I am grateful for success in a project Julie and I devised on our way home from our getaway last week. We’ve dreamed of installing a hot tub since before we got into our house, but it’s never been the right time for us to invest in one, and it’s also always seemed like it would be one more thing to manage if we did.

At the place we were staying last week, one of the big draws was a private 2-person outdoor bathtub, and it was great. We realized we don’t really need jets, we just wanted a big warm place to soak. A bit of googling revealed a solution, and on our way home we purchased a 180 gallon stock tank from a farm supply store in Langford. This is the thing you’d typically use to hold water for cows and horses to drink from, but it turns out, it’s a very comfortable place to be, even for up to 3 of us, when filled with hot water, and in our backyard.


I am grateful for the car sharing co-op I just used for the second time today. I don’t need it often, but it works well and is nice to have access to it when I do.

I am grateful for a good mechanic, and a new alternator in our van.

I am grateful for all the artists I am showing with at the Mosaic art show I am in at Goward House, here in Victoria, We installed the show today, all 59 pieces, from 6 diverse artists. I think it looks great, if I do say so myself. If you are reading this, you are invited to the opening reception, this Sunday from 1:30 to 3:30. More info here. It’d be great to see you!

I am grateful for time spent with my family this evening. We watched Ponyo. I am also grateful for that film and every other one I’ve seen from Studio Ghibli.


I am grateful for time spent visiting with family.

I am grateful for Coop, who rose to the occasion to fulfill a requirement for his Cub Scout building badge, and to help his Nana and Pop by installing a bracket for the vacuum cleaner they received from my brother and sister in law for Christmas.

I am grateful for the East Van Panto, which was the impetus for our Vancouver visit. It never disappoints.

I am grateful for dinner for 8 at Chongqing, on Commercial at 12th, which I think is some of the best Chinese food anywhere.

I am grateful for a safe journey and arrival home.


I am grateful for some time in the studio this morning.

I am grateful for an afternoon with Farley at a Candyland themed community event put on by a local church.

I am grateful for Coop’s choir concert at the Saanich municipal hall. They did, among other songs, Christmastime is Here from the Peanuts Christmas Special, and it was awesome.

I am grateful for the Truck Parade right after that.

I am grateful for dinner out at an Indian Restaurant, with my folks, who are here in town this weekend.


  I am grateful for some physiotherapy this morning.

I am grateful for time spent painting this afternoon.

I am grateful for family fun night: Julie’s pick. We accepted an invitation to have pizza at our neughbour’s house, and then carved pumpkins back at ours after that.


  I am grateful for some kitchen success this morning. I made crepes. They were well received.
I am grateful for time in the studio.

I am grateful for a productive afternoon in the garagenous zone.

I am grateful for date night. We saw A Star is Born. It was well put together, and tragic. I really felt for those characters.


I am grateful for a whole heckuva lot of time at the studio today.

I am grateful for time spent with my lads tonight. We went out for pizza, then squared away some costume issues. Coop whittled away at a sword he’s carving from a piece of scrap lumber. With his martial arts get up and some cleverly googled use of a white T-shirt, we created Farl a fine ninja costume.

I am grateful to watch those kids grow up, and do all the stuff they do. Coop’s getting into theatre, and he’s going after Cub badges, and he’s reading like a fiend. Farl is always finding new ways to entertain himself with lego, and if he finds a new art supply around, like some canvas panels I threw in the art cart a few weeks ago, that kid will take it upon himself to set up and paint like there’s no tomorrow. I can so get behind that!


I am grateful for a cuss ton of cuss done in the garagenous zone this morning.

I am grateful for time spent in the studio this afternoon.

I am grateful for family fun night: my pick. We went for a walk by Beaver Lake before going out for dinner. The sunset was glorious and the crew seemed into it.


Durrance Lake, from my walk on Saturday morning

I am grateful for time spent working and in the studio today. I’m starting to feel a bit more like myself.

I am grateful this cast isn’t permanent. It cramps my style here and there, It forces me to be slow when I paint – I am more deliberate, but less able to get into the flow of it.

I am grateful for a walk around Mt. Tolmie with Cooper and the Cub pack tonight. The weather was perfect, and the sunset from the top with its 360 degree view was incredible.


I’m attaching some photos here from Thursday night, when Julie and I were at Swan Lake. Lots of cool birds there that night. I’m grateful we’ve got spaces they can do okay within our city bounds.

I am grateful for time to sleep in this morning,

I am grateful for a walk the four of us took to the mall to get some errands done.