I am grateful for little things:

  • The smell of the tiny bit of rain that fell for the first time  in a while.
  • Corn on the cob.
  • A glimpse of Farley in the rear view mirror on my bike this morning.
  • Spotting Cooper be a patient helper to his brother, being careful not to pick anything up or grab anything of Farley’s 
  • Mini golf for Family fun night.


I am grateful for 15 years of marriage with Julie. This year will also mark 24 years of togetherness. We thought it would be fun to grow old together, I am pleased to report we were right. I’m still crazy about her.

I am grateful for time in the studio tonight.


I am grateful for some quiet time quietly working in my quiet garagenous zone.

I am grateful for leftovers from a weekend of entertainment. Fancy cheese and charcuterie plate for lunch? Don’t mind if I do!

I am grateful for Cooper’s love of the written word. He was going hard tonight to get through the 4th Harry Potter before it was due back at the library.

I am grateful for time spent reading with Farley at bedtime tonight.


I am grateful for time spent with my kids, their cousins, and my brother at the bike park at the Goldstream Campground. 

I am grateful for my folks, who took my tuckered out self and my tuckered out boys for dinner tonight.

I am grateful to have all these folks in my life; and I am grateful that they all came out. I am grateful to live in a tourist destination that’s as fun to visit as it is to live in.


Man, what a great day we had today.

My brother and his family are here staying with us. This morning I made eggs Benedict for everyone, Then my folks came and we all went to Elk lake for the afternoon, picnicking, frolicking, and lazing about for a few hours. Finally, my parents hosted a fancy pants dinner at a fancy pants hotel meeting room, and that was a great time. For all of these activities my kids were having an awesome time with their cousins, getting on like a house on fire.

Days like this are what it’s all about; everything good about family, summer, and seafood.


I am grateful for un-rushed day of getting myself ready for the Moss Street Paint In tomorrow.

I am grateful for family fun night: my pick. First we had dinner in the backyard, then we went for a walk in Mt. Douglas park, then down to the beach, and finally, to get ice cream. All that, and my parents were there too.