Gratitude – Coop reading, work progress, beer


I am grateful for a moment this morning where Coop disappeared, and when I found him, I am pretty sure he was reading. He said he was just looking at the pictures. Maybe so, but he’s been getting pretty good with making sense of words lately. T’any rate, it’s nice to see him enjoying some time with a book.

I  am grateful for forward progress on a project I  working on. This is good, because I have a considerable deadline looming.

I am grateful for beer. I worked late tonight, but at 4:45 today an officemate offered me a Stella Artois. Don’t mind if I do, thank you very much! It was a nice, quick break, and it made working late not seem so bad.

Gratitude – evening at the beach, daylight

I am grateful for an unplanned evening at the beach with my boys. I probably wouldn’t have done this, in fact I probably wouldn’t have seen those guys at all tonight if I didn’t think Beavers was happening. Turns out it doesn’t happen during spring break, so while I didn’t work late as I would have if I’d known that, instead I spent about an hour at the beach with my guys. It was one of those moments, I was ambivelant: annoyed that I didn’t get the valuable time I really could use to meet imminent deadlines, but at the same time, how could I not be grateful for the longer days, and for a great time playing with my kids at the beach?

Gratitude – Video documentation of kids being awesome, Julie

I am grateful for the ubiquity of video cameras. Not all the time, not in all contexts, but I treasure these moments captured as soon as I get them and I am sure I will for a long time to come.

I  grateful for the way Farley refers to anything with lights or a siren as a weeooo weeoo.

I am grateful to Julie, who has taken up a lot of parenting slack lately as I’ve been working late to meet some upcoming deadlines. I’m also grateful for videos she sends me of what I am missing, like the one of Farley with his book above.

Gratitude – Coop biking, kids outside, nice weather, Mr. Tubbs


I am grateful for the honour that is watching Coop learn to ride a bike. Today we biked along the Galloping Goose bike trail, after tootling around the paved compound at his school along the way. He’s picking it up awfully fast; faster than I remember learning, way back when.

I am grateful to have had nice weather here for the last while; playing with kids outside is so much better than being inside.

I am grateful for Mr. Tubbs Ice Cream Parlour, which served as the destination for my bike ride with Coop this morning. They’ve got ice cream and hot dogs, and a fantastic selection of antique arcade games; the kind that give tickets that you can later exchange for crappy toys. I saw only one game with a video screen; and it was out of order. We had a lot of fun there, whacking alligators, playing skeeball, and spending all of Coop’s allowance today.

Gratitude – Lunch with a friend, weenie roast, Farley is okay




I am grateful for lunch with my pal, Judd today.

I am grateful for a fun evening. We skipped Beavers. Julie’s not been feeling so well, and I’ve been working like crazy and was thinking I’d work late again tonight after the kids were down. We decided just to bring it off. The kids biked up and down our street for a bit, then we had a weenie roast in our backyard. It was nice and relaxed. Then we got the kids ready for bed, and I went back to the office.

Things took a turn then, I had just arrived back at work when I got a call from Julie. Farley had gagged on something he found somewhere in the house, then he swallowed it. we didn’t know what it was. He said it was a coin. There weren’t any button batteries in that drawer, were there? Could we be certain?

I am grateful for free medical care in this country. I am grateful I didn’t get a ticket in the hospital parking lot, even though the meter ran out long before we returned. I am grateful that neither wait for the 2 X-rays (a second one after the first was inconclusive) was 2 hours, as the sign warned. I am grateful that the object didn’t block Farley’s airway when he swallowed it. I am grateful the X-ray showed it was just a coin after all, somewhere in his gastrointestinal tract, past the point of the most risk. I am grateful Farley is okay. I am so, so grateful Farley is okay.

Gratitude – Tiny Farley, Hike, Beach, Nap





I am grateful for another great day.

Coop made more progress on his bike. He’s getting better at stopping, which is a really key skill, I figure.

I’m grateful Farley is still small. It’s convenient for us that Coop can just grab him and stand him up on top of his head.

I am grateful for a nice hike with friends. We went to the top of Bear Hill, and then to Island View Beach, both of which were amazing, and the boys had a blast.

I am grateful for Farley’s nap on my lap this afternoon. I’m pretty sure I dozed off too. I don’t know how many of those I have left, so I cherish them when they come these days.

Gratitude – Saturday breakfast, Coop on bike, great day



Today was a good one. I have lots to be grateful for.

I am grateful for a terrific breakfast. Julie and the boys made egg muffin quiche things. The boys were heavily involved in the process, and everyone was very pleased with how they turned out.

I am grateful for Coop’s perseverance and willingness to try riding a bike without training wheels. He said he felt like was like I was keeping him up with the force, That’s how I felt too, running along with him and removing my hands from him, keeping them six inches away from his body, but it felt like I was still holding him as he balanced there in between them. It wasn’t me using the force though – that was all him. He rocked that bike today. I can’t wait to go riding with him sometime soon.

I am grateful for an all around fantastic day. It’s a Saturday, and the sun was out and it felt really warm. We washed the car in the driveway, and it all ended with me pouring buckets of water over my giggling sons. Then we went for a swim, and after a couple of hours in the pool we went and hung out in a park for another good long while. After that we got a few sandwiches from Subway, and got home just in time for Farley to fall asleep on my lap while we watched a little TV. With Farley asleep in bed, Coop and I finished off the evening with some Lego construction. Simple pleasures are the best kind, and I experienced a lot of that today. Days don’t get much better than this one, and if that’s not nice, I don’t know what is.


Gratitude – snuggly boys, pretty sunset, night out

I am grateful for boys, who, when watching TV prefer to snuggle up next to each other on the couch. So sweet!

I am grateful for the light as the sun was going down last night. It was pretty.

I am grateful for a night out. I saw Jupiter Ascending. I know a lot of people who would not really like an over the top silly science fiction movie like that, but I sure did.

Gratitude – New office, beaver buggies, crazy day accomplished

I am grateful for my new office. The move went smoothly. I managed to secure parking at both locations, and all the stuff went from the one place to the other without any issues. By about 2pm I’d set up all my stuff and had met Julie for lunch. It’s nice. There’s a window. I opened it and could hear birds twittering away.

I am grateful for the big beaver buggy race that happened tonight. The beavers put together the buggies a few weeks ago, and they raced them on a track tonight. Cooper was pleased to make it to the semi-finals; his buggy was first in the first 2 races. Farley brought one along too, and I am grateful there was time for the brothers to race head to head against eachother before the track got put away.

I am grateful for this crazy day all working out. It started early, with Farley’s first dental appointment before dropping of the boys at school. Then there was all the moving craziness, followed by the beaver meeting. Phew! It was a long, action packed day, and it all went fine, and I am looking forward to taking it a bit easier tomorrow and on the weekend.