I am grateful for a return to normalcy in my home after a bout we’ve all had with what was likely norovirus. 

I am grateful for the Mount Royal Bakery. Not far from where I live, they make mighty fine Montreal style bagels, and if you go before 10am or so, you can get them while they are still hot.

Gratitude – Sunday

I am grateful for time spent tinkering with bicycles in the garagenous zone today. 

I am grateful for a birthday party we attended for a buddy of Farley’s today.

I am grateful to be surrounded by a community of people I like. I like all the family people of the Beaver scouts we were hanging out with yesterday. Similarly, I like all the family people of Farley’s (and before that, Cooper’s) daycare. I met all these folks by happenstance; it’s nice and fortunate that I’ve wound up liking and admiring them.

Gratitude – Tuesday

I am grateful for the home office lifestyle. Today I ate my lunch while watching TV. 

I am grateful for time spent on a hair brained scheme today. A broken LED flashlight, obsolete cel phone charger, a few resistors, hot glue and some solder transformed our bedroom wall clock into something that can be read at night. Victory!

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I am grateful for superheroes running around my house this morning.

I am grateful for a fun swim this afternoon, all 4 of us, with another family we’re friends with, all 4 of them. One of the parents of the other family was remarking to me how many memories he has of our 4 kiddos all lined up together. That’s just how they were when he said it, sitting on the edge of the hot tub, dangling their feet in the water, hanging out. I have lots of those memories too. My kids are not that old; it’s nice that they already have old friends.


I am grateful for a full day.

I am grateful I could be part of the effort to move stuff out of my Grandma’s last residence.

I am grateful for time spent playing board games with my Brother and our high school pal Troy at Pip’s Board Game Cafe.

I am grateful to have been able to help my sister in law with her website.

I am grateful for another visit with my grandma, this time more casual, with my Dad and some uncles around too.

I am grateful for Thai takeout with my brother and my Mom tonight. Dad was out, and Mom reflected that we don’t spend much time together, just the three of us, but it used to be that’s all we did when I was 5 and Paul was 3.

I am grateful for lots of 8 and 9 year old girl laughter from the backseat while Paul and I drove my niece and her friends to and from Girl Guides.

I am grateful for a drink at the airport with Paul before heading through security.

And my femurs are especially grateful for the exit row seat on the way home.



I am grateful for some mighty pretty Rocky Mountains on the flight to Calgary today, looking like islands, poking up above the clouds.

I am grateful to be here to visit my grandma. I am grateful she let me record a conversation with her today about things she remembered from childhood, about meeting my grandad, about raising her family, about how it feels to be where she is now, looking back at her life from her room in hospice, about how she thought it would be different, about how she thought it would be scary, but it isn’t. I love her. I’ll miss her. I’m grateful she was with me today as much as ever. I am grateful for her constant presence in my life, from when I was an infant, until now, when I am almost the age she was when I was born. She has good days and some not-so-good days. I am grateful today was a good day. I am grateful today is a world with my grandma in it.

I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for dinner at my parents house with my brother and my niece. I am grateful for my roots.

I am grateful that my brother now lives in my grandma and grandad’s house. It’s been renovated since they moved in, and it’s very much their house now. Still, it feels old and familiar. It feels good to be here tonight, chatting over tea at the kitchen table with my brother and sister in law after the kids have gone to sleep. I’m grateful for their hospitality.

And I’m grateful to be in bed. It’s been a big day.


I am grateful for decent rain gear.

I am grateful for progress on a project with an imminent deadline.

I am grateful for a first with Cooper today. He called from the school to tell me he’d forgotten his glasses. He knows my number, I wanted to make sure he did in case of emergency. Today was the first day he ever used it to call me though, and in fact it was the first time he’s ever picked up a receiver to call anyone. Go Coop!


I am grateful for Coop, the kid that made me a Dad, who turned 7 today, and had a great party, and hung out with his crowd of friends, and was surrounded by his immediate family, and his uncle, and his grandparents, and his other grandparents, and had a great day, and kept saying it was the greatest birthday ever, and managed to top it all of with the annual Christmas truck parade and then Christmas tree acquisition. I love that kid. I’m grateful today was a day like that for him. I wish every day could be a day like that for him.