I am grateful for some time in the studio. It was short, but sweet.

I am grateful for board games with Julie and Coop.

I am grateful for the opportunity to bring comfort to Farley. That poor kiddo is ill; I’m glad I am here to rub his back and think it might be making him feel better.


I am grateful for a fun day of swimming and entertaining some out of town visitors.

I am grateful for 30+ years of service from our old stove, to be replaced tomorrow. I am also pleased I was able to get the clock out of it. And running on power from a regular outlet. I’ve always liked that clock!


I am grateful for a day spent with 4 kids in the morning (mine and 2 more), and none in the afternoon. Friends of ours had kids out of school this week too, and their dad hatched the plan to swap them out over a day. I took them to the museum, and fed them PBJ’s. It was fun. The only photos I got were when they were in front of computers, because most of the rest of the time the 4 were off in 4 different directions, but we covered every squaee inch!

I am grateful for an afternoon of getting errands done, and spending time in the studio, while the crew was out on a hike with the other dad.

I am grateful for an evening spent at their place, eating delicious food and lounging in the hot tub. Fun times!


I am grateful, very grateful, for a day that played out like this: Julie and the boys dropped me off at the studio, then left to visit with friends, then picked me up 4 and a half hours later. That might be the longest I’ve ever been in there. I nearly completed a 24″ square painting. It was sublime.

And I am grateful that she remembered the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVAR! She had forgotten she ordered it way back in October, and hid it under the bed, but today presented me with my R2-D2 themed French coffee press. How cool is that?

Julie is batting 1000 today.


Active Pass, 40″ by 30″, Acrylic on Canvas

The ferry from Vancouver to Victoria goes through Active Pass, a relatively narrow passage on the trip. You enter it after coming through open water, as you start to trace your way through the gulf islands. I often feel like I’ve arrived home as we get to this part of the trip. The geography becomes familiar, and the proximity of the islands provides a sense of shelter.

Prints will soon be available here.


I am grateful for snuggles with Farley this morning. 

I am grateful for a pancake breakfast and PJ day at Cooper’s school. Usually I am dragging them out the door in an effort to get them to school on time, this morning they were dragging me.

I am grateful for a productive morning of work, and a deadline met.

I am grateful for some time spent with Julie, Christmas shopping downtown over lunch hour.

I am grateful for Thai Food brought to us from my parents in law, and Christmas presents for the kids and us. 

I am grateful the kids are down and I can soon collapse in bed.


I am grateful for kids chomping at the bit to get outside and check out the snow on the ground this morning.

I am grateful for time at the studio this morning.

I am grateful for lunch with my folks at the Oak Bay Hotel. I’d never been before. It’s all fancy pants in there.

I am grateful for time spent with Coop and Farley, getting them to bed tonight. Kid birthdays remind one of how fleeting their childhood is. The days are often long, but the years are flying by.


I am grateful for Coop. He’s a great kid, and a great brother, and 8 years ago today he came into our lives and changes them forever. How about that.

I am grateful for time in the studio today.

I am grateful for Julie, who remembered him using face paint on his brother at a birthday party, and bought him a set for his birthday, which he used to do up Farley like a tiger. Great stuff!

I  grateful for my folks, who came a long way to be with us for Cooper’s birthday.

I am grateful to be in bed. I am bushed.


I am grateful for 3 whole hours in at the studio this morning. Didn’t think that would work out this weekend, but it did!

I am grateful for my folks who came over for eggs benny, then joined us all for a walk in Mystic Vale and a frolic at Gyro Park by the beach at Cadboro Bay, then took us all out for dinner. Fantastic!

I am grateful for Julie, who gave our boys haircuts.