Top row: Julie, Cooper. Bottom row: Farley, Mike.

I am grateful for Farley, who made a book about families. Every page has a picture of a family he knows on it, and we’re on the front. It’s awesome. 100% awesome.

I am grateful for understanding people, when I aM caught between a rock and a hard place.


I am grateful for Coop. He’s a great kid, and a great brother, and 8 years ago today he came into our lives and changes them forever. How about that.

I am grateful for time in the studio today.

I am grateful for Julie, who remembered him using face paint on his brother at a birthday party, and bought him a set for his birthday, which he used to do up Farley like a tiger. Great stuff!

I  grateful for my folks, who came a long way to be with us for Cooper’s birthday.

I am grateful to be in bed. I am bushed.


I am grateful for a fun experience selling Christmas trees for Camp Barnard, the scout camp we’ve gone to a few times in’s a great cause, The kids had fun, and so did we, and it felt really Chrstmassy, and it was convenient to buy a tree while we were there.

I am grateful for a nap we managed to squeeze in this afternoon.

I am grateful for a visit from my folks this afternoon.

I am grateful for the truck parade.

I am grateful for an evening yaking away with friends, while our kids snuggled up on the couch and watched Christmas specials.


I am grateful for time spent at my shared workspace today. 

I am grateful for family fun night: Cooper’s pick. He chose supper at Big Wheel Burger, then ice skating at Butchart Gardens. There were some tears; my boys haven’t had the luxury of an outdoor rink at the park down the street like I did growing up, and it wasn’t coming as easily as they’d have liked. They were troopers though, and it was a great night.


I am grateful for an easy morning with my kids.

I am grateful for the opportunity to put up some paintings in the mayor’s reception area at the Saanich municipal hall. I hung them this morning. I’ll be adding a few more to another space in the building next Thursday.

I am grateful for another night out. Julie and I went to see Frazey Ford, with Chance Lovett and the Broken Hearted opening. The whole show was fantastic, and it took place at a nightclub I remember going to when I was in university. It’s an experience to be in such a small venue with such amazing talent.


I am grateful for Coop, who had the self awareness, at 7 years old, to tell me he felt angry and didn’t know why, just before a hug when he was off to school this morning. He and I were having a rough go. He could have just thrown insults at me, or acted out in some other way, but this time, he just told me how he felt. I know adults that couldn’t do that. Heck! I often can’t either. Go Coop!

I am grateful for Farley, who was pleased to show me his thumbtack and rubber band craft this morning.

I am grateful for an opportunity that came up to show my paintings at Saanich city hall this month. I’m installing a few tomorrow; The rest will be in there Dec 9.

I am grateful for date night. Julie and I went out for dinner, then did errands. Sounds mundane, but it was sublime.


I was too dang tired to be grateful last night, but I am grateful for another day at Cub Camp, and for time spent with Cooper there, and then Farley the robot with a laundry basket over his head later on, and for time spent with Julie just chit chatting and catching up at the kitchen table for a good long while after the kids were down.

I am grateful for an audible guffaw I made, alone, when I read a text from Farley’s daycare provider that reported he’d just said, “I am sorry I farted. My mom forced me to eat beans”. I am totally going to steal that line next time I am in an elevator with strangers.

I am grateful for time spent with those two jokers tonight. Julie was out and we had some laughs. Sometimes those two are cussing hilarious.


I am grateful for an unexpected day of kid time; although when there are work obligations that need to be attended to, that can get hairy.

I am grateful for the garagenous zone. What do you do when you are at home sick? Bust out the power tools and make a plywood racetrack for hot wheels. That’s what.

I am grateful for time spent painting in the studio today.


I am grateful for my carpenter. He does great work, and he lets me work with him, and he’s fun to work with. Today we hung french doors in a doorframe, and then installed them into our front closet. If you need carpentry, particularly custom furniture, talk to Bill. Bill can do it. You can help!

I am grateful for construction adhesive. Its just the thing if you have a thing you want to stick to another thing.

I am grateful for Coop, who was giving his upset brother the space and consideration he needed tonight. 

I am grateful for Farley. He had some nice snuggles for me when he was going to bed.


I am grateful for time spent painting today. It’s been tough to find time get in there lately, so I appreciated it!

I am grateful for a photo Julie texted me while I was painting of Coop poring over and using an Ed Emberly how-to-draw book that I had when I was a kid, and Farley assembling beads into jewellery. They were at this for a good long while.

I am grateful for a game of “ticket to ride” at the board game cafe with Coop this afternoon.