I am grateful for a lazy relaxed morning, sleeping in, letting kids watch cartoons and tidying up a bit.

I am grateful for time spent swimming in Elk Lake today, and to live in a place where the weather is nice this time of year, and if we’ve got an hour and 25 minutes, we can spent one hour of that in a lake.

I am grateful for a night out with Julie. We saw Joe Jackson perform at the Royal Theatre. He was by himself with his keyboards for the first few songs, and was later joined by his band (bass, drums, guitar). It was great, I’ve always been aware of him, but was never a big fan. Tonight exceeded my expectations. Below is a video (or link to a video) of the first encore. It’s from a different show, but the same tour.


I am grateful that it wasn’t worse when Coop fell off a handrail he was climbing on and onto his face this morning. It was pretty scary, and he knocked out a baby tooth, and half of his face is still swollen, but he’s okay. Very unfortunate, but it could have been much worse.

I am grateful for a story he read to me tonight.

I am grateful for time spent with an old broken cukoo clock this evening. Hoping I can fix it, and fully aware it’s no big deal if I can’t. That’s a great kind of puttering, right there.

I am grateful for time spent with Julie looking at pictures of Farley when he was a baby, and Cooper around that time, too. Seems like a million years ago.


I am grateful for a visit from this person. This person is not Farley, but is another person, who slices things open, so I’m told.

I am grateful for the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre Open Art Painting Studio. I signed up for the summer, and had my orientation today. It’s a nice space, not too far from home. I am chuffed.


I am grateful for a visit at my old office. I had a quick meeting to attend there, and then said hello to a bunch of people in person, which isn’t something I normally do.

I am grateful for a nice walk home from downtown after that, with This American Life in my earbuds.

I am grateful for a full and productive work day.

I am grateful for fish tacos for dinner tonight.

I  grateful for a riveting fame of fish with Cooper tonight. Farley played the “fisherman” position. It was tight, but Coop won.


I am grateful for a quiet day quietly working in my quiet office.

I am grateful for abundant telecommunications. I enjoyed a nice long conversation with a buddy of my ne in another town today, and it was no big deal. We live in an age of wonders. Probably more grateful for the buddy and the conversation, but the  abundant telecommunication we take for granted is remarkable, I think.

I am grateful for a productive trip Coop, Farley and I took to Costco tonight.

I am grateful for time Julie and I spent tidying up tonight. The house looks much nicer now.

I am grateful for a boring day with a boring blog post.


I am grateful for my Dad. He has been the example I follow for many things in life, not the least of which is being a father myself. He’s a guy who knows how to love the cuss out of his kids, even when they, nor the rest of the world, aren’t making that easy. Knowing this makes it apparent to me what I’m supposed to do, or at least try my best to do, like he did, every day.

I am grateful to live in a time when being a dad means more than it has on a wider social level in this culture than in previous decades. Don Draper missed out on some good moments with his children, I’ve gotten to have them with mine.

I am grateful for my grandfathers, and their fathers, and so on.

I’m grateful for cards From my boys this morning.

I’m grateful for a terrific day Julie put together for me. I enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the Fireside Grill, a bike ride around part of the airport, steak and grilled veggies for dinner, and peanut butter cookies.

The cherry on top of all that, though, was a tour of a functioning Boeing B-17 bomber that’s here in Victoria for a few days. It’s some kind of machine, with an unimaginable history. 

My paternal grandfather enlisted in the US Air Force, and became a flight instructor for these aircraft during World War II. He was based in Ft. Worth, Texas for most of this time. I can’t help but wonder if he may have flown this aircraft. That’s unlikely, but I also wonder about the chances he instructed someone who did. Seeing it up close, imagining seeing this airplane as he might have then, was a real trip today.


I am grateful for a screening of “Finding Dory” my family and I got to see at a promotion from our financial advisor. Great show. 4/4 of us agree.

I am grateful for a slip and slide my kids enjoyed the heck out of at a birthday party today.

I am grateful for a small project completed on the house today.

I am grateful for goofball chipmunk Farley with cheeks full of cherries hamming it up for Cooper.


I am grateful for a productive work day.

I am grateful for a surprisingly pleasant retail experience at North Park Bike shop. I’d forgotten my wallet, but the guy behind the cash register offered to let me take the goods then and come back and pay tomorrow. Who does that? That’s why small local businesses rock.

I am grateful for a fantastic family fun night. Julie’s pick: Chinese buffet followed by a swim at Panorama Rec centre. Big news lately at pools with waterslides is that Farley is now 42″ tall, and no child is left behind. Nothing like seeing that kid’s ear to ear grin as he declares “AGAIN. I want to go AGAIN.”


I am grateful for a potluck dinner with other scouters in Cooper’s beaver colony. It’s a good group of people that I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to know and share experiences with.

I am grateful for stories from Julie about how Cooper and Farley were working together to read Chirp magazine to her.

I am grateful for this blog. I had a few less than ideal moments today, but finding time to pick out the good stuff at the end of it reminds me that it’s not all bad. When it comes right down to it I’m a fortunate guy to be leading this life. This exercise helps me gain the perspective I need to appreciate that.