I am grateful for a lazy morning sleeping in today.

I am grateful for time spent with my lads at the swimming pool this afternoon.

I am grateful for my first night at the curling club taking curling lessons, because that’s apparently the stage of life I am at. It was fun enough that I am fine with that though, and having a beer with friends old and new afterward was great too.


I am grateful for a humdinger of a fine day, spent with cousins and a cousin in law and my immediate people too, walking up to the trestle, the falls, and the nature house at Goldstream, then consuming sloppy joes made from our beloved late grandmother’s recipe, then playing guitar and singing songs until late, and then sipping bourbon and talking about life, politics, religion, family and childhood until late late.


I am grateful for a full day of painting at the hotel

I am grateful for family fun night: Farley’s pick. It was pleasantly low key. Penne in Alfredo sauce for dinner, then off to Mr. Tubbs for a while, then back to the living room where Julie and Cooper read and Farley and I drew.


I am grateful for all the pros I’ve found to help me get prints of my paintings done.

I am grateful for a long productive day painting.

I am grateful for the moments I get to connect with my kids, even if it is often just in the small windows of time between rushing them to and fro.

I am grateful for a team Mike and Julie project that we totally nailed, getting more styrofoam beads into our bean bag chair.

I am grateful for a sale on steaks that Julie and I devoured this evening after the kids went to bed.


I am grateful for the hotel residencies I’ve been able to participate in here in Victoria. They’ve been a great way to get out there, and the opportunity to be there adds to the commitment to paint regularly. In addition to the exposure, I find I get a lot of paintings completed.

I am grateful for time spent painting at the hotel today, for example.

I am grateful for time spent watching Farley at Martial Arts class, while also drawing a turkey for inktober today.