I am grateful for my garagenous zone. It was quiet and productive in there today.

I am grateful for some quality time spent with my kids today. It was really only about 5-10 minutes of I’m honest, but I’ll take it.

I am grateful for adult conversation with Julie this evening. Being with children all morning and evening, and by myself for the rest of the day, it’s nice to just hang out and socialize without TV…

… But I’m also grateful for a 22 minute episode of Aziz Ansari’s show, Master of None, that we watched on Netflix tonight.





I am grateful for family fun night. It was Cooper’s pick. He chose bowling. I think that might be the first time I’ve gone bowling since I’ve had kids. I’d forgotten how much fun it is.

I am grateful for a telescope I’ve had in a box under my bed since Santa brought it for our family last Christmas. I finally got that thing set up tonight, and I pointed it at the moon. It was quite the sight to behold, and I even got a pretty good photo by holding my phone up to the eyepiece. 

Nothing like a telescope to blow one’s mind thinking about how close and far away things are, how big the universe is, how insignificant we are, and what a privilege it is to be able to observe the world around us.


I am grateful for nice clear warm sunny weather today. Warm enough that a sweater was all I needed outside for a while, at least.

I am grateful for my electric bike, and for the opportunity to cart Cooper around on it today. Fun times.

I am grateful for friends who took care of our kids tonight when we were in a jam.


I’m grateful for my very existence. I don’t mean to get all epistemological or religious on you, but here’s the thing: either by some great coincidence or some grand design, here I am, and there you are. Imagine that.

I am grateful for burger night.

I am grateful for Julie.


I am grateful to have a warm, dry, comfortable place to live. Buckets of rain came down today., and winds were clocked at 99 km/h in the city and 120km/h off the coast.

I am grateful for an adventurous ride in that weather this morning. Also rain pants. I am grateful for rain pants.

I am grateful to be in bed. I am bushed.