I am grateful for kids having tons of fun at a hotel pool, also for personal flotation devices.

I am grateful for weather that’s too hot. Every now and again I consider being ungrateful for that, but then I remember, I live in Canada.

I am grateful for life and work balance, I got a number of hours of both, today. Win-win!


I am grateful for some really nice colours in the sky, looking out my back door this evening.

I am grateful for a mighty productive work day. I am not grateful I was in the  office on a gorgeous day like today, while we have family in town who are all having fun without me. However, since that had to be the case, I am grateful that I at least got some cuss done.

I am grateful for Colleen, who said she didn’t need to be named here, but who showed my kids (and spouse) a great time today and deserves to be. No, thank YOU, Colleen!



I am grateful for family in town, and kids with cousins to play with.

I am grateful for my aunt in law, who likes this blog on Facebook pretty much every day.

I am grateful for an entire meal, including a whole dang sockeye salmon, that was prepared on the BBQ and consumed outside. Summer never seems to come soon enough nor last long enough; I am grateful that tonight we took the opportunity to enjoy it while we can!


I am grateful for Coop’s summer concert on this, his second last day of Kindrgarten. Know what’s awesome? Watching little kids belt it out. That’s what.

I am grateful  for dappled sun on the leaves outside my office window. Not an expansive majestic view by any stretch, but it radiates a calming energy.


I am grateful for opportunities to make things with my hands. I rebuilt this rock wall as part of our renovation. I don’t think it’s the best rock wall ever built; nor do I even particularly like rock walls, but it’s a thrill to Jump in to doing something where you go from never having done it to having done it. And it was rewarding to step back and admire it when I was done.

Similarly, I am grateful for the opportunity I took in the summer of 2001 to build a guitar at Timeless Instruments. I was playing that guitar today, as I have many, many other days since making it. I love how it feels and I love how it sounds, and I love remembering the great 7 weeks I spent 15 years ago in Tugaske, Saskatchewan building that thing from a stack of pieces of wood.


I am grateful for renovation progress. “When will that end?”, you might wonder. “Within the next week!”, I might reply. You can check out some photos and details at We’ll have real, professional photos in a week or so, but in the meantime, feel free to have a gander, and to pass that link to anyone who might be interested. If that’s not a shameless plug, what is?

I am grateful for electric bike kit parts that arrived today. Can’t wait to install them!


I am grateful that Coop was mighty co-operative when it came to shearing his mane. That kid had a fine head of long hair before yesterday. The optometrist advised we cut it; he was favouring the eye that peeked out while the other was covered. It’s nice to see his face again.

I am grateful for Coop and Farley, who I just went to check on. I found them both off their beds, in what appears to be a nest of covers they made in the space between them, sleeping soundly on the floor, just a foot or two away from each other.

I am grateful for a full, productive, relatively interruption free work day. 





I am grateful for Coop and Farley, sitting on the front stoop as they often do in the morning before the commute, just chillin’ for a bit before I rush them into the car and off to school. 

I am grateful for family fun night. Tonight was Julie’s pick: Spaghetti Factory for dinner, then a harbour ferry tour, followed by checking out vendors and street performers on the inner harbour.

The harbour ferry tour operator was great; he had similarly aged grandchildren to Coop and Farley, and it was apparent in his easy manner with our kids. On the tour he made a  stop at Fisherman’s Wharf to buy ice cream cones for the boys; I am pretty sure that was above and beyond the standard tour package, and just something he wanted to do. My boys were grateful and so am I.


I am grateful for the way Coop comes right over to Farley in his seat to kiss and hug goodbye when I drop him off at school in the morning. 

I am grateful for Coop’s choice to wear a bow tie today, just because he felt like it.

I am grateful for the hanging flower basket truck I spotted today. 

I am grateful for a swim at the pool with my lads tonight. It was hot outside, but cool on the pool.



I am grateful for raccoons cavorting like two young lads I know in the pond in front of our house. I caught these two young raccoons wrasslin’ there yesterday morning. After I took this video I fetched said lads, and the raccoons kept up the show for another minute or two.

I am grateful for plans that fell through this weekend, which means we’re now enjoying a plan free weekend. Awesome weather, to boot, with temperatures expected to hit 30C.

I am grateful for Farley playing with trucks. There’s been lots of that lately.

I am grateful for local strawberries. Julie bought a ton of them, and tonight she blended them with ice and added tequila, and put that in a glass for me. Then we sat in the front yard and watched the world go by for an hour or so after the kids were down. If that’s not nice, what is?