I am grateful for a swim with my boys and some friends this afternoon.

I am grateful for extended family at my house for dinner this evening, my parents and my cousin. I had ribs in the smoker for around 6 hours today, they turned out terrific.

I am grateful for a board game with a bunch of those folks too, instigated by Cooper.


I am grateful for Valentines Day. Our family members all exchanged cards of vatious sorts; Cooper and Farley’s each stating clearly that they loved each other “in a brotherly way”.

I am grateful for time spent in the studio.

I am grateful for lunch out with Julieand my parents.

I am grateful for a screening of the Wizatd of Oz at our house tonight. It’s amazing how well that movie, released in. 1939, still holds up so well.


I am grateful for some mobility today. We left the house for the first time since Sunday.

I am grateful for lunch out with my boys at Fernwood Pizza, and then for time spent together at the Library with them as well as Julie, and some errands that we managed to get done.

I am grateful for supper with my parents over, followed by night out with Julie. We saw Isn’t it Romantic, which won’t win any Oscars, but was a fine quirky movie that was exactly as advertised, and fit the bil perfectly for our Valentine’s eve date.


I am grateful to be feeling better today than I was yesterday, though still not as well as I’d like to feel.

I am grateful for an unexpected day at home with my family. Victoria Police advised tire chains within the city, and schools were closed today. Tomorrow, too, it turns out.

I am grateful for Contact, the 1997 film starring Jodie Foster based on the novel by Carl Sagan. I remember really liking it at the time, but we watched it together today and I think I might appreciate it even more now.

I am grateful for the sale of a painting that came a mere 11 minutes after i posted it to my website and social media. That’s got to be a record!


I am grateful for novels. I haven’t read much in recent years, but this last few days have seen me off my feet with a narsty cough, and so I’ve found time to read. It’s been good, that.

I am grateful for neighbours that took Farl to see an IMAX movie today with their kids. I heard a report that Farley played nicely with his similarly aged buddy’s little brother too, who usually gets ignored in these situations. Apparently the little brother made sure Farley figured into his goodnight song this evening. If that’s not nice, what is?

I am grateful for my parents, who ferried my kids all over the place to various social engagements, so I could take it easy. They did this today of all days too, it’s been snowing and roads have been closing. They are from the prairies though. They’d hoped to escape this kind of thing out here, but I’d bet they are more capable than the locals on these roads.

I am grateful for Coop’s snow man, which he’s named “Snow Bro”. He’s pretty traditional in his 3 ball configuration and carrot nose, but he’s got sunglasses on, and that lends an air of attitude that makes all the difference.


I am grateful for the small amount of snow we get here. When we don’t get any, that feels weird, and I don’t like lots for a long time, but I do like some, and some arrived today.

I am grateful for a walk with my lads and neighbours to school this morning.

I am grateful for just enough time spent at the studio today.

I am grateful for snow that Farley brought in and maple syrup that Julie cooked up and then poured on it. That right there is something special.


I am grateful for the opportunity to present my work and to critique works in progress as a mentor at the Oak Bay Art Club this afternoon.

I am grateful for a family dinner at our house that Julie prepared this evening, with my parents in attendance.

I am grateful for a date night after that, leaving my parents with the lads. We went stargazing at the UVIc observatory for their weekly Wednesday night open house, then topped it off with warm drinks at Starbucks. We observed Beteljus, the Andromeda galaxy, and another dying star through telescopes tonight, and learned a thing or two about liquid helium, which is even weirder than silly putty.