I am grateful for a few days off the grid. My smart phone died; I’ve been using a dumb one instead.

I am grateful for a heckuva fine camping trip in Goldstream. My brother and his family showed up, so did my parents, and after they left, another family of friends. Good times!

I am grateful for takeout Chinese in our yard last night with the folks.

I am grateful for lunch out with Julie and my parents today. Kids are great, but it’s nice to have conversations that involve coherent uninterrupted thoughts and complete sentences.

I am grateful for time in the studio for the first time in a while this afternoon.


I am grateful for time spent in the studio this morning.

I am grateful for the opportunity to present artwork to folks who ordered it and came to pick it up today. It’s a gratifying process, that.

I am grateful for time with my lads, just out and running an errand tonight.


I am grateful for time spent at two lakes today, Thetis and Elk. We ran into one of Farl and Coop’s teachers at the first, and her family, and that was nice. We then met up with another family at Elk Lake, and that was fun too.

I am grateful for another dad who taught Coop and Farl all about fishing today.

I am grateful for time spent after all that taking it easy at home.

I am grateful for a long chitchat with our neighbours across the street, keeping one eye on our house with our sleeping boys in it from their front yard, on a warm summer night.

That, right there, was a pretty fine Sunday.


I am grateful for time in the studio.

I am grateful for family fun night: my pick. We went out for Chinese food, then watched Queen of Katwe.

I grateful for time after all that to go photograph the sunset at Mt. Douglas beach. It was purty.


I am grateful to be tucked in my bed, listening to the pitter pat of rain and the fireworks this Canada Day.

I am grateful for time spent with old friends and new friends today. We met some nice folks here at the campground whose kids got on with ours Luke a house in fire, and we’re staying with old friends here at our site, and know other folks camping here too. Finding our community here without much planning makes this island feel like home.