I am grateful for a family outing to the Christmas display on tuxedo drive last night.

I am grateful for another family outing today, this time to pick up a second hand Lego set Farley wanted to buy that he found in a classified ad, then for Vietnamese takeout in the car before a walk on the Ed Nixon trail. It was fun.

I am grateful for hamburgers, generally, but also specifically, the one I made for dinner tonight.

I am grateful for Cooper’s patience and perseverance. Tonight we figured out how to play a fairly complicated card game I bought the other day.

I am great for season 3 of Westworld. Julie and I finished that off tonight.


I am grateful for family fun night, my pick. First, we dined on takeout from white spot, before watching the season finale of The Mandalorian. Then, we toured a number of noteworthy Christmas light displays around town, and finished it all off with hot chocolate and timbits. Not a bad way to celebrate the first day of the winter break.


I am grateful for family fun night: Julie’s pick. My folks came over with takeout BBQ, and then we walked up to the school parking lot, where Julie had arranged for a pop up shadow puppet show put on by a local theatre company that has set up a truck for the purpose, joined by a group of neighbourhood friends. It was a fun night!


I am grateful for time spent finishing up a painting today, and later starting a new one.

I am grateful for a beautiful sandwich Cooper made for me today. It was perfect. It was delicious. I am so proud.

I am grateful for a trip out today. We walked to the mall, now open, so that Coop could buy a toy he was after. It felt good to get out.

I am grateful for another meal kit dinner.

I am grateful for time spent snuggling up in bed with my boys at bedtime. First, we watched a great video about a guy who set up an obstacle course for squirrels in his back yard, Then I read a few chapters of Farley’s book.