I am grateful for a day of safe travels to Anaheim, California.

I am grateful for clear skies over the Rockies.

I am grateful for Target, where you can buy shoes for your 5 year old at 11pm after realizing halfway through the first flight down that he’s wearing heavy rain boots, and that’s the only footwear he has that fits properly for your trip to Disneyland in warm, 25-30 degree weather.


I am grateful for a “how to draw” book that I had when I was a kid, that Farley really discovered and got into today.

I am grateful for a car full of packed bags, all set for us to hop in and drive to the airport when the alarm goes off in a few short hours.


I am grateful for time spent painting in the lovely studio this morning.

I am grateful for time spent with my lovely spouse today.

I am grateful for time spent with my often lovely kids this evening.

I am grateful for time spent with my lovely television tonight.


I am grateful for a fun evening out with the boys. We went out for pizza, then to the Oak Bay Rec Centre to do some skating. I grew up in Calgary, where a flooded soccer field down the street from our house became a rink for the whole winter every year, and it was a natural place for the neighbourhood kids to hang out. While i definitely prefer the milder climate in Victoria, I do miss the free and convenient access to skating. It was great to see my kids pick it up though. Farl was like a newborn colt at first, but he’ll tell you now proudly that he went all the way from one end to the other on his own. Coop has really been improving at skating too. It’s one of my great pleasures to watch these kids to pick up new skills, and skating was great for that tonight.


I am grateful for a fun afternoon with Farley. He and I visited the Aquarium and then the Bakery. Good stuff!

I am grateful for Julie’s chicken noodle soup.

I am grateful for the 7th Season of Game of Thrones. We watched the finale tonight. I will be lost now without it, though, until season 8, whenever that happens.


I am grateful for time enough for me to get up early and photograph the sunrise at Cattle Point. It was chilly, but rewarding. Pretty sure there is a painting in there.

I am grateful for an afternoon hanging out with Farley. He played, I did too a bit, but mostly puttered around, taking down Christmas Lights and the like. My kind of afternoon.

I am grateful for date night. Auntie J brought over a casserole that we all enjoyed together, then Julie and I went and saw the new Star Wars flick for the second time, this time without kids. We caught a lot more of the show; truth is I enjoyed it a lot more the second time around!


I am grateful for time spent in the studio this morning.

I am grateful for family fun night: Farley’s pick. We went to an IMAX movie at the Museum, then a thrift store, because both boys got it in their heads that they wanted blazers, which we then got. Fun times!


I am grateful for a game Cooper made up with a buddy at winter camp, where everyone starts a drawing, and as you draw you take turns describing new details to add, while concealing your drawings from each-other until a big “TA-DA” reveal at the end. We all did it this evening. Fun stuff!


I am grateful for a long day with a big to do list that all got done.

I am grateful for my relationship with my spouse. We both like talking and listening to each other; and so we do lots of talking and lots of listening. Decades now. I’m grateful for all of it. Hopefully and likely, I’ll be grateful for many, or at least several, decades more.