This hot summer day

We took a dip at Elk lake.

It cleansed my spirit.

I now have the stuff

To make stained glass windows here.

This could be real big.

I am grateful for

Celebrating forty eight

Death-free years so far.


I am grateful for…

That’s how I used to start these

Now I write haikus.

The hillbilly hot tub

An elegant solution

To sit in water.

My children demand

One hundred percent always

Sixty’s what they get.

I could paint all day.

Often, in fact, I get to.

I’m living that dream.

For dinner, meatballs.

Delicious. Why should you care?

It’s irrelevant.


We tidied all day.

Cleaning, and rearranging

Not done, but better.

Nana delivered

Her tent and some cookies.

Those cookies ARE MINE.


Helmet build, and water fights

Kept kids from trouble.

Hot temperatures

Except in our 2 bedrooms.

Where we have AC.