I am grateful for a swell weekend.

I am grateful for my cargo bike. 6 bags of groceries? No problem!

I am grateful for an afternoon of puttering. Puttering is the greatest of all pastimes for me.

I am grateful for a performance of “The Umbrella“, by good friends Judd and Mercedes. It’s fantastic to have such high calibre theatre here for my kids; even better to be amazed by and proud of talented friends.

I am grateful for a picnic dinner at Playfair park tonight. There’s a gazillion flowers there, and wearing the boys out at a park before bedtime makes it easier for everyone.

Gratitude – grandad’s radio

I am grateful for an old radio that once resided in my grandfather’s office, then later in the work shed at my family’s cabin, and now on a shelf at my office. It’s a radio that’s been present for decades of enjoyable puttering, and I am honoured to imbue it with a (hopefully) few decades more of the same.

I am grateful for the breakfast sandwich one can get at Picnic on Fort Street in this town. It’s some kind of good!

Also: Anar, a Persian place on Quadra Street. Friday is lamb shank night. Omg, omg. NOM NOM NOM!

I am grateful for kids jumping on a trampoline before bed. They were at it for a good 20-30 minutes, and after that, bedtime was pretty dang easy!

Gratitude – new laundry machines, sashimi, swimming

I am grateful for a new washer/dryer, in my house. Our old laundry was in the garage, here we now have to exit the house to get to. Huzzah!

I am grateful for the realization that I can just go buy frozen chunks of salmon or tuna for sashimi at Fujiya, a store not too far from my house.

I am grateful for a swim at the pool tonight with Julie and our boys. The bigger they get, the easier it is to do stuff like that, even on a school night!

Gratitude – home, ticklish farley, cargo bike

i am grateful for my home, in every possible definition of that word.

I am admittadly ambivelant about an unexpected day at home to take care of a sick Farley, today, but nonetheless grateful to spend some time with that kid.

I am grateful for my cargo bike. I hauled my boys all over town today. It was a great day for it, and the van didn’t move from the driveway.

Gratitide – calgary, air travel, family, friends.

I am grateful for Calgary. Makes no difference where I go, it’s the best hometown I know.

I am grateful for air travel. Airports aren’t the happiest places, and the seats are never as comfy as you’d like, but it sure beats walking.

I am grateful for my family of origin. It was just the 4 of us at my folks place for dinner tonight: my mom, dad, brother and myself . The last time that happened was likely a decade or two ago. It was fun, and I am grateful.

I am grateful for old friends. I just had drinks at a bar with old friends I’ve known since I was a kid. It was really great to see those guys tonight.

Gratitude – Coop’s school, full day at work, trip to Calgary

I am grateful for Coop’s school. Today it was student-led conference day. He took us on a tour of the classroom and school, and showed us some of the stuff he’s been working on. We saw him listening intently and doing as his teacher asked; at least I presume. She was speaking in French – Coop appeared to understand, but in honesty, Julie and I don’t know the language well enough to get it all. Crazy!

I am grateful for Farley, who, upon picking him up, said several times in the car, “I can’t wait to go to Cooper’s school!”. Chances are, one day soon it will be his school, too.

I am grateful for a full day at work, without any having to go anywhere to do anything. It’s a little too rare, that, these days. It’s sure easier to concentrate when you can sit and work at something for a longer period of time.

I am grateful for an upcoming trip to Calgary this weekend. I’m there principally to visit my brother. It’s nice to have something to look forward to.

Gratitude – the chicken way, crisis averted, simple but good dinner

 I am grateful for the chicken way. After I drop Cooper off at school, I go to drop off Farley at daycare. Every day, we go “the chicken way”, where we stop by a neighbour’s yard where there is a chicken coop. I watch Farley’s face in the rear view mirror light up, and usually within a minute, he says “bye bye chickens” and then I know it’s time to go.

I am grateful there was a floor model of the unitized washer/dryer we ordered. I received a call today from GE telling me that the one we ordered was out of production, and we should go get a refund. There was a fair amount of agony involved in making that decision (side note: I do not recommend appliance shopping with a 2 and 6 year old). I did not want to have to make it again, so I called up the store and was able to buy the one they had on display. Phew!

I am grateful for a simple but great dinner tonight. Flank steak, quinoa, and brocolli. I did the steak on the BBQ, and just for kicks, did the broccoli on it too. It turned out great. Know why? because everything cooked on a BBQ is better. That’s why.

Gratitude – kids playing on trampolines with sprinklers, puttering

I am grateful for kids on trampolines with sprinklers on underneath. I am grateful for  favourite swimming trunks, on kid #2, with worn out elastic leading to wardrobe malfunction.

I am grateful for some time to putter today. Julie took the kids and I took the opportunity to get taxes figured out (a little late in the game, I know) and to fiddle with bikes some more.

Gratitude – project nearly done, lunch with Julie, Beavers in the great outdoors

I am grateful that a big project is coming to a close. Onward to the next…

I am grateful for lunch with Julie. The new office is much closer to hers – it’s great to have such opportunity to have kid-free time with her. Doesn’t happen often otherwise.

I am grateful for Beavers, tonight it was a walk down Camas Trail to the beach. Not much of a hike really, but the kids had a great time frolicking on the beach and clambering on the rocks.