I am grateful for a fun time riding the rails behind a genuine stem locomotive at the BC Forest  Discovery Centre with my boys today.

I am grateful Farl managed to get a good nap in.

I am grateful for some puttering afterward. J watched the kids while I messed around doing some bicycle maintenance.


  I am grateful for my grandpa’s old 1972 buick. I drove it for the first time in a few weeks to do a small errand today. Suddenly it became an occaision. I can’t go anywhere in that car without someone remarking to me that they like it.

It’s good for me to remember these moments, because most of the rest of the time I am just wondering what to do with it.


I am grateful for my niece and nephew, because they are great cousins for my boys. It is nonstop crazy happy cousin fun times when they are together.

I am grateful to be home after a wonderful, albeit fast and furious, trip to my old stomping grounds in Calgary for a family wedding. It was fun to be there and is always great to connect with family. now it’s very good to be back in my bed, in my house, on my hill, in my town, on my island.
I am grateful to my mother and father, for putting us up (and putting up with us) so well. They are very, very hospitable when we come for a visit.

I am grateful for my brother and sister in law, who made a lot of time for us this weekend. We were over for a fantastic dinner last night, and we had a great day at Heritage Park with them today.

I am grateful for classical music. I really need to listen to more of it.







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I am grateful for a fun day in Parksville. It happened to be the Parksville Kids Festival, almost like we planned it, but we didn’t. There were a half dozen or so big bouncy castles, and a train ride. There were mini donuts. It was fun.

I am grateful for the beach, which is where we went next. Tidal pools in the sand populated with fish, crabs (hermit and otherwise), sand dollars and snails.

I am grateful for lunch at Amrikko’s in Parksville, which is the best Indian restaurant I’ve been to on Vancouver Island so far.

I am grateful for a safe journey home.


I am grateful for the toy bus that Farley bought at the mini golf place today. At the time I thought it was a rip off at $10, but holy cuss, that kid loves the cuss out of that thing. I am also grateful he managed a nap; for about an hour, snuggled up with said bus while curled into a fetal position on the bench at our booth at Boston Pizza. I thought that bus was a rip off, but now I see I was wrong. Farley got his ten bucks worth today, and who knows how many happy days that kid will spend with the bus that has “Parksville, B.C.” printed on it.

I am also grateful for motels with free breakfasts and swimming pools.

And I am grateful for Rathtrevor Beach, particularly when the tide is coming in, so fast that it catches up to you if you stop walking for even a moment.


I am grateful for costume day at Cooper’s school. He already has a batman costume for Halloween. It’s been getting lots of use; I hope it lasts that long!

I am grateful for a tidier house than we usually have. I’ve been chipping away at it a bit more each day. It’s starting to look like normal people live there!

I am grateful for a decent work week. Pretty much everything I hoped to do got done.

I am grateful for omelettes. They are good fast and cheap, and you so rarely get all three.

I am grateful for a safe journey to Parksville, where we are spending the weekend. 



I am grateful for giant puppy, a great big stuffy that Farley sleeps on every night, and often drags around to wherever he is during the day.

I am grateful for a pretty easy workday again – it’s nice to get into a coding groove.

I am grateful for a great show that the snowbirds put on today, and I am grateful for the perch upon which my house sits on this hill; we had a great view. The boys were able to watch out the kitchen window while eating dinner at the table.

I am grateful for a deep red sunset tonight, observed from the back of our house.



I am grateful for a day at my desk, and for the electricians who came and graced it with the means to much faster and more reliable internet.

I am grateful for a fun evening with my boys. We went swimming. Coop the 6 year old went out on the diving board, then came back and climbed down the ladder. Then he went out and came back again. Then Farley, the 3 year old went straight out and hopped off the end without hesitation. Then they both hopped off, again and again and again, for about an hour. I am proud and honoured and delighted to witness that kind of thing.

I am grateful to my friend Jason, who bequeathed us with a bunch of toy cars he used to play with as a kid. My boys were very enthused, and as I type this, Farley is asleep in his bed snuggled up to his four favourites.


I am grateful for good friends who invited us to join them for a spur of the moment picnic at Goldstream park today. A walk in the woods with those folk was a great way to spend the day.

I am grateful for family night part 2. Coop wanted White Spot and a movie. The dinner out was yesterday, and tonight we watched “The Book of Life” on Netflix. It’s not often the big 6 going on 7 year old Coop curls up on my lap, but he did tonight, and that was nice. It may have been because I had the popcorn bowl. That’s fine anyway.