I am grateful for time a productive day. I did a bunch of framing this morning for a show that installs Wednesday, and we Costco shopped like we’ve never Costco shopped before.

I am grateful for some time spent with my cousin and her partner, they tagged along for the shop.

I am grateful for an evening spent curling, and later consuming a beer with some of the other curlers.


I am grateful for a successful time selling chocolate bars at the mall with Coop today to raise funds for his Scout Group. They did well, and it was fun to hang out and watch those kids at work.

I am grateful for date night. We saw Fado, and it was great. The music in it was especially fantastic. If you are in Vancouver over the next while, do yourself a favour and go see it. I’d say this even if friends of mine weren’t acting, playing guitar, producing and directing it, but I am very proud to say they are.

FADO – The Saddest Music in the World


I am grateful for an ability to self motivate. I’m not sure where it came from, but there it is. It’s the reason I’ve been able to be self-employed for the bulk of my career. There are many things I am good at, many things I am not, but I do know that I can work hard when I put my mind to it, and I owe a fair amount of credit for any success I’ve had to that work ethic.

I also owe a fair amount of credit for any success I’ve had to dumb luck. I am grateful for that, too.


I am grateful for a visit with an old friend who I haven’t seen in a long time. They were in town and came by the hotel to see me. Many big life changes since I saw him last, him: married, kids, me: moved, kids. Hard to believe how much has happened in the last dozen or so years.

I am grateful for lunch with Julie, and a quick conversation with another friend we ran into. Victoria is the smallest of 3 cities I’ve resided, and there is no doubt that kind of thing happens more here.

I am grateful for supper julie made. It was this slliced flank steak she does in a peanut sauce, with rice noodles and an asian-style coleslaw. Tasty as all heck.

I am grateful for time spent playing Dungeons and Dragons with my kids. They are pretty fired up about it these days, and so, as it turns out, am I.


I am grateful for time spent working away in the garagenous zone, cutting mats for prints I’ll be framing for a show at the Central Branch of the library.

I am grateful for the opportunity to help a pal move a pool table. I love that kind of thing, and I was reminded afterward how much fun it is to shoot a game of 8 ball.

I am grateful for time spent with Cooper and Farley playing Dungeons and Dragons for a while this evening.

I am grateful for the last hour or so I’ve spent soaking in this hillbilly hot tub in my backyard, listening to podcasts, and relaxing my pool table movin’, curling rock pushin’ muscles.


I am grateful for a fun day in the garagenous zone. I did a bunch of matting and framing, and then some woodwork to make a better greeting card display. At some point in there the kids joined me, and got into their own projects. Farley made a giant F, and painted it red. Cooper made a checkers set using slices he sawed from an old broom handle and a piece of scrap plywood he sawed a grid pattern into. Both of them came up with these projects on their own, and after I showed Farley how to drill and then screw together the first screw, he did all the rest, and after I showed Coop how to set up the fence on the table saw and cut a groove, he did all the rest. Nice to see those guys show initiative, and learn some mastery on the way to manifesting their ideas into reality. If that’s not nice, what is?

I am grateful chicken enchiladas Julie made for supper.

I am grateful for a swim with those same fellas. It was good to see them run around, it was good to get the dust off, and it was good to sit in the hot tub for a while.


I am grateful for a day of painting at the hotel. It wasn’t as glamorous to watch, but I also did a fair amount of computer-based errands, and it was nice to get those done.

I am grateful for Family Fun Night – my pick. It was a movie night, we watched Apollo 13. At least, we all started watching Apollo 13. In the end, Just Cooper and I finished it, but we enjoyed it.


I am grateful for time spent painting at the hotel today.

I am grateful time spent with my lads tonight. Perogies for dinner, then taking Coop to Scouts while Farley and I did an errand or two and ordered us up some bubble tea. Simple pleasures are the best kind.


I am grateful for a productive day, even though there wasn’t any painting.

I am grateful for the garagenous zone. It’s humble, but I make good use of it.

I am grateful for time spent with Cooper this evening while Farley was at martial arts class. Coop and I started in playing Dungeons and Dragons. We were at it last week too, but then we were just wrapping our heads around how to get started. Today was the first day we actually played, and it was as fun as I remember it being the last time I played, so many years ago.

I am grateful for time spent reading and being read to with Farley this evening, and for time spent snuggled up with him in the dark, listening to a podcast with him and Cooper at bedtime.