I am grateful for a good long while in the studio today.

I am grateful for lunch with Julie today.

I am grateful for a laptop that can serve as a place to work from in nearly any environment, including Cooper and Farley’s martial arts class.

I am grateful for Julie, who was there at the martial arts class too and was able to tell me when to take my glasses off and look up to see my kids sparring.


Durrance Lake, from my walk on Saturday morning

I am grateful for time spent working and in the studio today. I’m starting to feel a bit more like myself.

I am grateful this cast isn’t permanent. It cramps my style here and there, It forces me to be slow when I paint – I am more deliberate, but less able to get into the flow of it.

I am grateful for a walk around Mt. Tolmie with Cooper and the Cub pack tonight. The weather was perfect, and the sunset from the top with its 360 degree view was incredible.


I’m attaching some photos here from Thursday night, when Julie and I were at Swan Lake. Lots of cool birds there that night. I’m grateful we’ve got spaces they can do okay within our city bounds.

I am grateful for time to sleep in this morning,

I am grateful for a walk the four of us took to the mall to get some errands done.


I am grateful for a walk around Durrance Lake this morning. I woke up early and caught the sunrise.

I am grateful for potatoes, oil, salt, and pepper, because that’s all you need to make hash browns, like I did for myself and the lads this morning; along with fried eggs, and tomatoes from our garden.

I am grateful for a fun afternoon and evening at Bamberton with another family. Kids ran rampant through the woods, we sat by a campfire, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and even got into campfire songs. Good times!


I am grateful for physiotherapy.

I am grateful for time at the studio.

I am grateful for good advice from someone I know, like, and trust.

I am grateful for family fun night: Farleys pick. We took the lads to Wildplay, a rope and obstacle course based activity in Langford, then Costco for a few supplies and dinner. 

We topped it all off with a neighbourly middle of the street chit chat while the 6 year old set ran around like they do, and then some stories before bed. If that’s not nice, what is?


I am grateful as all heck for a busy day.

I am grateful for a bit of time at the studio this morning.

I am grateful for brunch Julie and I with good old friends we don’t see often enough, and maybe never could.

I am grateful for an afternoon with Coop after an appointment at the doctor where he got some good news (no more ankle brace!).

I am grateful for an evening out with Julie, first to check out the sunset and commune with an owl, some bald eagles, and a heron at swan lake, then to eat some fish and chips, then to take in the opening of the Sidney Fine Art Show. Good stuff!


I am grateful for all the volunteers that make the Sidney Fine Art Show go. I went today to drop off my work and the place was a flurry of activity.

I am grateful for dinner out this evening. Bring it off.

I am grateful for a call from my brother this afternoon, just to check in.


I am grateful for my mother in law, who came from Vancouver to help out in many ways,including keeping her grandchildren entertained and active while I cope with this busted right wrist.

I am grateful for a humdinger of a fine potluck Thanksgiving with friends and neighbours old and new. It was a great crowd and a great spread, and a great time for adults to chit chat while children ran rampant.