I am grateful for 2 kids who, when i slept in late, got their cuss together real quick, and made themselves breakfast(!), and sailed smooth enough that we got to school before the bell.

I am grateful for a good chunk of time spent in the studio today.

I am grateful for date night with Julie. We ate all the sushi and other Japanese fare we could. It was sublime.


I am grateful for Mount Royal Bagels.

I am grateful for some time spent in the studio. I tried working with oil paints for the first time in more than 20 years. I received them as a Christmas gift, and I am grateful for that, too.

I am grateful for dinner together with my spouse and kids on a night where no-one had to go anywhere.


I am grateful to live in an age where I can youtube up old concert footage of Genesis from back when Peter Gabriel was still involved. Can’t get enough of them Carpet Crawlers.

I am grateful for a first day back at the gym after too long dealing with a cold/flu bug.

I am grateful for a phone conversation with my brother.

I am grateful for a full and productive day in the garagenous zone.

I am grateful for Cooper’s Cub meeting. They were building Cub Cars. Fun stuff.


I am grateful for a reunion of sorts with other families I knew from Farley’s daycare days at a birthday party he and Coop attended today. I miss seeing those good people all the time.

I am grateful for a night with my folks over for dinner. We did it up with turkey and trimmings. It was nice to make a fuss.


Today, on my gratitude blog, how can I not post about the total stranger in front of me at the coffee lineup who turned to me and said, “Are you in line to pay for that coffee? Don’t worry about it, I’ve got your coffee.”

I was a bit confused, but she just said, not to worry about it, she’d buy my coffee. I told her that was really generous, and thanked her, and then, she paid for my coffee.

It was a small gesture, but it really meant something to me, and I feel it made a difference in my world.


I am grateful for my folks again, who picked up kids and a few more groceries again. I am getting better, I think, and I look forward to making it up to them at some point with a turkey I’ve got thawing in the fridge.

I am grateful for kinetic sand, which is something we bought for Cooper some time ago. He didn’t go for it so much, but Farley found it today and was just loving that stuff.


I am grateful for my folks, who happen to be in town, who know Julie and I are both in recovery, and volunteered to take the boys to school, then picked them up after and took them out for dinner so we could spend a bit more time recuperating.

I am also grateful to be feeling a bit better, and to have spent about an hour in the studio today.


Well, today I am grateful that I didn’t get sick after the plane to Disneyland, and I am also grateful that kids were in school and I was able to postpone or otherwise get out of most of my responsibilities today. I’ve got some kind of flulike body cold, and right now I’m a pathetic creature who is frankly not grateful for much else, aside from maybe Netflix.