Brotherly Visitation

Last week my brother flew out to visit me.


We had a ball. He’s a busy guy these days. He’s an optometrist in Calgary, AB. He has a family, and his 1 year old daughter is a delight, but a handful. I was very honoured that he took the time to visit me, so I showed him a great time by taking him to my favourite greasy spoon, my favourite fish and chips place, and allowing him to sleep in and help me fix my van.


We replaced the front brake pads, and replaced the starter solenoid. Now my van BOTH stops AND starts!


To celebrate our victory, we played a few rounds of “run the brother over”.


After that, we found the switch that turns on the reverse lights, pulled it apart and rebuilt it. This was a bit of a challenge, because the engine in the van has been replaced, and it wasn’t where the Haynes manual said it would be.

It was a lot of fun. It’s rare that Paul and I get to hang out like we used to when we were younger. These days there are many distractions, and living in different cities means that the occasions we visit are just that – occasions. Lots of sitting and visiting, but not so much hanging out, going to Canadian Tire, seeing dumb guy movies, and doing backyard projects together. These are the kinds of things we did when we were growing up, but can no longer be the kind of casual day to day thing that just happens without intention.

When Paul told me he wanted to come out and visit, he wanted me to make a list of things he could help me work on with the Van. I couldn’t imagine something I’d want to do more with him (other than maybe helping him work on HIS van, or refinish his basement). I am very glad he took the initiative and time to come out. It was really therapeutic for me, not to mention my RV!

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