I am grateful for a day at the hotel.

I am grateful for lunch with my old pal Robert.

I am grateful for kids getting bigger. This morning I set Farley up making pancakes, and left him to go take care of other things with 3 pans on 3 burners on the stove (2 for pancakes, one for sausage). He nailed it all. This evening Coop took off on his own in the mall for an hour while I shopped at the grocery store there. While shopping I saw another parent struggling with her 2 little kids, maybe 2 and 5. They were running around all over the place getting up into every kind of business they could, as kids do, while she apologized for them to everyone around her; unnecessarily at least for me. I remember those days. I miss my little little kids sometimes, but there are many things that are easier now.


I am grateful for a day of puttering around the house, getting stuff done slowly and surely.

I am grateful for time spent helping Farlwy memorize the Wolf Cub promise, law, and motto this evening.

I am grateful for the opportunity to speak about my art at the Saanich Peninsula Arts and Crafts society. It was fun to do so, and I felt it went well.

I am grateful that that event is behind me. I was anxious about it, and now I am not. It was the last in a cluster of events that take time, thought and effort to get through, and I am grateful for a breath of relief.


I am grateful for a lazy morning, which is just what I needed.

I am grateful for a comfortable amount of time to put together my slides for a presentation I’ll be doing T the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney for the Saanich Peninsula Arts and Crafts Society. I am grateful for that opportunity and to be able to post this humble brag, but also somewhat terrified of speaking publically without the crutch of an easel, paint and canvas to demonstrate with.

I am grateful for time spent at the Gordon Head Skate Park, watching my kids socialize with other kids, learning tricks, being brave, trying and sometimes failing and sometimes succeeding. It was great, and we’ll be back soon.

I am grateful for this braised coconut chicken curry thing Julie made this evening. It was delicious!


I am grateful for a productive morning.

I am grateful for the reason and wherewithal to buy new gear. I now am the proud owner of a mat cutter and several mats, and have frames and paper prints on order.

I am grateful for some sales this morning to happy customer who was good enough to post about his print on social media. It’s nice to have the show of support, and the exposure.

I am grateful for time spent with Coop today when Julie and Farl were out. He asked what to do because he said he was bored, then I told him he should take a peek in the craft drawer. That was all I said, but then that kid whipped up an awesome spider out of googly eyes, pipe cleaner, a tennis ball, and black acrylic paint.

I am grateful for a night out with Julie. We saw the movie, Hustlers. It was better than I thought it would be, and worse than she thought it would be. Nice to spend time together, t’any rate.


I am grateful for a nice day of painting at the studio

I am grateful for family fun night, my pick: we went to the circus. I had low expectations going in, but I was very impressed. It was a great show! I particularly enjoyed the juggling and trapeze acts, and the boys agreed it was just fantastic.

I am grateful for my collapsible Genie Canvas. I just completed a 4′ by 6′ painting, took it all apart and rolled it into the tube it came in, ready to be shipped to the customer who commissioned it. So cool!


I am grateful for the end of a big painting and the beginning of a new one.

I am grateful for the first fairly straightforward day in a while.

I am grateful for all the moments with my kids. Even the ones I don’t feel grateful for at the time. One day they’ll be big. I know I’ll miss them as the kids they are now.

Particularly, I am grateful for time spent with them listening to a podcast in the dark at bedtime.


I am grateful for a fun time at Farley’s Cub camp. Cooper was there too, at an adjacent Scout camp.

I am grateful for a venue for my kids to play with matches and knives.

I am grateful for the campfire songs.

I am grateful for a stop at Subway on the way home.

I am grateful for a soak in the hill Billy hot tub this afternoon with no children in sight.

I am grateful to be in my bed at a reasonable hour.


I am grateful for a full day painting at the studio.

I am grateful for a visit from a friend who happened to b in the building while I was there.

I am grateful for an evening with my lads. Julie was out for the night.

I am grateful for a heated beverage and donut with Farley at Timmy’s tonight while Coop was at his Scout meeting.


I am grateful for a day of building stuff with my brother. We put in 3 deep, spacious, beautiful drawers in my kitchen today where there was poorly used space before. It’s always fun when we throw stuff together like that.

I am grateful for my biscuit joiner. I still need to grock that thing more fully, but it was a nice way of sticking the faces on to the rest of the drawers.

I am grateful for dinner with my bro and the rest of my family at the airport this evening.

I am grateful for a humdinger of a sunset on the way home. Julie insisted on stopping to take some photos at Elk Lake, and my rubber arm wasn’t hard to twist.