I am grateful for Farley’s company on a few hours worth of errands today. Highlights included when he jumped right in to the self checkout process at the grocery store, batting my hand away and telling me he really wanted to do that whole cart himself, and then also getting some hoity toity frozen dairy treats at Parachute Ice Cream.

I am grateful for Auntie J, who came for dinner this evening. We feasted like kings and queens, then played some Yahtzee, probably the same way a king or queen would, too.

I am grateful for a terrific summer, here on the eve of the first day of school. I never have fully embraced the fall, but there is a nice feeling of settling in to a routine that comes with this time of year.


I am grateful for a close encounter with a tiny hummingbird today. It got into our house and was up against the window trying to find it’s way out. Poor thing. It would hover up and down against the glass and fall down, looking tuckered out. In the end I scooped it up in my hands and released out the open part of the window. Not something that happens every day.

I am grateful for time spent with Farley today. I took him for a haircut, then to the Egypt exhibit at the museum, then for ice cream at the fancy dipped cone place on Government street.

I’m grateful to live in a place that has a tourist district with all that kind of thing. It’s fun to go down there and pretend like I am on vacation too.


I am grateful for time spent painting today. I varnished one I recently completed, and got a start in on a new one.

I am grateful for a great summer. I’ve noticed they seem to end abruptly these days. It rained a bit today and was cool enough for a jacket this morning. We did some back to school wardrobe shopping for the boys; as if the weather turning wasn’t marker enough. It was a great summer though, and we might still get some good long hot days out of it.

I am grateful for family fun night. We took it easy, popped corn and watched a movie (Guardian Brothers) for Julie’s pick. It was low key, and that was just fine by me.


I am grateful for my electric bike. Today I put both my kids and all their stuff on it to take them to summer camp, and biked a 5.8 Km return trip to the hotel, and the battery on this 2.5 year old electric kit was still showing 5 bars after all that.

I am grateful for time spent painting.

I am grateful for lunch with Julie.

I am grateful for a productive evening with the kids. We got all the school supplies, then to a different store for a new toaster, and still got everyone home to bed at a decent hour.


I am grateful for some time spent painting this afternoon.

I am grateful for reconnections with 2 people today; a friend’s mother who I hadn’t seen for a long time, and a colleague I spent A LOT of time on the phone with on many projects through the years before he moved on to another industry.

I am grateful for a bloom on a sunflower, standing tall at about 8 feet off the ground, that Cooper initially planted at a Cub meeting back in June.


I am grateful for my helpful kid Coop. He helped me out with dishes this afternoon, then with a drill and woodscrews, getting deer fencing up around our garden.

I am grateful for family fun night: my pick. We played Sertlers of Catan, with a break in the middle when we hopped into the car and took I. The sunset at Saxe Point.


I am grateful for a good first day settling into my month as artist residence at the Hotel Grand Pacific today. I painted for a good long while this afternoon, and I loook forward to doing the same with all my weekdays until the end of the month.

I’m grateful for Julie, who was immensely helpful setting up this morning, and was also my lunch date.

I am grateful for Farley, who set the table, complete with place names, for tacos at supper tonight.