I am grateful for time in the studio this morning.

I am grateful for circumstances that have led to most of the things needing to get done successfully getting done this last few days.

I am grateful for date night. Julie and I saw Widows. it was excellent.

I am grateful for a perfect free downtown parking spot right when and where I needed it. Money can’t buy that kind of happiness.


I am grateful for a good long time in the studio today, which is good, because it’s been a while, and I was starting to forget how to paint.

I am grateful for some time in the gym this morning. I had a pretty good habit on that before my bike accident; it’s nice to returning to it.

I am grateful for the electric bike, too. I’ve started getting around on it again.

I am grateful for time spent playing a boardgame with my nuclear family today.

I am grateful for a long conversation with Cooper that ended with the four of us talking about gratitude, and listing things we are grateful for. I am into that kind of thing and see the value in it.


I am grateful for conventions that stick around long enough for me to really get the hang of them, like Robertson screwdrivers being used whenever possible in this country, and USB as a power supply.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Gage Gallery Arts Collective, which I will be officially in December.

I am grateful for time spent talking about baseball with my lads tonight, which, I have to be honest, I have no business doing. I don’t really know anything about baseball, or pretty much any other sport. I enjoyed it anyway.


I am grateful for a full day.

I am grateful for the arts community in Victoria.

I am grateful for Cooper’s Cub meeting. We started making plywood toolkits. It was bedlam, but it was fun. Seeing a bunch of 8-11 year old kids go from zero to knowing how to use a drill to countersink screwholes in a cool toolbox they are making for themselves is priceless. Also, no-one got hurt, which is a win on it’s own!


I am grateful for Farley. He had a rough go today, but he’s a trooper, and it all worked out in the end.

I am grateful for Cooper, and his goofy jokes and their accompanying goofy grin.

I am grateful for a day where we mostly just stuck around the house.

I am grateful for a few small house projects completed today. When there’s no big rush and I have the time, there’s few things I like doing more.


I am grateful for some baseball with Farley in the backyard today. Perhaps that kid needs a bat. He was enthused and pleased with the last few feet of handrail I had kicking around that I sawed off for him, but I bet a real bat would work better.

I am grateful for an epic play fight I had with Cooper and Farley in my bed this afternoon, with some pillow fighting thrown in as well. It lasted a good long while. I may have been more grateful for the nap I was planning on if that had worked out, but what can you do?

I am grateful for time spent with Julie today, and for a delicious supper she made. It was some good old fashioned hippie food, what with the brown rice and vegetables and fried tofu; but the saucy goodness she whipped up was divine.

I am grateful for the two final episodes of season 6 of House of Cards. This season, if I am honest, was a bit of a letdown for me, but finding time for 2 episodes back to back tonight felt downright decadent.



I am grateful for a day when all the stuff got done.

I am grateful for family fun night: my pick. We ate out for dinner, and then caught a few poets at a high school poetry slam event at the Cedar Hill Arts Centre. I knew it was unlikely we’d be there for the whole thing, and I’d say slam poetry is not a big draw for 6 year old Farley, but I suspected Coop would be into it, and he was. He would have stayed longer, but it was time to go after 4 poets. I was glad the event was there to go to, and impressed we made it as long as we did.