I am grateful for time in at the studio this morning.

I am grateful for time spent playing board games with Coop and his buddy at the board game cafe.

I am grateful for time spent watching a really stupid, but fun to watch movie with Julie after the kids were in bed.


I am grateful for an NDP majority government in Alberta. I don’t live there anymore, and I didn’t get a say; but I am interested enough to feel elated with the results of today’s election. 

It reminds me to be grateful for elections in general. Normal, every day people in that province just turned their government on it’s head. That’s an amazing and great thing.

I am grateful for the lego iPhone case that just arrived. I have big plans.

And, as usual, I am grateful for some time on my bike today.

Apple Store

I am making this blog entry on an iPod touch from the Apple store here in Las Vegas. I just tried to buy one but they are out of stock. Bummer!

Now if I want to buy one I will have to think about it first. I hate thinking about impulse purchases!