After Effects Automatic Fade-Out Expression

So, many of you are not really big on using Adobe After Effects for video compositing, but I know some of you are.

I just made a quick little expression that will put a half second fade out on the tail of any layer. It uses the layer’s outpoint as the source for the fade-out, so you don’t have to do any keyframing. Just trim the layer where you want it to end, and this expression will add the fade out. Just copy and paste this as an expression for the opacity property:

if(time<(this_layer.out_point -0.5)){
} else {		
    ( (this_layer.out_point-time)/0.5) * transform.opacity;

Hope you find it useful. I am posting it because I searched all over the web looking for just such a thing and couldn’t find it anywhere.

6 thoughts on “After Effects Automatic Fade-Out Expression

  1. I’ve tweaked it a little – now the fade time is set in a variable, and the expression will fade the layer in and out:

    var fadeTime = 0.5;
    if(time>(this_layer.out_point – fadeTime)){
      ((this_layer.out_point-time)/ fadeTime) * transform.opacity;
    } else if (time<(this_layer.in_point + fadeTime)) {
      ((time-this_layer.in_point)/ fadeTime) * transform.opacity;
    } else {     


  2. Oh my gosh!
    thank you so much
    I have been looking for this for over a year.
    The project I really needed it for has come and gone but text time I’ll be ready smile
    thanks Again

  3. Hi!, i have a "Rotation" expression on my rotation parameter (time*50), and i want it to fade in or fade out, talking about the "acceleration". Acctually i wnat to know how to do this for any kind of simple expression, like wiggle and that kind of things…

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