I am grateful for dinner outside.

I am grateful for several projects coming to a close.

I am grateful for this blog. I woke up this morning feeling a bit off, and realizing that I forgot to write this last night, I think it might be because I missed it. Now it’s written, and order is restored.

Podcast – Song Exploder – The Commander Thinks Aloud

I’ve only recently discovered Song Exploder. It’s fantastic. The host gets some great interviews with the musicians behind pop songs, and they break one song apart track by track and talk about the story of the song one bit at a time.

I really enjoyed this one, about a great song I’d never heard before, inspired by the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster.

If you’ve got 17 minutes, it’s worth a listen:


i am grateful for another Canada Day. We can watch the fireworks from our house, and a lot of the neighbourhood often sits on out front lawn to watch them. I love that. And we usually have a bunch of folks over for a casual get together, and it’s fun.

And I am grateful for that bunch of folks we have over, because they are all great people, and I like having them in my life, and the lives of my boys.

And this is Canada day. And Canada isn’t perfect, there’s a lot that’s happened in Canadian history that no-one should be proud of. But right here, right now, today, I think we’re a good bunch of people*. I know that I’ve personally got it pretty good. I love this country, and I feel lucky to have been born here.

* This implies I am satisfied with our current federal government. For the record, I am not. I do believe, however, Canadians are a good bunch of people.


I am grateful for some interest in the suite. We’ve paraded a few people through.

I am grateful to the realtor who helped us buy this place, Paul Holland. When we asked him about a referral to someone to take some photos of the place, he said he’d have that done for us, gratis. And the photos look awesome.

I am grateful it’s bedtime. I’m tired.


i am grateful for a swim tonight with Julie and the boys. It was a hot one today, and fun was had in the pool.

I am grateful for the Galloping Goose bike trail. It’s a great way to get around, when it works for where one is going.


I am grateful for kids having tons of fun at a hotel pool, also for personal flotation devices.

I am grateful for weather that’s too hot. Every now and again I consider being ungrateful for that, but then I remember, I live in Canada.

I am grateful for life and work balance, I got a number of hours of both, today. Win-win!


I am grateful for some really nice colours in the sky, looking out my back door this evening.

I am grateful for a mighty productive work day. I am not grateful I was in the  office on a gorgeous day like today, while we have family in town who are all having fun without me. However, since that had to be the case, I am grateful that I at least got some cuss done.

I am grateful for Colleen, who said she didn’t need to be named here, but who showed my kids (and spouse) a great time today and deserves to be. No, thank YOU, Colleen!



I am grateful for family in town, and kids with cousins to play with.

I am grateful for my aunt in law, who likes this blog on Facebook pretty much every day.

I am grateful for an entire meal, including a whole dang sockeye salmon, that was prepared on the BBQ and consumed outside. Summer never seems to come soon enough nor last long enough; I am grateful that tonight we took the opportunity to enjoy it while we can!


I am grateful for a full day of chipping away at a project, quietly at my desk.

I am grateful for a whole bunch of great teachers and staff at Coop’s school and out of school care. He had a fantastic year, and today was his last day of kindergarten.

I am grateful for Vietnamese food for lunch today with Julie. This whole working within a few blocks of my spouse thing is great for that kind of thing.


I am grateful for Coop’s summer concert on this, his second last day of Kindrgarten. Know what’s awesome? Watching little kids belt it out. That’s what.

I am grateful  for dappled sun on the leaves outside my office window. Not an expansive majestic view by any stretch, but it radiates a calming energy.