I am grateful for a snow day. We kept the kids home from school and daycare.

I am grateful for a glimpse of Mt. Baker from a walk we took to Summit Park.

I am grateful for the best cup of hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Julie made it. It involved cream and chocolate chips. It was sublime.

I am grateful for a feast with my folks at JJ’s (a fave Chinese restaurant). It’s the last time the boys will see them before they head home to Calgary. I am grateful they have the means and motivation to spend the time out here that they do every winter. 


I am grateful for a busy day that went smoothly.

I am grateful for a campfire on the beach for Coop’s Cub pack this evening. I am also grateful we got through that meeting. 8-10 year olds have a predeliction to chaos and noise that is challenging to contend with at times.

I am grateful that Farley was able to come, too.

I am grateful for a clear sky with lots of stars on that beach. Nothing makes me feel more grounded and aware of my place in this universe than an unobstructed view of the stars, a planet or two, and the horizon.


I am grateful for nice folks to hang out with at a kid birthday party this morning.

I am grateful for a great walk around Matheson Lake with children, spouse, cousins, and parents today.

I am grateful to be home and just about ready for bed. I’m bushed!


I am grateful for some time in the studio. It was short, but sweet.

I am grateful for board games with Julie and Coop.

I am grateful for the opportunity to bring comfort to Farley. That poor kiddo is ill; I’m glad I am here to rub his back and think it might be making him feel better.


I am grateful for a fun day of swimming and entertaining some out of town visitors.

I am grateful for 30+ years of service from our old stove, to be replaced tomorrow. I am also pleased I was able to get the clock out of it. And running on power from a regular outlet. I’ve always liked that clock!


I am grateful for a day spent with 4 kids in the morning (mine and 2 more), and none in the afternoon. Friends of ours had kids out of school this week too, and their dad hatched the plan to swap them out over a day. I took them to the museum, and fed them PBJ’s. It was fun. The only photos I got were when they were in front of computers, because most of the rest of the time the 4 were off in 4 different directions, but we covered every squaee inch!

I am grateful for an afternoon of getting errands done, and spending time in the studio, while the crew was out on a hike with the other dad.

I am grateful for an evening spent at their place, eating delicious food and lounging in the hot tub. Fun times!


I am grateful, very grateful, for a day that played out like this: Julie and the boys dropped me off at the studio, then left to visit with friends, then picked me up 4 and a half hours later. That might be the longest I’ve ever been in there. I nearly completed a 24″ square painting. It was sublime.

And I am grateful that she remembered the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVAR! She had forgotten she ordered it way back in October, and hid it under the bed, but today presented me with my R2-D2 themed French coffee press. How cool is that?

Julie is batting 1000 today.