in sight. At school though, his care provider went through pictures of Star Wars stuff with him on her phone, and they settled on making X-wings, and they turned out awesome, and Farley is super proud, and how cussing awesome is that!


I am grateful for a day at home with Coop. He wasn’t feeling well, poor kid, and while hanging out at home with him wasn’t what I would have planned to do today, it was nice to get some quality Lego building time in, and to have a quiet day at home.

I am grateful for a visit with my folks, who came by to see Coop.

I am grateful for Julie, who took care of the boys tonight so that I could get some time in at the studio. It was great to be there.


I am grateful for a smooth morning with great kid behaviour; one where we had to get up and go to the dentist early. We were there on time. No cavities, too!

I am grateful for time spent at Clover point after dropping Farley off. I needed a breather. 20 minutes there vastly improved my day. I took some photos, I bet a few might wind up becoming paintings soon.

I am grateful for dinner with the boys at the airport White Spot, where Julie met us after arriving home tonight. 


I am grateful for gift cards to an art supply store that came my way for Christmas. I went shopping there with my mother, who also had a gift card to shop with there.

I am grateful for lunch with my folks, too.

I am grateful for Cooper’s Cub meeting tonight. They were divided into teams and made towers out of drinking straws, competing to build the tallest.

I am grateful for news that a good friend of mine became a father today, and everyone is well, and I’m just so dang happy for the three of them.


I am grateful for time, energy, and motivation stars aligning for a getting a cuss-ton of stuff I’ve been meaning to do done today.

I am grateful for time spent with Farley and Cooper going for a swim.

I  grateful for my folks, who took the boys to a movie, and then took all of us out for dinner this evening.

I am grateful for an heirloom music box that came to me from my grandmother, that came to her from her great-aunt, that came out of a box today that I packed in 2013 before moving to our current address. 

I am grateful for time spent reading to those jokers at bedtime.


I am grateful for time spent at the studio today. Julie is away, and my folks took the boys to Sidney to check out the Lego display at the museum there, and I managed to finish off a new painting.

I am grateful for an evening spent with my parents at home. I made lasagne. Mom made green beans, and they brought red wine. It was nice.

I am grateful, like I so often am these days, for time spent snuggling my boys down and reading as I put them to bed. They just keep getting bigger, but at least for now, sometimes, they still can seem really little.


I am grateful for pretty skies at sunrise this morning. This time of year the sunrise co-includes with the time I am in front of our kitchen windows, making breakfast and getting kids ready. It was a good one today.

I am grateful for construction adhesive.

I am grateful for Farley asking for tickles today. He used to do that all the time, but not as often these days. 

I am grateful for time spent with my boys putting them down for bed.


I am grateful for an easy morning with Coop today. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get out the door on time. 

I am grateful for Canada Post. When you think about what they do every day, it’s amazing.

I am grateful for dinner out with my folks and the boys tonight. They spoil us when they are out here.

I am grateful for bedtime stories with the boys and snuggles with Farley tonight.