I am grateful for another day home with Coop, although the honest truth is that I am starting to go a bit squirrelly, and am eager to get back to a quiet place with CBC radio and a computer. Still it is fun just to hang out with that guy all day.

I am grateful to be in bed. The day started earlier than expected, and it’s been long.


I am grateful for my friends Evan and Arundel. Evan emailed out of the blue about a month or two ago to ask if we wanted to join them at a Waterboys concert. Evan and I both listened to the Waterboys when they were at the height of their fame and we were in high school; since then he’s become an even bigger fan. They were going to fly to Victoria from Calgary for the occasion. So, when he asked, I said “of course!”. We saw the show tonight. It was spectacular; and I had one of those nights I know I’ll remember for a long time to come.


I am grateful for what I think may be the greatest honour ever bestowed upon me: my DIY standing desk project has been featured on the Princess Auto web site.

I am grateful for an unplanned day at home with Coop, who is a bit under the weather. He’s bigger now. I was actually able to get a fair amount of work done today. 

I am also grateful for an exhilarating mid-afternoon all-out squirt gun war that resulted in clothes so fully drenched, they required changing afterward. Historians will note that in the war of 1812, both sides declared victory. This epic water battle was the same way; but I’m still pretty sure I won.


I am grateful for a visit today from my cousin and Amanda and her husband Keith. Nice to hang out with those guys.

I am grateful for some time spent with my boys. We enjoyed disassembling a dead bluray player today. Coop was right into it, digging in with tools he got as a present from his grandfather. Farley observed that circuit boards look like cities, which they do. He pointed out the roads, where the grocery store and schools were, and the houses, and he was pretty sure he saw some cars and buses too.


I am grateful, yet again, for that cargo bike. The van ceased to function today, which I am ungrateful for, but having that bike meant I could go rescue the kids and pack home the toddler seat to put in the other car. It also means I am not freaked out about how it will all work next week.

I  grateful for a mainly home based day, with lots of hang out out with Julie  and the boys.

I am grateful for sugru, with which I affixed a piece of Lego to my wallet today, which means I can now stick and unstick it to my iPhone, which resides in a Lego case. Vision achieved! Victory!


I am grateful Farley had a fantastic birthday party today. We went to the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo, and after a while there just hung out at the playpark there with snacks spread out on a picnic table. It all went really smooth and everyone seemed to have a great time, especially Farley.

I am grateful I got a chance to clean up the house today. With two working parents in this family, the state of our abode just decays over the course of a week, or, if we don’t get a chance to put some effort into tidying it, 2 weeks (or more).

I’m grateful that we might be at the end of things to decide upon for the suite in our renovation. Grout colour for the backsplash tile and window coverings are in the can. I can’t think of anything else we need to figure out.



I am grateful for Farley. He’s 3 years old now. He’s such a cussing awesome kid. 

I am grateful for his daycare, where all the kids make a crown for you when it’s your birthday, and you can wear it all day if you want.

I am grateful for my inlaws, who braved Costco to buy party supplies and treated us to a Swiss Chalet takeout picnic tonight.







I am grateful for a project that’s coming together smoother than expected today; it’s rare and good when that happens.

I am grateful for a walk around Swan Lake today with the Beavers. It’s beautiful there.


I am grateful for a fun swim with my boys last night. There’s nothing like frolicking in the water with those jokers.

I am grateful for another free bike found at the side of the road. This time it will be for Coop. We live on a hill; it will be good to get him set up with some gears.