Cooper Photo Update

It’s been a big adjustment this last few days, and while this Cooper guy involves a lot of hard work, its the most rewarding I’ve ever done.

I wish I’d had a chance to write a big entry on the blog every day. I have lots to say, but I am experiencing so much life right now I just haven’t been able to make the time to sit down and write. I expect I will soon.

Here’s the main headlines:

  • On Saturday morning, Cooper moved from level 1 of the special care nursery from level 2. He was still in an incubator and on an IV, but they were confident enough in his progress that they figured they didn’t need so many machines that go “BING!” around him.
  • On Sunday morning his IV was removed, and he was out of the incubator and in a cot instead. This was great, because handling a newborn is tricky and intimidating enough for a new parent, and delicate tubes and wires didn’t make it any easier!
  • On Sunday afernoon, Cooper was released from the special care nursery, and was moved to stay with Julie and I in the hospital room we were in
  • Today, Thursday, Cooper, Julie and I came home!

It is great to be back here. We’re up all night still, but it’s way more comfortable here in our own bed and in our familiar surroundings.

I’ve started posting some photos up on Picassa . Here’s the latest album . I’ll be putting more up there as I process it all!

Thanks to everyone for all your comments. Nothing pleases me more!

8 thoughts on “Cooper Photo Update

  1. Yay! I’m so happy to hear that all three of you are home safe and sound (and possibly sleepless…?)! Thank you so much for posting pictures – there are some that brought some tears to my eyes. Clearly, Cooper has two parents who are both naturals!

    Love Theresa and Zyoji

  2. Thanks for posting these Mike – he is a beautiful baby and I can hardly wait to give him a snuggle…

    We are pleased you are all under one roof safe and sound, enjoy your “little man” – he is great.

    Love to the three of you.

    Jim, Sue et al

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you three! Cooper is a brilliant name. Fantastic news! Lots of love to Julie. I’m off to gawp at your photos now.

  4. Hey cooper-

    I can’t wait to visit Victoria! I have a trick or two to teach you about keeping those parents up at night.


  5. Thanks for all the pics.  I especially like the first one, of Julie with her son.  What a great addition to my family tree. 

    Much love to all.


  6. oh my gosh, he is so beautiful. i know everyone says that about new babies, but i really mean it. he has such an expressive face already smile i can’t wait to meet him in person. much love to all three of you.


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