Out with the old, in with the older. The same day I sold the motorcycle (the same transaction, in fact), I became the proud new owner of a dilapitated but solid 1977 Chevrolet camper van. It has an extended roof, and I can walk it’s length inside without touching my head.


It was a straight trade for the bike, Or rather, officially, I bought the van for the same sum of money the previous owner bought my motorcycle for. I don’t know what he was thinking. This van has twice as many wheels, and certainly will be worth more in the scrap metal market.


It is a little rough around the edges, and after I took these photos I spent half a day scrubbing it (and left it with plenty more to do) but it was funner than fun. I also replaced the pasenger side triangle window – which, two owners ago, had been broken and patched up with duct tape. I had some harrowing moments – the entire window rolling mechanism came apart within the door and had to be rebuilt by my big awkward hands twisting in funny angles while I peered down the slit the window usually disappears into, but I reigned supreme in the end.


I love that kind of stuff (at least, the times I don’t break something worse than when I started). The last time I felt this kind of high was when I replaced the clutch on the motorcycle (sigh).


The propane regulator has to be replaced. I don’t think it’ll be any problem firing up the stove once that’s done, but I worry a little about the furnace and the fridge. I almost hope they don’t work – then I get to fix’em!


When we moved here, we decided we wanted to take advantage of the fact we’re now on Vancouver Island.


There are a lot of cool places to go in a van like this, all within the confines of our fair isle. The day after I acquired the van, we drove it to French Beach. It was beautiful.


Julie found a giant mushroom – at least a foot across.


The driftwood the surf had pushed up a little creek was steaming in the waning daylight.

So, nomorcycle, but come next summer, we’ll be in camping heaven!

11 thoughts on “Campervan!

  1. Hello,

    We are enjoying your blog. The Van is awesome. We can’t wait to see it & go camping with you.

    Kate & Cara & friends

  2. I found your blog googling chevrolt camper van, I also have a 77 chevy camper van that I am in the ongoing process of restoring.
    I really like your beach pictures

  3. i like it!  i had a 77 chevy camper in sweet condition!  “The Yellow Rose of Texas” painted on the topper, shag carpet on the ceiling, and since we both worked at head shops we had around 300 stickers plastered front to back.  when we split it the engine was blown, so he donated it to SVDP.

  4. I was surfing the net lookn for ideas on my own project camper van. only difference is im building on from scratch. I dont want a high top cause it well limit the place’s i can go and heat will desipated to quickly so winter trips would be to cold.

    I saw someone here said something about a tranny blowing up and i thought of that to. so i thought Id put in a standard tranny for relibility.

    I really loved ur pictures, makes me remember my past getaways. now all i wanna do is finnish up and go!

  5. I love the excitement that comes through your descriptions of the ‘delapitated’ van.  The risk is there with any vehicle and you certainly had a wonderful adventure and trip by the looks of the photos.  I am just on the eve of deciding whether or not to buy a delapitated van and it was encouraging to find your blog. Thanks.

  6. Hey there! We are redoing a van, too…and I was looking the year and make online to hopefully find inspiration, and found yours! It looks so much like ours!

    Like you, I feel like the trade I made for it was sorely in my favor. 😀

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