I am grateful for time spent in the studio this morning.

I am grateful for time spent in the living room with my family tonight. Julie was on the couch and Coop was reading; Farl and I made the Eiffel Tower out of blocks on the floor. If that’s not nice, what is?


I am grateful for a morning with friends, my family, and spawning salmon at Goldstream.

I am grateful for an evening with my pal Judd, grabbing a bite to eat before seeing John Mellencamp in concert, followed by conversation and libations until far too late for a school night.

That, right there, was one of the kinds of days that makes life worth living.


I am grateful for a day that didn’t demand to much from me.

I am grateful for Julie’s sketch walk. I came home from a few errands to find her and the boys leaving the house, each with a sketchbook in hand to go to Summit Park and draw stuff. She had one for me too. It was a nice way to get us all out of the house; and it was nice to get back and warm up after getting a bit chilly up there.


I am grateful for the opportunity to present at the Opus Art Supplies Visiting Artist series, I felt good about the presentation and how it went. I didn’t prepare anything to say really, but I did prepare 3 canvases for each presentation, in various states of completion. I’ve been to a few of these, and always found watching an artist work is the best part. So that’s what I did, and there were enough questions and conversation throughout that I didn’t feel like there was a lot of dead air to fill. I hope the audience enjoyed it; I know I did.

I am grateful for falafel Julie made for dinner tonight.


I am grateful for my newfound castless wrist. I can scratch it whenever I want. I couldn’t help myself from giggling when it first came off, and the nurse handed me a warm soapy washcloth. It felt SO GOOD. I mean, it was awkward, this giggling at the sheer ecstasy of wrist hygiene, and I would have preferred to stop, but I really, really couldn’t; it felt so good.

I am grateful for family fun night: Farley’s pick. We went out for dinner, then to Mr. Tubbs, then home for a banana cream pie Julie made for us to celebrate my cast coming off. It was also SO GOOD.


I am grateful for the exuberance that comes with the discovery of a new band that really appeals to me. I came across Vulfpeck a bit more than an hour ago. That’s some great stuff!

I am grateful for my lads. They are the cussin’ best. Sometimes hanging out with those guys at the end of the day is just what I need.

I am grateful for lunch with my old pals Rosanna and Greg today.


I am grateful for plumbing success, on a day we couldn’t get a plumber here fast enough. Jules and I took matters into our own hands and gotter done.

I am grateful for a cuss ton of cuss done.

I am grateful for a way seen clear to get some time in the studio tomorrow. I am itching to get back in there.


I am grateful for a fantastic palette of colours that came together at a park in Nanaimo this evening. Blue from the sky with a pinky beige in the clouds; reflected in the water with reds from autumn leaves and green from grass that’s getting a second wind from fall rain. I couldn’t find a good photo in all that, but the colours were amazing.

I am grateful for dinner at Gina’s Cafe.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a community that came together to be there for a family in mourning tonight.


I am grateful for a Turkish coffee today. We were at Fig Mediteranean Deli today and I inquired what the guy behind the counter was making, as he carefully stirred a small copper pot over a gas burner. “Turkish coffee” was his reply. We bought our spanikopitas and were outside at table eating them when he came by with 2 Turkish coffees for us in espresso cups, and told us they were on the house. Best dang coffee I have ever tasted. I’ll be back.

I am grateful for time spent with Julie while the kids were at Auntie J’s house. We watched The Shape of Water. It was a good show.