Sick Day

Mine is a very narcisistic generation. Exhibit 1, this blog, in fact blogging as a concept in general. Why should I think anyone would care about what I have to say? Honestly, I don’t much know or care; I find blogging is it’s own reward. So on I go.

I have heard it said that even had the technology existed 20 years ago that Facebook would have failed, for no other reason than people weren’t narcissistic enough. I’d believe it. I see billboards touting the latest smartphone. They advertise that for a cost comparable to owning and maintaining an automobile, you too could tweet to the world about what you had for lunch. For some reason, it works.

In the interest of full disclosure, I need to tell you I am thumbing this entry in on my iPhone.

All that said, here is my current status:

I am tired. The boy caught some kind of stomach bug from daycare (we think, anyway, another kid was sent home I’ll when he was there on Wednesday). Last night I went to bed around 11:30 and awoke to the sound of my kid vomitting at 1:30am. It became apparent we weren’t going to send him to daycare today, so I did my best to get to all the work I had on my plate done between the hours of 1:30 and 5:30am, with periodic breaks to wipe up puke and try to comfort a very uncomfortable 2 year old. Poor kid. I slept while Julie got ready for work, but was up with the boy, bleary eyed at 8am.

I had a day of substandard parenting and web development, returning ignored calls and voicemails while the boy sat watching sesame street on DVD.

I know that my self employed status is great for that kind of flexibility. I was able to keep Coop home today and meet all my deadlines. I really do prefer the days where I get to be a web developer in my funky Chinatown office with a computer and a desk and hours on end of uninterrupted concentration, or the days where I get to be a focussed dad with game plan for the day and attentive presence in my son’s life. Doing a lousy job at both at the same time though, is not so ideal.

Luckily, days like today are the exception, and not the rule.

Good night everyone!

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