I am grateful for a great bike ride with Coop to and from beavers tonight, and a subway picnic at the park once we got there. There were some hills, but we showed’em who’s boss.

I am grateful for a 3 hour period at work today where all the balls were in other people’s courts, and I was able to look at all the stuff I should be doing all the time, but don’t.

I am grateful for reading books to sleepy kids before bed, with teeth brushed and jammies on, snuggled up in our bed with one on each arm.

I am grateful for my guitar by my bed, so I can plunk out a tune and gear my head down before writing this and turning out the light.


I am grateful for the opportunity to catch a flick tonight. I saw Ex Machina. It wasn’t entirely what I expected it would be, and I liked it.

I am grateful for a full day at the office today. Always a nice feeling when you get some cuss done.

I am grateful for the word, cuss. It sounds more like a swear than the swears that it isn’t. So I can say “Cussing clustercuss of mothercussing cusssuckers” on this blog, which I know for a fact my grandmother will read. It sounds worse than the real thing, but is still entirely appropriate for polite company.

On that note, I am¬†also¬†grateful for the TV edit of Die Hard, which brought us the overdubbed “Melon Farmer” so we wouldn’t have to hear the word “Motherfff”… well, you know. That, right there, is a fine insult. No offence intended, if you are actually someone who grows melons. If you are, just tell me to forget myself and we’ll call it even.


I am grateful for a feast on the BBQ tonight, consumed outside.

I am grateful for some fun times working remotely at large corporate events before having kids made that work less attractive. I am also grateful to not be doing that nearly as much anymore. Win-win!

I am grateful for more Reno progress. There are appliances in there now. Some are even hooked up!


I am grateful for a relatively angst free life these days. I have been guilty of too much angst in the past. These days, not so much. Want to know something angsty people don’t have? Daily blog posts about gratitude, that’s what.

I  grateful for enough time to think about normal maintenance things like cleaning carpets and vacuuming out the car. As the renovation comes to a close, it’s no longer consuming as much attention.

I  grateful for Coop’s present to me from Christmas, a scale model of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It was nice to have some time to build it with him today too. I remember visiting it with my grandparents in 1986; it was the best thing about Paris; except maybe that there was MTV available in the hotel room*.

I am grateful for some nap time with Farley and BBC’s “Walking With Dinosaurs” series on Netflix.

– – –

* I write this with sarcasm, although at the time I felt it was true. I was 14, and lacked much of the self awareness and perspective I am grateful for today. God bless my grandparents for taking me on that trip, I don’t think I was the easiest travel companion at the time.



I am grateful for the rug  doctor. The doc and I share a similar steaming madness for dirt. When we moved here, apart 2 years ago, I figured I didn’t want to put in the effort to clean the carpets, because we’d be replacing the floors soon anyway. I’d still like to think thats on the agenda for the near future, but not near enough for these carpets to squeak under my tolerance for grossness. I still don’t like these carpets, but I like them more now than before, when they were filthy.

I’m grateful for some time with Coop this morning, painting the frame of a bike we’re rebuilding for him.



I am grateful for the long nights getting longer as we head toward summer, and the extended twilight hours we get in this part of the world, in this part of the year. It takes a good couple hours for the sun to slowly sink down past the horizon, and the light is awfully nice while it meanders its way down.

Yes, those are Christmas lights yet to be taken down. Don’t judge. They are transitioning from “late to come down” to “up early for next year”.

I am grateful for a full, kid free day at the office. I only got one of those this week; and it was glorious. I got a cuss-ton of work done.

I am grateful for family night, which we celebrate on Fridays in this household. Farley’s choice this evening: pizza and Disney’s Frozen. 


I am grateful for another day home with Coop, although the honest truth is that I am starting to go a bit squirrelly, and am eager to get back to a quiet place with CBC radio and a computer. Still it is fun just to hang out with that guy all day.

I am grateful to be in bed. The day started earlier than expected, and it’s been long.


I am grateful for my friends Evan and Arundel. Evan emailed out of the blue about a month or two ago to ask if we wanted to join them at a Waterboys concert. Evan and I both listened to the Waterboys when they were at the height of their fame and we were in high school; since then he’s become an even bigger fan. They were going to fly to Victoria from Calgary for the occasion. So, when he asked, I said “of course!”. We saw the show tonight. It was spectacular; and I had one of those nights I know I’ll remember for a long time to come.


I am grateful for what I think may be the greatest honour ever bestowed upon me: my DIY standing desk project has been featured on the Princess Auto web site.

I am grateful for an unplanned day at home with Coop, who is a bit under the weather. He’s bigger now. I was actually able to get a fair amount of work done today. 

I am also grateful for an exhilarating mid-afternoon all-out squirt gun war that resulted in clothes so fully drenched, they required changing afterward. Historians will note that in the war of 1812, both sides declared victory. This epic water battle was the same way; but I’m still pretty sure I won.