Ask and ye shall reduce!

A while back, I wrote a plea to relieve me of my busted monitor. Thanks be to Matt, who emailed me and arranged to pick it up. I asked Matt how he heard of me – apparently he found my name while researching a courses that I used to teach at Camosun College, and found my blog and business site from there. Next thing you know, he’s the proud new owner of a free busted monitor.

He said he had a buddy with a monitor that had a similar problem and had a way to fix it. For a moment I cringed and thought, “Crap! I could have fixed it!” but then I remembered the months of being annoyed with it, trying various algorithms of unplugging it from the wall and powering it on and off, and realized I am much happier with my new monitor that just works.

Best of luck, Matt!

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