I am grateful for a top notch day.

I am grateful for Coop, being very helpful and capable at the grocery store, finding all the stuff on our list while we sauntered through each aisle.

I am grateful for Gabe and Raph, friends of our boys for a long time now, over for a sleepover. They are familiar and comfortable with our boys, as our boys are with them, too.

And I am grateful for the village; when we told a few friends we were headed for Goldstream for a cookout, they showed up too. Kids ran rampant, got dirty, climbed on trees and developed rules and guidelines for play that were quickly ignored or revised. We ate hot dogs and s’mores. We were there for hours. It was great.

And I’m grateful it worked. They were all tuckered right out. A pair of 3 year olds, and a 7 and 8 year old have not been heard from since 9:37pm. A late night for sure, but pretty good considering all the excitement.


I am grateful for a productive work day.

I am grateful for Coop’s Beaver Colony. I tripped while playing duck duck goose with a bunch of 5 to 7 year olds. As I was falling I thought, “how am I going to explain this?”. I think I’d go with “Sports Injury”, but it turns out I am fine.

I am grateful for some time in the back yard with Farley and his pal from daycare who was over for a while tonight.

I am grateful for some quality television watching time this evening.


I am grateful for a productive work day.

I am grateful for a brave and co-operative Farley at the optometrist today.

I am grateful for some fun times with the boys washing the car this evening. I bet doing that won’t always seem like a big treat to them, but tonight it sure did.

I am grateful for DJ Farley, spining all the plastic hits with his Fischer Price record player. Request a colour, any colour, and he’ll be happy to play you that song.

I am grateful for some great play together between Coop and Farley. They were really enjoying each other’s company. That’s not always the case with those two; it’s nice to catch it when they are being great friends to eachother.


I am grateful for a trip to Goldstram Park to release the baby salmon that Cooper’s class have been raising from eggs in an aquarium in his classroom. He found some friends, and we all went for a visit at the nature house there, and then after that a trundle up to the waterfall. 

I am grateful for a nap after we got home this afternoon.

I  grateful for a screening of The original 1977 Star Wars film this evening at the scout hall with Cooper’s Beaver Colony, their parents and siblings, many dressed upon costume. I was wearing a black blanket adorned with stars, as a galaxy far far away. Julie wore a white bathrobe and a pair of cinnamon raisin bagels on the side of her head for a fine Princess Leia, Cooper was Darth Vader and Farley was Yoda.


I am grateful for a productive day. I made a list, and then crossed a bunch of cuss off of it.

I am grateful for Coop, all excited to show me and photo document the Cars he made today at out of school care.

I am grateful for an evening at Mr. Tubbs, where children get to eat ice cream and learn the value of gambling through midway arcade games that cost a quarter for the chance to win tickets, redeemable for crappy plastic trinkets. I wouldn’t have thought I’d be grateful for Mr. Tubbs  this afternoon, but it was fun, and fun is something to be grateful for.

I am grateful for Farley, whacking alligators and riding what I refer to as the creepy goth pig at Mr. Tubbs. Say what you will about that pig; it is a mighty steed, and Farley is a happy guy when he’s riding it.



I am grateful for Coop reading a book to Farley this morning while I made breakfast.

I am grateful for a walk around Swan Lake with Farley, Cooper, and his Beaver colony this evening. We saw all kinds of flora and fauna, including a woodpecker, a few bald eagles, a muskrat, and apple trees in bloom.

Also, today Prince died, and I am sad, but grateful for his music, and grateful for the unforgettable concert Julie and I enjoyed when he was here in Victoria in 2011.


I am grateful for a bike ride with my kids to get them to where they needed to go this morning.

I am grateful for a productive work day.

I am grateful for a night out on the town with Julie. We went to the Flying Otter, which is a restaurant at the terminal where the harbour planes dock at Victoria’s downtown inner harbour. There’s a great patio, right on the dock, where we watched the sun set and the moon rise. An otter happened by, too, but it didn’t fly. It swam. We then just walked around on the harbour for a bit, and perused Munro’s bookstore on the way back to the car. It was a fun, kidless, warm night where I felt like a tourist even though I live here. I am grateful for that.


I am grateful for a swell day. 

I am grateful for Julie. We’ve spent more than half our lives together. Time keeps passing, and it just gets better.

I am grateful for pancakes at breakfast, then some lolligaging around the house.

I am grateful for a picnic at the beach. When I was growing up, that meant a vacation. For my kids, it means a 10 minute drive.

I am grateful for a walk through Playfair park, where rhododendrons are blooming, and plentiful, and it’s pretty as all heck.

I am grateful for kids tuckered out and asleep in bed, and the last half of a dumb superhero movie we started on Netflix a few weeks ago.


I am grateful for Julie, because she comes up with stuff like a fruit taste test station for us lovelies to discover tomorrow morning.

I am grateful for our babysitter, because she is awesome and I want my kids to hang out with people like her.

I am grateful for today and every day, because I heard news today of a friend of a friend of a friend who passed away very suddenly and very unexpectedly, and stuff like that happens and it’s unfair, and any day it doesn’t happen to you is a blessing.

I am grateful that I honestly do feel that if it did happen to me though, that I’ve lived a life so far that I’m grateful for, and that I’m proud of. For the record though, I am not planning for nor wanting that to end anytime soon.

I am grateful for the perspective that comes with being self employed for a long time. Work hasn’t been busy for the past while, and I didn’t panic. In fact, I took it easy. It’s heating up now, though, so I’m glad I enjoyed some downtime while I could.