I am grateful for a good day if puttering; cleaning up junk from the garage, getting some small projects done.

I am grateful for lunch out at Subway with my lads.

I am grateful for a rare glimpse of the formal Coop, who’s got a date to go to the theatre with Julie tonight.

I am grateful for a night in wrasslin’ on the trampoline and watching an episode of Star Trek with Farley.


i am grateful for a productive work day and projects that are wrapping up.

I am grateful for an evening with friends. We dined like kings and queens. Kids ran amuck. Grownups engaged in conversation that covered everything from beefaroni to the nature of spirituality and human existence, We stayed out too late and the kids were asleep when we turned in to the driveway on the way home.

I carried Farley in from the car. You never know when it’s the last time you do something like that.


I am grateful for a bike ride with Coop and Farl to Mr. Tubbs, where Farley caught the Golden Lobster in the fishing game, and won SO MANY TICKETS.

I am grateful for a day spent mostly outside, with weather warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt and no jacket, all day long.


I am grateful for the time we had with Stripe, the fish that Farley picked out for our tank back in January. We’ve voted him off the island; it’s against the rules in this house to eat your roommates. We found a pet store that accepted Stripe as a donation. If you see this fish, don’t let him near any little fellers. Can’t really blame him, I guess; fish is as fish does.

I am grateful for Coop’s play date with a buddy of his from school. Nice to get a chance to meet other nice folks in ‘hood.

I am grateful for time spent with my boys today, building Mecanno with Coop; rubbing Farl’s back at bedtime.


I am grateful for a walk to school with my boys this morning. It’s the first time we’ve walked in a while. The sun was out, it was warmer than yesterday, and it felt like spring was really on it’s way.

I am grateful for lunch with my friend Judd today. Always good to catch up with that guy.

I am grateful for time spent relaxing with my family in the living room this evening Cooper talked with a firiend on the phone while playing a online competitive and educational math game with him on the computer, Farley was building his lego set, Julie was playing online scrabble on her phone, and I had my nose in a book.


I am grateful for all the infrastructure in place that allows for the easy sale of used goods. I like money, and I like decluttering, and I like meeting random strangers for small transactions.

I am grateful for time at the studio today.

I am grateful for help and support from my family and the other scouters at Coop’s Cub Meeting tonight. I organized 3 arty projects for them to do, and it went well. I don’t ever recall such a quiet meeting. Those normally raucous and unbridled active kids pretty much all just got into the zone that we get into when we’re intent on a project, and then they stayed there, which was the effect I was trying to achieve.


I am grateful for a full, enjoyable weekend.

I am grateful for Coop’s Cub Car rally. There were so many cool cars that these kids made. Coop’s had a last minute addition of LEGO flames in the back that I think took it up a few notches.

I am grateful for time at the studio yesterday.

I am grateful for a lazy-ish Sunday. I got some cuss done, and I got some time lazing about with my nose in a book. This is thanks partly to friends who entertained our kids with their kids this afternoon, for which I am also grateful.

I’m grateful for a feast at our place tonight with those same friends.

I am grateful for variety shows that Farl, and his pal, Raph, put on for us. There was singing, beatboxing, and audience participation. That, right there, is the stuff of life.