I am grateful for some time spent painting this afternoon.

I am grateful for reconnections with 2 people today; a friend’s mother who I hadn’t seen for a long time, and a colleague I spent A LOT of time on the phone with on many projects through the years before he moved on to another industry.

I am grateful for a bloom on a sunflower, standing tall at about 8 feet off the ground, that Cooper initially planted at a Cub meeting back in June.


I am grateful for my helpful kid Coop. He helped me out with dishes this afternoon, then with a drill and woodscrews, getting deer fencing up around our garden.

I am grateful for family fun night: my pick. We played Sertlers of Catan, with a break in the middle when we hopped into the car and took I. The sunset at Saxe Point.


I am grateful for a good first day settling into my month as artist residence at the Hotel Grand Pacific today. I painted for a good long while this afternoon, and I loook forward to doing the same with all my weekdays until the end of the month.

I’m grateful for Julie, who was immensely helpful setting up this morning, and was also my lunch date.

I am grateful for Farley, who set the table, complete with place names, for tacos at supper tonight.


I am grateful for a day job project completed today.

I am grateful for time spent outside with Farl and Coop. We were all working on our own endeavours; I was getting some art stuff done, Farl was making a spaceship from odds and sods, and Coop was making a kite. That feeling of absorption in a task is hard to beat; and is even better in good company like that.


I am grateful for some insomnia this morning that led to my being there with my camera at the Mt. Doug beach at 5:00am for the sunrise; which was a spiritual experience, and an example of one of the reasons why I paint.

I am grateful for automotive victory. I installed an aftermarket backup camera today, and now I just want to drive in reverse, all the time.

I am grateful for time spent doing errands at the mall with with my family today, culminating with all of us sharing an order of fries at the food court. That’s enough, right there, to make my week.


I am grateful for a fine day at the 2018 TD Art Gallery Paint In. I sold a number of cards and prints, and ran out of the 100 business cards I brought. It felt like success to me.

I am grateful for help from Cooper this morning. In the past, help from my kids usually meant “help” with quotation marks. Not today. That big kid was mission critical to keeping the morning going smoothly.

I am grateful for Julie. She was on one or both kids all day and brought me lunch, which is one of her many keys to my heart.

I am grateful for my neighbour, who helped me get all the stuff doen there this morning  and back up here this afternoon.

I am grateful for takeout and a screening of Isle of Dogs this evening, which is a heckuva fine movie and was the perfect way to end the day.


I am grateful for the easels my brother helped me make a few months back. They’ve served me well, and now I’ve got them set up nicely for prints on paper and cards.

I am grateful for Coop’s film festival at his Lego animation summer camp. It was awesome.

I am grateful to be going to bed feeling mostly prepared for the Moss Street Paint-In. Should be good day tomorrow!


I am grateful for sushi with Julie at lunch.

I am grateful for a day that went off the rails, but it’s all okay now.

I am grateful for Farley. He’s just fine, but that poor kid and I wound up spending a LOT of time together in various waiting rooms at the hospital today.

I am grateful for that kid’s love of drawing in moments like that.