i am grateful for a nice bike ride this afternoon; I took Coop to a birthday party.

I am grateful for Reno progress. Our new water line has passed inspection, and the trench in our front lawn has finally been filled in.

I am grateful for time with Coop today. Julie and Farley were out this morning, so we had some great quality time together, mostly just loading about the house.

Gratitude – grandad’s radio

I am grateful for an old radio that once resided in my grandfather’s office, then later in the work shed at my family’s cabin, and now on a shelf at my office. It’s a radio that’s been present for decades of enjoyable puttering, and I am honoured to imbue it with a (hopefully) few decades more of the same.

I am grateful for the breakfast sandwich one can get at Picnic on Fort Street in this town. It’s some kind of good!

Also: Anar, a Persian place on Quadra Street. Friday is lamb shank night. Omg, omg. NOM NOM NOM!

I am grateful for kids jumping on a trampoline before bed. They were at it for a good 20-30 minutes, and after that, bedtime was pretty dang easy!

Gratitude – new laundry machines, sashimi, swimming

I am grateful for a new washer/dryer, in my house. Our old laundry was in the garage, here we now have to exit the house to get to. Huzzah!

I am grateful for the realization that I can just go buy frozen chunks of salmon or tuna for sashimi at Fujiya, a store not too far from my house.

I am grateful for a swim at the pool tonight with Julie and our boys. The bigger they get, the easier it is to do stuff like that, even on a school night!

Gratitude – home, ticklish farley, cargo bike

i am grateful for my home, in every possible definition of that word.

I am admittadly ambivelant about an unexpected day at home to take care of a sick Farley, today, but nonetheless grateful to spend some time with that kid.

I am grateful for my cargo bike. I hauled my boys all over town today. It was a great day for it, and the van didn’t move from the driveway.

gratitude – remote control airplanes, fun late night


I am grateful for a fun day in Calgary. My brother’s 40th birthday isn’t for a while yet, but I presented him with a remote control airplane for a present a bit early when I came here to Calgary yesterday. Today we took it out to a large open area and gave it a spin, along with my nephew, will. It was pretty dang fun, albeit a bit too windy.

I am grateful that when it got stuck up a tree the wind blew it down just before we were going to resort to hare-brained risky measures involving poles and ladders.

I am grateful for an evening spent with Paul and my Pal, Troy. It was a late night, and holy cuss, I’m tired.

Good night!

Gratitide – calgary, air travel, family, friends.

I am grateful for Calgary. Makes no difference where I go, it’s the best hometown I know.

I am grateful for air travel. Airports aren’t the happiest places, and the seats are never as comfy as you’d like, but it sure beats walking.

I am grateful for my family of origin. It was just the 4 of us at my folks place for dinner tonight: my mom, dad, brother and myself . The last time that happened was likely a decade or two ago. It was fun, and I am grateful.

I am grateful for old friends. I just had drinks at a bar with old friends I’ve known since I was a kid. It was really great to see those guys tonight.

gratitude – great bike ride to a park on a beach

I am grateful for a great bike ride after work today.

I am grateful to live here. Victoria is a pretty town, and the weather was nice for my ride today. Also, I biked pretty much from one end of it to the other, and it’s small enough that the ride was only 25 minutes long.

I am grateful for Gyro park at Cadboro Bay. It’s got some great vintage concrete play structures, including a giant red octopus with slides for arms, and a zip line, and a big boat fort thing. All this perched on one of the nicest beaches in town.

All that, and it’s where Coop’s Beaver scout hall is, and that’s another thing I am grateful for.