I am grateful for the awesome photo of Farley from his Daycare. LOOK AT MY KID. HE IS CUSSIN’ AWESOME. He’s wearing a shirt that his great aunt Peggy made for his mama when she was little. Farley’s now the age Coop was when we had him. There’s part of me that doesn’t want my life with little kids like this one to end, but he’s going to get bigger, and we’re not going to have more. There’s a bigger part of me that knows we have enough, and remembers how tough new babies (and the preceding months) are. I’m grateful I have this little kid for now though, and I’ll be grateful to see him get bigger, too.

I’m grateful for Coop, who was in quarantine today after a stomach bug the day before. We repaired a remote control car that had broken this morning, and he got it in his head that he’d like to attach a camera to it. I saw him putting it on with a rubber band, and I came close to taking over his project with big ideas of getting out tools and bolting stuff on to make it fantastic, but decided it would be better to let him experiment, fail with the rubber band, and try again.

I’m grateful for whatever sage parenting wisdom that someone imparted to me in years gone by that prevented me from sticking my nose in it though, especially because it didn’t fail. Not at all. He stuck it on there with two skillfully placed rubber bands, and it worked great, his project from start to end.The video he captured looked like the Mars rover had successfully landed in our hallway and was exploring strange new living rooms populated with red-headed lifeforms wearing glasses that followed it around holding small black boxes with radio antennae. Perhaps I’ll post some of that video at some other point, when it’s not after my bedtime.



I am grateful for a return to normalcy in my home after a bout we’ve all had with what was likely norovirus. 

I am grateful for the Mount Royal Bakery. Not far from where I live, they make mighty fine Montreal style bagels, and if you go before 10am or so, you can get them while they are still hot.


I am grateful to be home in my own bed, pretty much all day. There’s a stomach bug going around. Farley had it, then Julie, now me, and as of an hour or so ago, Coop. I am not grateful for illness, but I am glad I can afford to be off work in my own bed.

I am grateful for Julie, who has been a champ with the kids while I’ve been a bump on a log.


I am grateful for my electric cargo bike. I delivered 2 kids to 2 places this morning, and picked them both up again this afternoon. Our car stayed in the driveway. No gasoline was burned transporting us around today.

I am grateful for a moussaka recipe a buddy gave me. No bechemel, didn’t miss it. Everyone had seconds, some had thirds, of the Greek salad I made, too.

I am grateful for “Making a Murderer” on Netflix [POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!]. Watching the final instalment was a bit of a letdown, though. I was hoping for a happier ending, or just desserts, or something.


I am grateful for a shipment of reverse threaded 8mm bolts today that fit perfectly and allowed me to restore my nearly dead mitre saw back to productive glory. Small appliance repair VICTORY IS MINE!

I am grateful for a fun night at the pool with my boys, and for the electric bike that took us all down and then back up the hill.

I am grateful for the putter patter of rain on the roof, while I am cozy and dry underneath it.


I am grateful for time spent with Coop this morning, pulling up the last of the carpet tack strips of my dingy carpet removal project. 

I am grateful for an Irish history that I feel justified in appropriating by virtue of my marriage. That’s because it makes me feel more legit when I bake soda bread, which is awesome. It’s fast, cheap, easy, and delicious. I should know. My people have been making it for thousands of years*; at least when they weren’t being pillaged by my biological Scandinavian ancestors anyway. The Vikings probably came for the bread.

I am grateful for some kid free time when Julie took the boys out for the afternoon. It was quiet. So, so quiet.

* actually, only since the 1840s.


I am grateful for Farley and Coop, who decided to play together by putting Farley in some carry-on luggage to be wheeled around by Coop, much to their mutual delight. I am also grateful the luggage in question is made by a manufacturer that offers a no-questions asked lifetime warranty.

I am grateful for some time with Farley today. Julie and Coop were otherwise occupied, so we went to see the Peanuts movie at the theatre at the Student’s Union Building at UVic. We rode on my bike. It was nice. He fell asleep back there on the ride home.

I am grateful for this conversation with Farley today:

F: Papa, you are weird.

P: I’m weird?

F: Papa, you are awesome.

P: I’m awesome?

F: Papa, you are cool. Papa, weird and awesome means cool.

Weird and awesome means cool. Truer words were never spoken. 

I am grateful I live in my own dang house, where if I decide one day I just don’t like the dingy old carpet and I  want it out right now, I can get to work, and just remove it. I can do that, and reveal the original lare 50s lino tile, regardless of the wisdom of doing such a thing, without any plan for what might take the carpet’s place. Nonetheless, I am happy to be rid of it; it’s bothered me since we moved into this place.

Gratitude – Thursday

  I am grateful for a day of catching up on stuff. I invoiced. I did some backups.

I am grateful for small appliance repair victory. The Roomba no longer makes a clunky noise while it’s running.

I am grateful for a moment of peace during the boys bedtime, with Coop recording the titles of the French books he read for school, and Farley carefully reviewing each page in an illustrated fairytale book.

Gratitude – Wednesday

I am grateful my bike broke down at point right near my house today, so I could stop and fix it and be on my way.

I am grateful for a day working downtown, in an office I used to rent from, where there are lots of people I know and things are happening. I’ll be down there once a week for the next while. I am looking forward to more of that.

I am grateful that we have set up a weekly gig with a babysitter, and it’s someone our kids like and are comfortable with, and someone we like and are comfortable with. It was great to spend time with Julie tonight, running around town getting some errands done and eating all the sushi we could.