I am grateful for a day with Farley who was home with me today. Love that kid.

I am grateful for the pet store next to the library. We went and checked out some fish, frogs, lizards, birds and hamsters. Fun stuff!

I am grateful for time spent conversing with another dad at the schoolyard. On days like today, adult conversation is a rare and precious commodity.

I am grateful for dramatic clouds at sunset.

I am grateful for dinner out, because we had a coupon and I didn’t want to deal with cooking.

I am grateful for time at the gym and studio tonight.


I am grateful for time in the studio this morning. First time I had a good chunk of time in there for a few days.

I grateful for a productive day in the garage, too.

I am grateful for several good long hugs from Farley today. My day starts with one when I drop him off at school. Coop and I still do a friendly quick hug everyday too, except the odd time when he’s shy around his buddies, we have a fist bump protocol for those situations. These daily goodbye hugs won’t last forever. In the meantime, I’m soaking it up as much as I can for as long as I can.

I grateful for the pumpkin carving night at Cubs. They were all really into it.


I am grateful for some really nice light and fall colours after walking the kids to school this morning.

I am grateful for a productive day.

I am grateful for time spent with my boys this evening. Farley made drying rack blanket forts while Coop and I finished up his Halloween costume.

I am grateful for time spent painting after the boys were in bed.

I am grateful for a walk to school with my lads.

I grateful for Farley’s special helper day. It means he gets to do a show and tell, and be the first in line to get to class, and to sit in a special chair at the front, and to hold Benjo, their class mascot frog stuffy. He was loving every minute of it.

I am also grateful for what he said when Julie asked if there was anything he thought we should talk about with his teacher at parent teacher interviews today. “Just tell her that I love her,” he said.

And I’m grateful for those interviews. We heard all the stuff a parent would want to hear.

I am grateful for a night out free of dinner making and kids. I went to the gym for the first time in a long time. Like, since there were podcasts, which I have to say, greatly improves the experience. Then I went to the studio, and painted until my eyes were bleary. That, right there is my idea of a good time.


I am grateful for a spectacular morning doing all the Banff stuff. We swam in water from the hot springs, saw the cave and basin, and walked up to the lower falls in Johnston Canyon.

I am grateful for time spent chit chatting with Jules while we drive.

I am grateful to be in bed. That was a full day, and the most recent in a series of full days.


I am grateful for an action packed day.

We took our kids and their cousins to the Telus Spark science museum, and spent a good long while there. I’d been before, but never to the second floor, and never with enough time to feel like it wasn’t rushed. It was a fun time.

I grateful for a fantastic family thanksgiving.

I am grateful for my cousin Tom’s singing voice and willingness to play guitar with me and whomever else would sing along with us tonight. I could feel my late grandma’s warm presence when we played Country Roads by John Denver. Pretty sure that somehow, somewhere, she was pleased by that.


I am grateful for a fun day with my family.

I am grateful for a round of jungle themed mini golf and the remote control boats at Castle Fun Park in Abbotsford this morning.

I am grateful for ice cream cones at the D Dutchmen Dairy in Sicamous, which I have enjoyed every now and again since my family vacationed there in the late 70s and early 80s.

I am grateful for another pool and hot tub at another cheap motel.

I am grateful to be writing this in the dark, tucked in bed, with the sounds of my slumbering kids and spouse keeping me company.


I am grateful for a walk to school with my kids this morning.

I am grateful for a sizable to-do list that all got crossed off today.

I am grateful for lunch with Julie.

I am grateful for date night. Tonight we went to Island View beach. The sunset was amazing, and so was the moonrise over the water.