I am grateful for a daycare that sends my kid home dirty and tuckered out from playing outside.

I am grateful for leftovers.

I am grateful for Coop, who’s been enduring more discomfort than any kid should have to with an ear infection for the last couple days. He’s a trooper, poor fella!


I am grateful for old home videos. We watched a few with Farley and Cooper today from when they were much smaller. I can’t believe those voices that were once so familiar now sound so far away – they just keep getting bigger. Grateful for that, too.

I am grateful for Farley’s ladybug costume. He got it for Halloween when he was 2 or so, but kept wearing it all year, and likely still was until after he turned 4 and he finally couldn’t squeeze into it any more. Last night when I was putting him down, after I thought he was asleep, he whispered, “Dada, do you remember my ladybug costume?”. “Yes”, I replied. “I loved my ladybug costume”, he said.

I am grateful we have a doctor’s appointment for Coop tomorrow. His cold has now also become an ear infection, and a fever, and I am looking forward to having someone tell me it’s all going to be okay. He’s been having a hard time, the poor kid.

I am grateful for lasagne.I made it tonight because Coop said he wanted it, but I enjoyed it, too.


I am grateful for an unplanned day at home with Farley.

I am grateful for a walk in Summit Park. The crocuses are starting to come up, and we saw some daffodils, too. It’s supposed to get cold again next week, but for now I’ll just live in the fantasy that winter is behind us.


I am grateful for a productive worky day, with a few ends tied up, and the first few steps taken on a new and interesting project.

I am grateful for time spent at the studio.

I am grateful for date night. Julie and I went to see Gracie by Joan MacLeod at the Belfry Theatre. Not a feel good kind of play, but abundant talent: Fantastic writing, direction, and acting. Great use of a well designed, austere set. Great stuff! See it for a few more days here, and watch for it when it comes to Calgary.


I am grateful for breakfast that Julie made this morning. A giant pancakey thing called a dutch baby*. NOM NOM NOM!

I am grateful for a Family Day event at the Cedar Hill Arts Centre. We had a great time. Highlights included a magician, printmaking, yarn bombing, trombone playing (and many other instruments), face painting, pottery, to name a few. All that and Food trucks, too!

I am grateful for a walk around the Cedar Hill Golf Course after that, during which I spotted blooming crocuses for the first time this year.

I am grateful for Farley. He now has a snorkel and mask, and at bath time, he spends most of it submerged, exploring whatever there is to explore at the bottom of one end of the tub. One day he’ll do that in the ocean, and that will blow his mind!


* Not an actual baby. We have a strict no cannibalism rule in our house, regardless of age or nationality.


I am grateful for a snow day. We kept the kids home from school and daycare.

I am grateful for a glimpse of Mt. Baker from a walk we took to Summit Park.

I am grateful for the best cup of hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Julie made it. It involved cream and chocolate chips. It was sublime.

I am grateful for a feast with my folks at JJ’s (a fave Chinese restaurant). It’s the last time the boys will see them before they head home to Calgary. I am grateful they have the means and motivation to spend the time out here that they do every winter. 


I am grateful for Farley, who looks a lot like a chicken when he’s fooling around and sticks his legs in the sleeves of his loaner pink sweater from daycare.

I am grateful for Coop, who reads to him.

I  grateful that everyone made it through the day safely. It’s pandemonium in this town when it snows, and it snowed a lot today!


I am grateful for my parents, who tolerated a bike ride with myself, Farley and Cooper today, through cold weather, rain, and hail. They then took us out for lunch, and then miniature world. I  grateful for that, too.

I am grateful for chicken wings that Julie made. NOM NOM NOM.
I am grateful for a trip to the library with Farl, who really, really loves the pink loaner sweater from daycare that is very soft inside.


I am grateful for Julie, who was on the kids so I could have lots of time in the studio today.

I am grateful for Coop’s love of reading. Makes a guy proud.

I am grateful for some time outside with Farley. He made the trampoline into a construction site, where the tonka trucks were cleaning up the leaves.

I am grateful for a night out with my folks; first for some delicious tapas, then to see the This is That tour at the McPherson theatre. It was great; lots of laughs. Those guys are very, very talented.