I am grateful for “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars. It caused the minivan to rock from side to side at red lights during several mid-drive carseat dance parties.

I am grateful for some material acquisition, as much as I tried to not get involved in boxing week sales. We’ve got a new bluetooth mega bass radio sound system in our kitchen. The biggest feature is CBC reception that is (thus far) unaffected by the physical position of nearby humans. Not so with the last radio. I’d put off putting certain cups away in certain cupboard places for fear I’d miss the news. No longer!

I am grateful for another great winter vacation day, this time accomplishing all the following:

  • Several extended periods of doing nothing at all.
  • Making and consuming eggs benedict.
  • Various errands in and out of the house.
  • Enjoying Kid-Fest at the BC Aviation Museum.
  • Indian food dinner out.
  • More Jedi Scout Fighter Lego construction.

If that’s not nice, what is?





PS: That Bruno Mars song totally reminded me of Parliament Funkadelic, which I haven’t listened to in far too long, and which you should listen to RIGHT NOW. I am grateful for them, too:

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