I am grateful for un-rushed day of getting myself ready for the Moss Street Paint In tomorrow.

I am grateful for family fun night: my pick. First we had dinner in the backyard, then we went for a walk in Mt. Douglas park, then down to the beach, and finally, to get ice cream. All that, and my parents were there too. 


I am grateful for some great work digitally capturing my paintings I had done today. My guy for that is a genius.

I am grateful for supper outside with my parents and family. They are in town for a few days; my boys were pretty dang excited to see them.


I am grateful for:

  • Time in the studio.
  • A bike ride with Farley.
  • A piece of paper I found on the living room floor, that I was about to recycle, that turned out to be Cooper’s list of treasures from a school assignment. His little brother was #1, followed by chocolate, gold, and money, finally his mother and then father. Love that kid. He makes my top 6 treasures list, too.


I am grateful for a walk home today.

I am grateful for time at the studio.

I am grateful for a nice hug and kiss from Farley tonight. He got out of bed, wordlessly gave hugs and kisses to Julie and I, then ran with a pitter-pat back to his room.


I am grateful for the hearty laugh I heard through the screen door when the guy who was going to sell me the rooftop car box that I found in a classified ad saw me. Turned out he was the dad of a kid in Cooper’s class that I’ve met a few times before. It inspired a nice small world, neighbourly community feeling in me.

I am grateful for a fun time with old friends who came over for dinner tonight; a buddy who went to junior and senior high school with me, then university, where I also met his then girlfriend and now wife, and their two kids. It’s been about 20 years since we’ve spoken, but thanks to Facebook, we’ve reconnected, and it was really great to sit in the back yard and catch up while the kids swung on the swing and jumped on the trampoline.


I am grateful for Coop, who has a willing recipient for face painting in Farley. Coop takes seriously and does a nice job, although he is sometimes disappointed when Farley washes it off.

I am grateful for a plan-free Saturday, and for time spent creating and setting up my booth for the Moss St. Paint In in the back yard. I’m looking forward to doing it for real next weekend!


I am grateful for time with Farley today. Poor kid. He wasn’t feeling well.

I am grateful for the chance to make lots of progress on my closet wall finishing project.

I am grateful for corn on the cob.

I am grateful for time at the studio. First time back in a while.


I am grateful for progress and skills learned on a home project today. I can now mud, tape, and apply stucco to an interior wall. Thanks be to YouTube, and aso to random strangers at the hardware store.


I am grateful for a relaxed morning. I puttered and tidied up the garagenous zone while the boys took it easy with some cartoons and  Julie made us an amazing breakfast.

I am grateful for a terrific afternoon. We packed up the canoe and our swimming suits, and headed to the lake. Coop and I went for a paddle, and then we frolicked in the water for a good long while. We ended the evening going out for Chinese food. 

If that’s not nice, what is?