I am grateful for time spent in the studio today. First time in a while. It’s good in there.

I am grateful for a day of normal routine. Again, it’s been a while. So normal it felt a little abnormal.

I am grateful for dinner outside, and time spent with my spouse and children.


I am grateful for an opportunity to make Eggs Benedict this morning.

I am grateful for ice cream with my family at Parachute on Bridge Street. Man, they make some good stuff there.

I am grateful for time spent with Coop at the Board Game Cafe.


I’m grateful for another day of flogging art in my front yard, and talking up people people I’ve known forever, along with folks I’ve never met, and feeling the love and support of folks who dig art in my community.

I am grateful for Julie, who tuckered herself and our kids right out with a day at the beach.


I am grateful for good weather and a good crowd in my front lawn for the Scattered Artists Studio Tour.

I am grateful for my friend and fellow Artist Pat, who really likes my kids, and played Scrabble with Coop for a good long while, and was generally fun to be around for the day.

I am grateful for a night out with Julie. We saw Deadpool 2, which was irreverent and fun.


I am grateful for Farley, who loves to run up the hill to the house by the rec centre after karate.

I am grateful for Coop, who is a trooper, and for our public health system, and that his ankle injury was likely just a sprain as we’d hoped after all. Poor kid!


I am grateful as all heck for that Farley kid. He turned 6 today.

I am grateful for a fun birthday with that guy. Watching him open presents, going out to dinner with some chosen family, blowing out candles and eating cake. All of it is such good stuff.