I am grateful for a swell day at Elk lake with another family, and of course, the canoe. We ran that thing through its paces again. A high point for me was a nice long explore with Coop and Farley. We paddled around a bend and spotted dragonflies, lilly pads and a bald eagle. Headed back, Farley started to nod off, finally succumbing to a nap, he sprawled right out on the bottom of the boat and snoozed soundly.

The rest of the time was spent frolicking in the water, making sandcastles, and sitting in the shade munching on the snacks we brought.

If a day like that isn’t nice, what is?


I am grateful for good friends who invited us to join them for a spur of the moment picnic at Goldstream park today. A walk in the woods with those folk was a great way to spend the day.

I am grateful for family night part 2. Coop wanted White Spot and a movie. The dinner out was yesterday, and tonight we watched “The Book of Life” on Netflix. It’s not often the big 6 going on 7 year old Coop curls up on my lap, but he did tonight, and that was nice. It may have been because I had the popcorn bowl. That’s fine anyway.



i am grateful for what’s becoming a weekend ritual. In the early afternoon, after a good long lazy morning of doing whatever we do, Coop, Farley and I turn on the TV and watch an episode of Top Gear. Farley falls asleep on my lap during a talking part, and Coop and I learn something interesting about supercars. It’s glorious.

I am grateful for our first four-passenger voyage in El Banana. It was a resounding success, taking in much of the Gorge here in Victoria, with a brief stop at a play park.

I am grateful for dinner out at White Spot.


I am grateful for the home office lifestyle. I’m trying it out for a bit; it’s an adjustment. If it doesn’t work, I’ll change it, but today it was nice to work with the garage door open, to make my own lunch in my own kitchen, and to tidy up and run the dishes more conveniently through the day.

I am grateful for friends over for dinner, people we’ve known from Cooper and Farley’s daycare for years and years. We’ve attended many of the same birthday parties and crossed paths while dropping off and picking up many times, but this was the first, and long overdue time we’ve intentionally socialized. They’re good folk, with great kids, and I’m grateful to know them.

I am grateful for eating outside, where it’s okay for a kid to get up in the middle of dinner, leave their half eaten plate, grab a fistful of cheezies and eat them while smiling, barefoot in a kiddie pool. “Whatever floats your boat, man. Pass the potatoes, please.” That’s what I say.


I am grateful and humbled by birthday wishes via Facebook and other media.

I am grateful for a morning serenade with ukulele and harmonica by the other 3 members of my immediate family this morning.

I am grateful for a swift and relatively pain free office move. It was all done in about an hour.

I am grateful for that moment that came when I sat down at my computer after setting it up; there was a sense of relief knowing that it was all going to turn out fine.

I am grateful for an evening out at the movie theatre with an old friend, an older buick, and no kids.

I am grateful for a house decorated with streamers when I got home, and the three dearest souls to my heart snoring away peacefully snuggled up in my bed.

I am grateful for the air conditioner I bought last week.


I am grateful i was able to book movers on short notice for my impending office move.

I am grateful for warm weather today.

I am grateful for time spent with my boys. Stars aligned for an extended story time tonight, we read lots of books, all snuggled up in bed. If that’s not nice, what is?


I am grateful I have a house with a garage, which is where I’ll be working out of fairly soon. I found out today that the company I sublet my office from needs to leave by the end of the month, so it turns out I do too. I’m done with shuffling around my desks. My garage is rustic, but I have a vision of a workspace that just gets better over years of incremental improvements. And it’s where I am headed unless something better, that I am 100% convinced is more permanent, comes up.

I am grateful for a fun time swimming at the pool with my boys this evening.


I am grateful for lunch with Julie. On a related note, I am grateful for Vietnam,  the nation that gave us pho and salad rolls.

I am grateful for the maiden voyage of El Banana today, just me and first mate Farley. Or perhaps he was captain. T’any rate, the boat floats, and took us all the way across the Gorge waterway to the play park and back. Total time invested was two hours, including loading and unloading the canoe on the car. I am excited by the possibilities having a canoe will open up for us!



i am grateful for the rain that’s come here and there over the last week, and particularly the giant thunderous torrent that came this afternoon.

I am grateful for the weekend spent with my boys, while Julie joined her mom on Saltspring Island for some kayaking.

I am also grateful Julie’s come back home.

I am grateful for a surprise ferry layover visit from Nana for my boys. We met at a restaurant in Sidney, and I kept the guest star a surprise until we got there. Those kids sure do love their Nana, and she sure loves th right back.


I am grateful for Farley, who frequently thinks he’s hungry when he’s actually tired. When he’s hungry he asks for something to eat, when he does that I often give him a banana. This is why it’s not at all unusual to see him sleeping while holding a half eaten piece of banana.

I am grateful for some time spent with just Farley and I. while Cooper was attending a birthday party. We went to Goldtream park. It was nice there.

I am grateful Coop and Farley are (most of the time) good buddies who like to play and have fun together.

I am grateful for shaving cream. I recently discovered that kids  really enjoy playing with it in the bath. 

I am grateful for fibreglass and epoxy resin. I learned a new skill today, and that’s using it to repair a crappy old canoe. What a material! It’s as easy as papier mâché, but you can use it to repair boats and make things that will last decades. I bet it would be hard to do it really professionally, but banging out a crappy job to keep a near worthless canoe afloat is as easy as pie.