I am grateful for a healthy amount of contact with other humans in my life. In particular, today, the ones that aren’t my close family or near and dears; I’m thinking of the people I see around when I paint at the studio, or parents of my kids friends that I only know in passing, or people that I always see in the same place at the same time at local businesses I frequent. In this day and age of online everything, I find navigating my life through this crowd of actual living people, exchanging pleasantries and common courtesies, and  just being a human being in the company of other human beings keeps me grounded, and where I need to be, here in my community.

I am grateful for a conclusion to Cooper’s birthday party sleepover extravaganza. That gang had a ball this morning. They consumed crepes as fast as I could make them. To my surprise and delight, all they wanted to do was go outside and run around in a park after breakfast, albeit with a laser tag set. Fun was had by all, and then they went home.

And I am grateful that after all that I was able to relax for a while and paint at the studio.

And after that I am grateful that Julie and I were in agreement about not cooking, and we had a great dinner out with Farl while Cooper attended ANOTHER birthday party.

And now we’re all at home, dog-tired and settling down, and I am grateful for my cozy little house.  


Durrance Lake, from my walk on Saturday morning

I am grateful for time spent working and in the studio today. I’m starting to feel a bit more like myself.

I am grateful this cast isn’t permanent. It cramps my style here and there, It forces me to be slow when I paint – I am more deliberate, but less able to get into the flow of it.

I am grateful for a walk around Mt. Tolmie with Cooper and the Cub pack tonight. The weather was perfect, and the sunset from the top with its 360 degree view was incredible.


I am grateful for this blog. I was lost in the archives for a while last night, I don’t look at old posts that often, but it’s a trip whenever I do.

I am grateful for a productive day in the garagenous zone.

I am grateful for family fun night: Farley’s pick. We went out for hamburgers, then to Mr. Tubb’s for ice cream and ticket redemption games. Farley won enough tickets for a styrofoam glider, 2 plastic army guys, and a glow-in-the-dark bug.

Coop won a bunch too, and saved the credits for a later date. That kid has a talent for saving that can’t have come from me. At the rate he is going, I think he might purchase his first car by redeeming Mr. Tubb’s tickets,


I am grateful to have been part of the Valentine’s Day card delivery ritual at Farley’s kindergarten class this morning.

I am grateful for an honest day’s work.

I am grateful for an evening out. We painted at the studio and then chit chatted while eating drive thru junk food atop Mount Tolmie. It was sublime.


I am grateful for time in at the studio this morning.

I am grateful for time spent playing board games with Coop and his buddy at the board game cafe.

I am grateful for time spent watching a really stupid, but fun to watch movie with Julie after the kids were in bed.


I am grateful for an NDP majority government in Alberta. I don’t live there anymore, and I didn’t get a say; but I am interested enough to feel elated with the results of today’s election. 

It reminds me to be grateful for elections in general. Normal, every day people in that province just turned their government on it’s head. That’s an amazing and great thing.

I am grateful for the lego iPhone case that just arrived. I have big plans.

And, as usual, I am grateful for some time on my bike today.

Apple Store

I am making this blog entry on an iPod touch from the Apple store here in Las Vegas. I just tried to buy one but they are out of stock. Bummer!

Now if I want to buy one I will have to think about it first. I hate thinking about impulse purchases!