Gowland Tod Painting Progress

I’ve decided to try posting images of this painting as it progresses. I don’t typically, but thought it might be of interest, and so I am doing it here, on my personal blog. Here is the original photo I took, then the canvas with a tracing of the image on it, and the progress I made today. The canvas measures 36×48″

It’s an image taken from Gowland Tod Provincial Park. I was on a day hike on a clear summer day with my pal Clint, scrambling around a point at the end of a beach, looking Northward, with the peninsula on the right and the Malahat on the left.


I am grateful for a milestone achieved today. When I decided to become a full time artist, I was aware it would be a challenge. We can’t afford to live on one income, and so I set a target for gross annual sales when I transitioned out of the last of my web development practice in January this year. Today I met that target, and it justified my work as an artist as a real job in my mind.

When I say I am grateful for the achievement of the milestone, I should say that what I am really grateful for is the help and the circumstance that led me to be able to achieve it.

I have had the support and blessing of my spouse in this endeavor. That wouldn’t come easy for most people, but it did for me. She has a unique understanding of what makes me tick, and she knew I needed to try. She also has faith in me even when I don’t, and I am grateful for her and the relationship we’ve built for eachother every single day.

I am grateful for my children. Nothing inspires you to live your best life like your kids do. For better or worse, I know I will exemplify at least one way they can choose to live their lives. Bearing that responsibility means I need to live a life worth choosing, and if that means giving it all up to become an artist, well, so be it.

I am grateful for my parents. They raised me right, and I credit them for showing me how to know what my priorities are.

I am grateful for dumb luck. I was born genetically, geographically, and economically advantaged through no merit of my own, and that has afforded me the capability to take risks without the same consequences failure would bring if I were dealt a different hand at birth. Gratitude for these circumstances is key to my humility. I have worked hard and now have reaped some reward, but dumb luck is why I am able to do so as easily as do, while many are not so lucky.


I am grateful for the sale of two large paintings this morning.

I am grateful for time spent with Farley this afternoon, at a park, then later at home.

I am grateful for a fun birthday party for Coop. It started with a swim this afternoon, and is ongoing with a sleepover this evening.

I am grateful for a cookie decorating party Farl and I attended this evening.


I am grateful to the Grand Pacific Hotel and to the Victoria Arts Council for the Artishow Hotel Artist in Residence program. I had fantastic month, starting and completing 6 paintings while I was there. It was a tremendous opportunity for me to engage with the public, and I sold several originals and prints, and many cards. The staff at the hotel were excellent. I would very much like to do that again sometime!

I am grateful for Julie, who took the time to help me tear down today.

I am grateful for family fun night: Farley’s pick. We saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in the theatre, then A&W for supper.


I am grateful for time spent painting today.

I am grateful for a memento where I saw Julie talking to an upset Farley, out on the front lawn, through the kitchen window, and I knew that kid was getting just what he needed.

I am grateful for time spent listening to the Story Pirates podcast with the boys at bedtime tonight.


I am grateful for time spent painting today.

I am grateful for a successful month in the art biz.

I am grateful for a visit from Julie on the hotel lobby today.

I am grateful for time spent with my boys getting them down for bed. Won’t be long, I don’t think, before I’m not necessary for that anymore. It’s nice to still be needed.