I am grateful to have unlocked the 1000 km roadtrip with kids level. Mostly grateful for the kids on that note, I was nervous about this trip based on previous long drives, but we’ve had fun, and they’ve been champs.

I am grateful for the cedar forest boardwalk in Yoho national park. 

I am grateful for a stop at Rogers Pass.

I am grateful for the Rocky Mountains. There’s nothing quite like that stretch on the trans-Canada highway between Lake Louise and Canmore. 

I am grateful to have arrived safe and sound at my folks’ place in Calgary, and to be greeted there by my parents, and brother and his family.

I am grateful for their hospitality.

I am grateful for a sleepover my kids are having with their cousins. Good times!


I am grateful for a heckuva fine day roadtrippin’ with my lads.

We checked out bridal falls near Hope and stopped in Merritt for lunch, where Farley’s attitude was unstoppable. We spent a couple hours at the water slides of my youth in Salmon Arm, and enjoyed ice cream cones at D Dutchman Dairy in Sicamous. We’re now set for bed, watching a movie on my laptop at 3 Valley Gap near Revelstoke. 

My childhood is full of memories like these. I am grateful for a fatherhood that’s filling up with them too.


I am grateful to be on a road trip with my kids. Day 1 was pretty easy, Victoria to Vancouver. It was fun.

I am grateful for my inlaws. We’ve had great hospitality here, and we had a great swim at the Hillcrest Pool, which is also something to be grateful for.

I am grateful Julie’s aunt Martha happens to be in town too; nice to reconnect with her.


I am grateful for fun times with family today.

I am grateful for time on, in, and beside Elk lake today.

I am grateful for a canoe voyage with Julie’s cousin Kerry and my nephew Henry (really, 2nd cousin-in-law, but I am going to go with nephew).

I am grateful for a takeout supper by the hotel pool.

I am grateful for 4 kids playing and swimming together all day, morning until night, until both Farley and Coop were both telling me they were tired and ready for bed.


I am grateful for my brother, who came out for a couple days to help me install flooring.

I am grateful for his appreciation for that painting I made. Giving it to him is the very least I can do. I bet he’s going to spend more hours helping me with my project this weekend than I spent painting that thing.

I am grateful for some pretty skies and mountains this evening.

I am grateful for another day that Julie  showed the kids a great time, while I spent the day causing distruption in our home. I heard that  there were some ups and downs, but Coop declared it the best weekend ever, and I think they made some great memories today.

I am grateful for Stranger Things. We watched the final episode tonight. I enjoyed the whole series, and I really hope there’s a season 2.


I am grateful for a productive day. I made progress on several fronts, house stuff, work stuff, day to day stuff.

I am grateful for the new floor we’re getting, and today, for the old carpet in our living room that left.

I am grateful for time spent in the painting studio today. It was only 45 minutes, but it was enough.

I am grateful for bikes ridden around a school ground with Farley and Coop tonight, and an ice cream cone at DQ.


I am grateful that Coop’s stomach bug found him just after a good sleep with an empty stomach. I’d be more grateful if it didn’t find him at all, but this was better than Farley’s experience, waking up to it in the middle of the night with plenty to expel.

I am grateful for swing success. The friends I went on the hike with  got the rope up before we left. I replaced much of the rope with a chain, and attached a float found on the beach on the last day of the Juan de Fuca trail. It’s a nice souvenir that got Farley’s seal of approval.


I am grateful for Elk lake. It’s easy for us to get to, it’s warm, and it has a great sandy beach. We were there with 2 extra kids we were taking care of, and another family making a crew of 7 kids under 8 years old. There was much splashing and frolicking, lolligaging and sand digging.

I am grateful for dollar store plastic baskets. We made a conserted attempt to enforce order on the chaos that is our kitchen cupboards today.

I am grateful for time spent playing with Lego with my kids this evening.