I am grateful for several phone calls, and posts on social media wishing me a happy birthday today. That stuff is meaningful for me, and appreciated!

I am grateful for a “#1 Dad” medal my kids made for me out of cardboard and yarn. I wore it all day.

I am grateful for my pal Francis, who gave me a print of one of my favourite photographs of his, without knowing it was my birthday today.

I am grateful for a steak dinner Julie put together for us tonight. It was sublime.


I am grateful for a trip to the Oak Bay Collectir Car Festival. Coop, Farley and I went there by bike. There were parts of that same trip I was not grateful for, but there were other parts that were fun.

I am grateful for dinner out at a sushi restaurant.

I am grateful for time spent watching West World with Julie this evening.


I am grateful for a productive day in the garagenous zone.

I am grateful for a bit of time on the studio.

I am grateful for a matinee and then dinner out with Julie, and no parental concerns or obligations until tomorrow afternoon. Our kids are at an overnight summer camp tonight, and while I cherish the freedom; I am also wondering about how and what they are doing every few minutes or so.


I am grateful for lunch with my pal Matt, it had been too long and it was good to hang out with that guy.

I am grateful for plentiful local corn in season right now.

I am grateful for time spent working on a project in the outdoors using my hands on real things in this world.


I am grateful for a fine day at the 2018 TD Art Gallery Paint In. I sold a number of cards and prints, and ran out of the 100 business cards I brought. It felt like success to me.

I am grateful for help from Cooper this morning. In the past, help from my kids usually meant “help” with quotation marks. Not today. That big kid was mission critical to keeping the morning going smoothly.

I am grateful for Julie. She was on one or both kids all day and brought me lunch, which is one of her many keys to my heart.

I am grateful for my neighbour, who helped me get all the stuff doen there this morning  and back up here this afternoon.

I am grateful for takeout and a screening of Isle of Dogs this evening, which is a heckuva fine movie and was the perfect way to end the day.


I am grateful for the easels my brother helped me make a few months back. They’ve served me well, and now I’ve got them set up nicely for prints on paper and cards.

I am grateful for Coop’s film festival at his Lego animation summer camp. It was awesome.

I am grateful to be going to bed feeling mostly prepared for the Moss Street Paint-In. Should be good day tomorrow!


I am grateful fo Khalsa Day and Vaisakhi. This is a holiday celebrated by Sikhs, and back in the day, when we lived at 60th and Main in Vancouver, it was a big deal in my life. Today marks the first Vaisakhi parade in Victoria in over a century. It was fun – lots of demonstrations, sights and sounds, and tons of really, really good free food. I had the best samosas I’ve ever tasted today. I also am grateful to the gentleman at the temple who asked me if I had any questions. I learned a thing or two that I didn’t know before about the SIkh religion, and it was good to do so with Coop there, listening intently.

I am grateful for a quick round of croquet with my family, including Farley in his pyjamas, right before bedtime.

I am grateful for tomatoes and mayonaisse on toast with black pepper. The sum of those things is so much more than in parts.

I am grateful for an hour of telly before bed with Julie.


Photo Credit: Saanich News

I am grateful for time in the studio this morning.

I am grateful for a productive afternoon in the garagenous zone.

I am grateful for nice weather; good enough to have supper outside.

I am grateful, honoured and humbled for the opportunity to attend an event where my artwork was presented to the mayor of Hatsukaichi City in Japan from the Mayor of Saanich on the occasion of an official visit that begins a sister city relationship between their municipalities.