I am grateful today is over, and all the various crises that sprung up have been resolved. It’s a good day to have behind me.

I am grateful for a bike ride to beavers with Coop. We bike through the UVic campus, which is always a trip for me (I attended there in the early 90s). We had sandwiches by the fountain. It was nice.



I am grateful for raccoons cavorting like two young lads I know in the pond in front of our house. I caught these two young raccoons wrasslin’ there yesterday morning. After I took this video I fetched said lads, and the raccoons kept up the show for another minute or two.

I am grateful for plans that fell through this weekend, which means we’re now enjoying a plan free weekend. Awesome weather, to boot, with temperatures expected to hit 30C.

I am grateful for Farley playing with trucks. There’s been lots of that lately.

I am grateful for local strawberries. Julie bought a ton of them, and tonight she blended them with ice and added tequila, and put that in a glass for me. Then we sat in the front yard and watched the world go by for an hour or so after the kids were down. If that’s not nice, what is?


I am grateful for socks and sandals. You don’t like socks and sandals? Too bad. That’s how I roll.

I’m also grateful to have lived long enough to accept that comfortable feet are a higher priority than fashion sense.

I am grateful for a productive day.

I grateful for dinner with the whole family at the airport White Spot to bid adieu to my folks. It was nice having them around.

I am grateful for our crappy old van. That thing just keeps on truckin’.


I am grateful for my friends Evan and Arundel. Evan emailed out of the blue about a month or two ago to ask if we wanted to join them at a Waterboys concert. Evan and I both listened to the Waterboys when they were at the height of their fame and we were in high school; since then he’s become an even bigger fan. They were going to fly to Victoria from Calgary for the occasion. So, when he asked, I said “of course!”. We saw the show tonight. It was spectacular; and I had one of those nights I know I’ll remember for a long time to come.

Gratitude – kids playing on trampolines with sprinklers, puttering

I am grateful for kids on trampolines with sprinklers on underneath. I am grateful for  favourite swimming trunks, on kid #2, with worn out elastic leading to wardrobe malfunction.

I am grateful for some time to putter today. Julie took the kids and I took the opportunity to get taxes figured out (a little late in the game, I know) and to fiddle with bikes some more.

Gratitude – hard day done, the village, family

i am grateful today is over. It was a day that was absolutely contributing to the glorification of busy, which must stop.

I am grateful for the village that it takes to raise children. Coop got to go to Beavers because friends of ours took him. 

I am grateful for some time with my kids this afternoon. It wasn’t much, but was enough that it wasn’t a day I didn’t get to see my kids.

Gratitude – snuggly boys, trampoline, time with kids.


I am grateful for my boys. I found them sitting together on the big armchair in the living room while they watched cartoons this morning. Sometimes they fight, but for the most part, they really do seem to prefer to be together.

I am grateful for the trampoline we bought today, and I am grateful we’ve got a place to put it.

This surprised me, but I am grateful for the toys I was tidying up in the living room today. Don’t get me wrong. I am anything but grateful for the constant cussing mess. As I was picking up the cars and the stuffies today, it struck me how these boys will soon grow up. How they won’t play with cars or stuffies. I’m glad I won’t have to clean that cuss up forever, but I am going to miss having these little kids around. Someday they won’t be here anymore.

gratitude: speedy commute, ride home, house of cards, netflix

I am grateful for a speedy commute this morning. It’s quicker when I put Coop on the back of my bike, rather than him taking his own. Too many dang hills to walk up.

I am grateful for a ride home in a van tonight. It was raining today.

I am grateful to have taken in a double header of House of Cards at our house tonight. Man, that is some great television.

I am grateful for the Netflix business model. They make TV for me to watch, I pay them to get a chance to watch it. Seems much simpler than the standard network TV business model, with money travelling to and fro between content producers, advertisers, and cable providers.

Gratitude – shopping survival, learning new things, Indian buffet

I am grateful we made it through the evening. This afternoon we found out we had to acquire Lino flooring for 2 bathrooms, and we had to do so tonight. Flooring stores aren’t open late. Unfed children aren’t big fans of shopping for flooring. In the end we were victorious though, and everyone made it unscathed.

I am grateful for a project I just started today that will mean learning a bunch of new stuff. Learning new programming and development techniques always feels a little like gaining superpowers.

I am grateful there is a really, really good Indian buffet across the street from my office, and that Julie and I work close enough that we can meet for lunch, like we did today. NOM NOM NOM.