This is the absolutely best day of my entire life. I am not kidding.

At 11:32 am, weighing in at 9lbs and 9oz, Cooper Ruben Stephen Lathrop was born.

You can see he has some real instinctual talent with gangsta rapper hand gestures. Check out the video!

Julie is recovering well, and we’ll all be here at the hospital for a few days with her. Cooper is also doing well, but after being born his blood sugar and temperature started to drop. I got to hold him for about 2 hours, and feed him some formula (in an effort to increase the blood sugar levels). Since about 1:30, he’s been in the special care nursery here at the hospital, in an incubator, with an IV glucose drip. It’s a little hard, not having him in my arms, but once again I am really feeling lucky to be receiving such great care. I just went to check on him, and he’s getting what he needs. Both his temperature and his blood sugar is up, and he seems alert and okay.

I heard from many people that the experience I just went through is indescribable, that one can’t comprehend how much love you feel for that little critter, that there is nothing like it. I have no way to describe the experience without sounding as cliche as that. I can add that in the moments leading up to the birth, I honestly felt like every bit of caffiene I’d ever ingested was hitting me all at that same point. I can also say that the period of time I was in the operating room before the child was born felt like about a half hour at least, perhaps more. I was astounded when I heard the time of birth was 11:32. They called me in about 11:25. I still can’t believe that period of time was 7 minutes. This to me is proof of the theory of relativity.

I am anxious to upload and publish this, because I get to feed him in a short while. I cannot wait to get my mitts on that little guy again.





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  1. Dear Cooper ,
    I am proud to be your cousin. I can not wait to meet you. You have the best mom & dad.

    Your cousin,


  2. Congratulations!!!! I have been lurking around you blog for days. I have been thinking about you guys most of today as well. I’m so glad to see the little dude.
    Btw: I had the same thoughts on the picking the right T-shirt for the first photos.
    I hope to talk to you in the coming weeks.
    Our best to the new family smile
    Jim, Claire & Calum

  3. Hey,dude. We are so overjoyed to have you with us and your mother recovering too.  We are all anxious to get to know.  Your great grandfather would be so happy with your name.
    Love, pop

  4. Hello dear cousins…I am so full of joy right now & happy tears.  Cooper is absolutely gorgeous!  Is that red hair I detect??

    We’re just thrilled for you all & ecstatic that Mama Julie is faring well after this experience.

    Enjoy this special time.

    Thinking of you & sending so much love your way.
    Many xx’s & lots of oo’s.

  5. Hey Cooper, Welcome to the World! We are so glad you finally arrived and you are just such a big guy – you even beat your “older cousin” Reilly by a pound. Is that red hair I see?

    Can’t wait to see you at Christmas.

    Love to your Mom and Dad and I love your name!

    Aunt Peggy

  6. Two out of two Jacksons agree: he is adorable! Way too cute! And so much hair! So cute! Well done Julie and Mike! I can’t wait to see him. Love to all of you!

  7. This is great, Mike! Cooper looks great, Julie looks great and you have a great smile (I can tell even with the mask masking it!).  Yes, your life is changed, and there’ll be a lot more changing, too!  Please give Julie and Cooper a big hug for Alexis, Michael and me!

  8. Greetings from your honourary aunties in East Vancouver and welcome to the bright happy world little Cooper! You are the luckiest child ever to have two such awesome parents who will ensure you are forever loved and respected. We cannot wait to meet you and look forward to future hikes on the North Shore with you. Please tell your Mom that we loved her phone message too.

  9. Awesome!  How can any words capture the beauty and miracle of this little guy.  And his fabulous parents.  We are so excited to see you all.

  10. Welcome to the Lathrop clan. We are so happy and excited for your arrival! Looking forward to the day we get to meet you. Julie & Mike – job well done – glad all went well.

    Love WBL’s

  11. Welcome Cooper,

    Your arrival has been greeted with great joy, we are looking forward to seeing you in person.  You are already loved.

    Very good job Julie and Mike.

    Love to the three of you.

    Jim, Sue, Patrick and John

  12. And baby makes three – how GREAT is that!!

    I’m thrilled that Cooper and I share the same birthdate.

    Love the pictures and video to sneak a peak but we are definiately looking forward to meeting the newest addition to the Lathrop family in person.
    Lots of love and hugs.

  13. What a wonderful addition to my family.  He is a beautiful boy—and I am somewhat of an expert on beautiful boys.  I am so pleased that the nine months of hope, fear and anguish, etc. turned out so well.

    Much love to all three of the Thompson/Lathrop family.

    Great-Grandma Bucky

  14. congratulations, Mike and Julie on the arrival of this little (big!) blessing – Cooper.  We’re so glad it went so well and now you’re really on the parenting journey!
    Friends of very excited grandparents, Linda and Dave

  15. Congratulations Julie and Mike!  Welcome Cooper!  We are very much looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

    We’re very excited for your new family and the many good times to come.  Enjoy all of these wonderful moments together.

  16. Wheeeeeeeeeee!
    We are so proud of you guys!  Cooper is a blessed little boy to have you as his parents.  Sunny is looking forward to playdates and practicing “gentle” with Cooper once he progresses from the early “lump” stage of newborns.  Good luck with milk production, Julie – just visualize the bo-bos overflowing with goodness!  Haha.
    Hope to see you once we get healthy….

  17. Welcome, Cooper – there have been many waiting a long time to greet you!!! I am a friend of your Nana’s and so very happy for all of you!! Peace and Joy …

  18. Welcome to the world dear Cooper!!  You have made your mommy and daddy very happy… not to mention a few hundred other people by the looks of it.
    Congratulations Mike and Julie… this is soooo wonderful.  Big hugs to you both and a kiss on Coopers sweet cheek. I look forward to visiting meeting him soon…

    xox Joan

  19. congratulations on the grand debut of Cooper to the world stage! Mike: he is just fabulous! congratulations to you and julie on creating this miracle!

  20. I have been a working fool for the last 2 days but awoke in the darkness this morning for updates! What a gorgeous little boy! He looks like both you and Julie…So big and healthy. Hard to believe that Toshi was almost half his size! We are sooooooo happy for you both and can’t wait to meet him. I hope sooner than later…..I am sending some presents with Uncle Paul, Auntie Gina and cousin Sophia. Lots of love, beautiful family!

  21. Doug is speechless,to say the least! Wow.  I think he is an incredibly beautiful baby!!!!!!! no fooling what a joy! Imagine now you are “mom and dad” a new role for you, one of the most important in the world.  I know you will be fantastic parents.  Lots of love to baby Cooper.
    Doug has finally regained his tonguemanship to say that you will know the truth about this statement. “The world is full of cute, smart babies, but there is no baby on the planet who is cuter or smarter than your baby”
    Lynda & Doug

  22. Wow! Fantastic news!  Congratulations to you two! (now three)  He is a cute “little” guy. 

    Best wishes on your new adventure,

  23. Welcome to the world Cooper! What an amazing time for your little family. I hope you all get some much needed rest while you can. You are so blessed to have each other. We can’t wait to meet our newest cousin.

    We love you!

    Katie, Paul, Aiden, and Reilly

  24. Congratulations Julie and Mike!!!!! I am so happy to be on the west coast as Cooper is welcomed into the world! I’m hoping to come to Vic for a lttle visit in a couple of weeks….maybe we can share some snuggles…Love to you all.  Wendy

  25. Hey Julie, Mike and Cooper,
    Congratulations!! Cooper so nice to see your lovely picture and get an intoduction to you so soon after your birth. I am so excited for you guys … Take good care and lots of love,
    Tanya xox

  26. Dear Julie and Mike,
    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful, precious son.  He is absolutely gorgeous!!!  I looked at the video and will watch it many times before I get to see all of you.  We are so thrilled for you.  The next few months as you know will amaze and give you so much joy.  We wish you all the best and hope to see all of you sometime in the new year.
    Love and prayers to all three of you.
    Lily and Doug

  27. Congratulations Julie and Mike – nice work!  You two will have way too much fun and I wish you the best watching this little Cooper grow!

  28. Congratulaions Cooper, you’ve picked great parents!  Hope you guys are all well an gettign to know each other. Spencer can’t wait for a play date.

  29. Hi Mike and Julie,

    Just wanted to be the billionth person to congratulate you! Cooper looks great. Hope you are all still doing well!

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