Grateful – Doug Englebart,farley penguin,leftovers

I am grateful for Doug Englebart. I am also grateful for podcasts, and in this instance for 99% Invisible, because that’s where I learned that Doug Englebart is the person responsible for bringing us the computer mouse. These days, it seems superfluous to say “computer mouse” instead of just “mouse”, but in 1964 it was a much more abstract concept than the commonplace, every-day object it is now. Doug Englebart was the kind of visionary that started something that helped make the world what it is today, even if it’s not exactly as he intended to at the time. Listening to that podcast on my bike ride home, my mind was blown, and for that I am grateful. You should hook yourself up with the podcast too, IMHO. Also in that episode: the term “grunt and point interface” to describe the kind of caveman brain type interactivity the mouse provides us. Pure awesome, that!

I am grateful for Farley, who likes to be baby penguin now. No more big boy turtle. Penguin, and baby penguin, particularly. A big boy penguin, he is NOT. The penguin metaphor is a nice one for me, because it’s the Papa penguins that snuggle up and incubate the eggs, and after they hatch, they keep snuggling the little penguin babies. True story.

I am grateful for leftovers, because after a long busy day, I was in no mood to cook, and they were delicious.



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