I am grateful for a tough week concluded. It’s not over yet, but that week is.

I am grateful for some time spent tidying the house. Tidying fell off the list of priorities. For the first time in too long, it’s better today than it was yesterday.

I am grateful for an amazing dinner of amazing food with an amazing family with 2 really, really excited kids who like to play with our kids. Their girls used to be in the same daycare as Farl. Now they’ve moved on, but we’re keeping in touch, and I am grateful for that.

I am grateful for a living room tidy enough to walk across at night with the lights out with no fear of razor sharp jagged Lego pieces under my bare feet.

I am grateful this election is almost over.


I am grateful for my bike ride this morning, and pretty much every morning.

I am grateful for a post-deadline day of catchup, before I start panicking about the next deadline.

I am grateful for beavers, and scouting in general. In a Facebook comment relating to this blog, an old buddy of mine from when we were scouts mentioned that a song we used to sing back then was a big hit with his kid’s beaver colony. And so, tonight, I led a chorus of 5-7 year olds in “Flea Fly Floe”.  They lapped it up.


  I am grateful for 2 big deadlines met this week, and a good afternoon of home improvement project work that had nothing to do with computers as my just reward.

I am grateful for an evening trip to our grocery store, where they have a great salad bar and Chinese food counter, so we shopped for thanksgiving and got ourselves fed there, too.

I am gratefu for my boys sitting quietly together before bed tonight with a book for long enough to take out my phone and take a snappy.



Monster Coop Devours Classic Architecture

I am grateful for a work day that’s over before 10pm. That’s what it’s come down to, folks. NOT TO SAY that I am not grateful for the biz, because too busy is WAY better than not busy enough.

I  grateful for some time with my boys tonight while Julie was out. We finished building the Notre Dame model that Coop bought me at his school’s loonie emporium for Christmas last year. It was fun. At the end of it Farley was popping out the pre-cut flying buttresses for Coop to install.

Flying Buttresses. (Snicker!)


  I am grateful for a new entrance to our attic. We’re planning to use it to store stuff. The guys who installed it came and went today, and it’s all done.

I am grateful for a fun night out for the family today. Dinner at White Spot and then a drive up and walk around Mount Doug. Fun times! 

I am grateful to be home in bed. I can barely keep my eyes open right now.


I am grateful for a nice day outside, although I mostly just observed it from the chair at my desk today.

I am grateful for hugs from my kids.

I am grateful for taco night.

I am grateful for lots of work.

I am grateful to Julie for enduring A LOT of solo parenting this last few weeks.


I am grateful for a day off of work.

I am grateful for some time my kids spent somewhere else, so I could relax on my own.

I am grateful for fibreglass and epoxy resin. I affected some canoe repair today. 

I am grateful for the ocean. Julie went on a fishing trip with friends today, and it surrendered two coho salmon, one of we we devoured tonight.


I am grateful for a bunch of items crossed off a list. Not all of them, but enough to feel okay about the stuff on my plate.

I am grateful for homemade pizza on a Friday night.

I am grateful to almost be in bed. I’m bushed.


I am grateful for Farley, because he is awesome. I am also grateful for the clothes my mom bought for him and Coop recently.

I am grateful that Farley took some time to show me his truck today.

I am grateful for a long and productive day of work, and I am grateful for Julie, who has been taking on all the slack I’ve been leaving on the parenthood front as I put on the blimders and work late. It’s not easy on anyone, and I look forward to a less busy time.


I am grateful for an electric bike trip to the grocery store with Farley this evening. It’s great when the mundane tasks of life can be so pleasurable.

I am grateful to be in bed when I  feel this tired. Good night!