I am grateful for successful dental work.

I am grateful for kids that stepped up to the plate when I told them if they wanted to watch an episode of Star Trek they’d have to both be bathed, in PJ’S, with teeth brushed, and the living room would need to be tidy by 7:00pm. 


I am grateful for newfound knowledge today of Horace Basil Oldfield, a local who built a teardrop car called the spirit of tomorrow, and also a rotating house. The house currently belongs to Francis Sullivan, who does great work capturing my paintings into digital images. I dropped some paintings off to be photographed today, and I was blown away by all of this.

I am grateful that our family is mostly packed for a vacation we’ll be taking soon, largely due to Julie’s efforts on that front.

I am grateful for a fun time swimming and hitting up the library this afternoon with Julie and the boys.

I am grateful that Farley is okay after he choked on some asparagus tonight. It was scary for him, and it was scary for me, but he’s fine, thank goodness.



I am grateful for some new luggage we recently acquired. Farley fits in there nicely. We’re going to save a bundle on airfare, even if there is an extra charge for checked baggage!

I am grateful for some time flying kites and playing catch with Coop, while Farley played with his pals, and Julie got in a visit when we met up with a friend and her kids at a park today.

I am grateful for Chuck Berry. I was young and impressionable when I first really started listening to him in grade 10 or so, and he sent me down a great rabbit hole that wound up running by Bo Diddley, and leading to Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, right when I needed them most. RIP.


I am grateful for Coop. Today he presented a puppet show for us at the foot of our bed featuring himself and a leprechaun.

I am grateful for my Irish heritage, which I’ve acquired through marriage. We dined on corned beef, soda bread, and colcannon tonight. Leprechauns came, like they always do, and left a trail of green jellybeans from the boys’ room to the living room, where they also hid chocolate coins for the kids to find. Fun stuff!

I am grateful for family fun night: Cooper’s pick. We watched Pete’s Dragon on Netflix.

I am grateful for unwatched episodes of BBC’s Sherlock that we discovered tonight. 

I am grateful for time in at the studio, and a painting completed.


I am grateful for Farley. This morning he seemed forlorn. “Can we switch everything back to normal?”, he asked. “What do you mean?”, I inquired. “switch it all back so that we lived in our old building and I was a baby and Cooper was a baby. All back to normal.”, he said. 

It wasn’t all easy back when we lived in our 2 bedroom condo and he was a baby and his brother was a baby, but I sure would like to hold that tiny infant Farley in my hands again, no doubt about it. He just keeps getting bigger. I am grateful that he’s still my little kid, even though he is less and less little every day. Sigh.

I am grateful for a really long time in the studio today. Julie defended the home front, and I was in there for 6.5 hours; perhaps an all time high!


I am grateful that my foot is feeling better. 

I am grateful for my health.

I am grateful for time spent at the studio.

I am grateful for some terrific theatre Julie and I took in tonight. We saw Spin by Evelyn Parry. It was some great storytelling, with great music, largely played using a bicycle as an instrument. Really, really good stuff!


I am grateful for my dumb phone. I had this suspicion I’d been spending too much time anxiously checking my iPhone for email, Facebook updates, or any of the other things one can obsessively check for a few months now. I bit the bullet and downgraded. I still have the iPhone, but it now sits in a drawer. My new dumb phone makes voice calls and text messages, and that’s it. There was a half dozen times today I didn’t really need to check anything but I pulled it out of my pocket and turned it on before realizing I couldn’t check anything anyway. It’s an odd feeling that’s a mix of freedom and futility.

I am grateful for Coop. He perservered on a challenging craft we were doing at Cubs, and finished that thing after getting home. Good job, kiddo!

I am grateful for time spent rubbing Farley’s back at bedtime.