Close Call

Hey! Just noticed I missed posting in April. Well, I’d say making it 3 months before a New Year’s resolution is abandoned isn’t too bad. That, and keeping this dusty, abandoned blog is cheaper than an unused gym membership.

The boy child (the second one, that is,) is coming.

We’ve heard various reports on what to expect the last few times Julie has seen the myriad of doctors she’s been seeing. One prediction is consistent, this child is likely to be delivered by c-section as Julie’s pregnancy, while manageable and safe thus far, is somewhat complicated.

The first possible dates we heard were the 8th or 16th of May; later that was revised to the 21st.

Today the doctor observed some symptoms in Julie that indicated a condition she was concerned about. A test was ordered. Julie called me to let me know the results would be back in a few hours, and if positive, we’d be having that baby today.


The moment I received that phone call from Julie, I went straight from thinking this:

“I should really clean my desk today.”

to this:

“I should really clear my schedule for a month or more, make sure we have diapers, get emergency standby childcare in place for Coop, set up the bassinet to make sure the new baby has a place to sleep, have Julie’s bag packed, keep a cleaner house, get all possible affairs for everyone in order, have several months worth of pre-prepared food in the house, and OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG WE COULD BE HAVING A BABY TODAY HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS COMING OMG OMG!!!1111

So the test came back negative. We are not necessarily, or even likely, having a baby today. The new date is now the 18th. I now see that isn’t the prediction for when we’re having this baby, that’s the latest we’re having this baby. Now, I see the imminence, and I see that it could really be any moment. Could be now, … Could be now, … maybe NOW.

Still, I seem to find a reason to procrastinate and write a quick blog post. Go figure.

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